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How to Succeed in the Class of a Bad Teacher - #AskKantis 006

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hey what's up I'm cancer Simmons the

academic guru and welcome to ask Kansas

this is my platform where I'm here to

help you on everything that's concerned

an academic success school success and

life success I'm here to answer your

questions so that you can succeed inside

and outside the classroom now in this

episode I want to address a question

from a young man by the name of nazrin

and he says this he says Kansas I cannot

focus in some subjects because the

teachers are really not good I have

asked my mom to change the school

because of these teachers but she didn't

allow me to

instead my mom went to the principal but

nothing changed when I try to learn

something their faces pop in my mind and

I cannot study at home or class

I totally need your help please well

Nazrin I want to give you some advice

and actually I'm gonna give you some

hardcore advice you're gonna have to

take responsibility yes you're going to

have to take responsibility because

here's why the teacher that you have

currently I'm pretty sure you didn't

have that teacher last year in probably

next year and the next years to come you

won't have the same teacher now this is

a hard pill to swallow but you have to

take responsibility for where you are

now the good the bad as well as the

changes and the adjustments so here's

how I want you to take responsibility

number one rather than your mom going to

see the teacher I want you to spend some

time I take responsibility to go see the

teacher yourself now I believe in the

three-strike rule so what I mean by this

is you go speak to your teacher for the

first time and you sit down with the

teacher at the office hours after school

and let them know your concern now when

you go speak to your teacher you don't

want to go on there with the whole blame

game you know teacher your wack teacher

you can't do this

teacher you're terrible no I want you to

take responsibility for where you are

have a conversation with the teacher

find out what you can do to better learn

the subject based on how the teacher is

you're communicating now if the class is

bad because of the other students in the

class maybe it's a disciplinary issue or

just a lot of confusion going on again

take responsibility and go speak to your

teacher now if you have to have this

conversation more than three times with

your teacher then I would advise you

again with your mom to go see the

administrators the principal's in your


but the reason responsibility is so

important because you mentioned here you

said when I'm studying their faces pop

up in my mind where they're at home or

in class so what I'm also hearing here

is that you're having a hard time

focusing you're having a hard time

disciplining yourself to focus on the

subjects at hand now again back to

responsibility as a young man you're

going to have to learn the information

now the teacher their job is of course

to teach and to to give tests and to

administer to make sure you understand

the information but it's your

responsibility to learn the information

even if that means getting a tutor even

if that means reading the textbook or

getting online even if that means

working other problems so you can

understand the information now we live

in an Information Age so whatever the

class you're in there are other

resources out there to help you master

that subject so again take

responsibility now when you study it at

home or in class you're going to have to

learn how to zoom in and focus one of

the number one reasons that students

have a hard time focusing is because we

don't know how to deal with distractions

now if you're at home

turn the television off turn the

cellphone off to turn the mobile devices

off and all of those other things that

can distract you make sure you build up

your focus muscle if you look through a

few few of the other videos that I've

created I talked a lot about focus I

talked about the importance of training

yourself to focus on one thing at a time

now I know that is challenging but it

can be developed it's just like a muscle

if you want strong biceps you have to do

the exercises that's going to help you

develop the strong biceps and the same

thing is going to be true where your

focus is concerned whether it's in class

or outside of class you can't allow

thoughts of distraction you can't allow

allow various things around you to

continue to distract you so if their

faces pop up maybe you're going to have

to associate their face with something

that's good or associate their face with

something that will keep you motivated

to do better because if you think about

it if you don't do so well in this class

you may end up in this class again and

then you will now be going through the

same challenges that you're going

through so Nazrin and to anybody else

that's watching this video I would say

take responsibility for where you are

use the three-strike rule go speak to

your teacher find out what you can do to

improve in the class find out what you

can do so that you can understand the

information find out what you can do to

be the best student now the challenges

that continue to go on have another

conversation with the teacher after

three strikes then take you and your mom

and you guys go see the principal and

find out what can be done but it's your

responsibility to succeed in the

classroom and it's your responsibility

to succeed out of the classroom

now do what needs to be done don't be in

the situation because I don't know you

know the situation as a whole but if you

aren't in a situation that you're being

abused immediately go take

responsibility and talk to somebody yes

don't be abused in the classroom speak

to somebody a counselor an administrator

and adviser

but you cannot cast blame on sin that

the teachers are really not that good

you've said that Seneca is more than one

teacher so rather than passing the blame

on bad teachers I need you to take

responsibility and look within to become

a develop and mature student now if

you're watching this video and this has

been helpful for you hey leave me a

comment or you believe nasan to come in

and give your advice on what should be

done that I don't know everything but

I'm giving you advice from my expertise

and the wisdom that I have and if you

have a question that you would like me

to answer on another video simply leave

me a comment or go to ask

Cantus comm and I will answer your

question just like this on another video

remember this there's only one game in

life that counts and that's your a game

I'll talk to you soon