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How To Remove Tattoos - My (Expensive) Tattoo Regret

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hey gents today I'm gonna take you on a

little bit of a journey to talk about

the tattoo that most of you guys catch

but not everybody does and I warn you

upfront before I take off the bandage

because I just got back from getting

this thing lasered off so this tattoo

has cost me almost $2,000 I got the

tattoo very quickly one day in college I

was working for Apple and at the time I

thought I'm gonna die working this

company I love this company and I want

to show it by putting a tattoo on my

wrist I went out to my living room where

my roommate at the time was playing

video games I said do you want to go get

Apple tattoos he said yep and we drove

off and we got the tattoos within the

hour I basically I kind of knew not to

tell anybody because they would talk me

out of it

but I was so excited about it I put it

here for some reason but I thought that

when I put it here a dress shirt would

cover it so it'd be no problem and then

after that or I could put like a watch

on it and I would cover it up I found

out didn't know that's not the case and

there's a reason that the army and the

military have guidelines for I think

it's three inches above the wrist for

any tattoos because then they don't show

up so it never really bothered me I you

know working there was still great and

people thought it was so cool that or I

should say people acted like it was cool

that I had an Apple tattoo while I

worked there and then there was

definitely the occasional older guy that

was kind of like sure gonna want that

there and so over time you know you grew

up and evolved

I left Apple after about four years it

was one of the best career experience of

my life and then I started working

corporate job where I was dressing up

every day and wearing suits and meeting

with c-level executives of major

companies and I would always I was

always very self-conscious about that

had to because even wearing dress shirts

it would still kind of peak out and

there's there isn't a stigma there isn't

as much of a stigma around tattoos as

there used to be but there definitely

still is amongst a certain class and so

I just started to think okay it's and

take it off the most visible example of

me wanting to have this removed is in a

video that I did where the intro shot

and I loved this shot it shows the

tattoo right there so I actually went in

and personally rotoscoped out the tattoo

because that's one way that it's like

you know it's there something I can't

hide and it's something that sends a

signal to people that I don't want to be

sent so I talked to my friend that has

the matching tattoo I said hey I'm

thinking my goodness off 4xyz he said no

problem go ahead take it off so then I

started the path to research getting the

tattoo removed and it's a very vague out

there and that's kind of why I want to

do this video is talk about my

experience what I learned going through

this process because I'm still not done

but very close I'm gonna give you like

my whole journey but the end takeaway on

this is find a place that will give you

a quote for how many sessions it will

take and how much it will cost you my

place gave me a guarantee which is even

better you may not have that where you

are around you but find a place that

will give you a hard number of sessions

it will take so that you can save time

and money in the end because that's why

this has cost me so much money so let's

go through the story as you research out

there there are different kind of

lotions and lasers and different

solutions to get this thing off but

really laser removal is the main way to

do it and what I learned going to

multiple different removal shops is you

go to one place and they say Oh black is

the hardest color to remove it's gonna

take forever you go to another and they

say Oh black is so easy colors are

really hard so if the reason that

there's not a lot of good information is

because it's so dependent on the size of

the tattoo the color of the tattoo you

know how long you've had it and and

there's so many variables but I want to

give you some points of reference for my

tattoo I am getting my tattoo lasered I

went to a shop around me and as I got

you know the analysis it's a smaller

tattoo it's black it's on the wrist it's

another great spot as far as pain goes

but they said it would be 100 dollars

per session and I said how many sessions

they said it should be about five so I

started to go and I was going every six

weeks getting the laser it's and I can

tell you as the tattoo hurt a little bit

you know it depends on where you get it

the wrist I would they were going right

over the bone and it hurt the laser is

50 times more painful than the original

tattoo it is it is a lot more painful

the pain like sits with me for a few

days after the laser gets done the

original tattoo was like you know this


and then it was pretty much healed

pretty quickly so the laser extremely


after the fifth session at that first

shop it was fading but it was not even

close to remove and I said all right

guys how many more of these are we gonna

do and everybody kind of looked at me

like well you just keep coming in until

it's done and that was extremely

annoying so I went back for two more

still didn't really go away and so then

I as I looked into more shops and I had

looked before but what I recommend for

anybody looking for tattoo removal is go

to a shop like I found it's not a

sponsor or anything it's just a local

shop that they have a few chains

nationwide but what they do is they will

look at the tattoo though look at the

size look at the color and they'll say

it will cost this much money to get it

removed this many sessions and if you if

it takes more than that we'll do it for

free if it takes less than that we'll

give you the money back so for me they

quoted me $750 I said you know what I'm

already this far into it I would rather

have that guarantee than you know if it

takes me seven but it could have taken

me seven more sessions at the other

place and so I said fine let's do it

they said it's gonna take that many

sessions and so so today is my third

time getting this guy lasered at the new

place so I'm about halfway into one

expecting I am seeing a lot of progress

they say to have at least six sometimes

ten weeks between the laser treatments

they give you some cream to put on

afterwards to kind of help it and they

say drink a lot of water which I have no

problem with I drink a ton of water so

if you want to see what it looks like a

couple hours after the laser I'm gonna

take the bandage off and show you if you

don't you can skip ahead it's not too

bad it's not bloody or anything but it

is definitely painful while they do it


yeah so it's like it just gets really


it just really bubbles up as you're

going you can see that's you know it's

starting to fade you can see the lines

where they kind of laser on there and

the color is definitely faded and so it

is a slow process so it's like what I

think I've said told people it's you

know ten times more painful and 50 times

more expensive because you know the

tattoo cost me like 50 bucks to get it

at the time so that's my laser number

three and so obviously if you don't want

to get a tattoo removed stop yourself in

the first place and generally listen to

some people get something with a lot of

meeting I have two tattoos this one to

me had a lot of meaning for the time in

my life and the person that I got it

with he's still my best friend and then

this tattoo here I got when I was in

London and my other roommate has a

matching one and so to me both tattoos

have some level of meaning and they also

have somebody that matches it my wife

now wants to get one that matches with

her but I don't I'm not crazy about

women with tattoos I guess that's a

personal preference thing but you know

you guys catch it in some of the videos

and for me in the stage of my life I

don't want to have this tattoo here I

also don't want to cover it obviously

you can put a big square on it

and cover it up but I don't want

anything right here because I want you

know I'm presenting myself and I am a

like a professional young guy and I

don't want the tattoo there and so

that's my tattoo story I wanted to talk

about that for a while but it seemed

like the right time today to do it after

getting this thing lasered and

starting to get the process removed so

if you have any questions I'm happy to

answer I've done I haven't you know I

haven't gone and got a doctorate in skin

therapy or laser treatment that sort of

thing but I've definitely talked to

several experts and kind of collected

the information so I'll try and answer

as best I can down in the comments and

if you have any questions as always I'll

be down there

you can also reach out on Instagram and

Twitter and until next time gents this

is Kevin