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dr. Sandra Lee here once again you know

me as dr. pimple popper and I am mad at

you because you got a sunburn haven't

you listened to anything that I have

said in all my videos and the Sun and

skin series I've been talking about how

to protect yourself from the Sun

different things such as tanning beds

sunscreen types and all that sort of

stuff but despite all that you got a

sunburn let me give you five tips on how

to best treat that sunburn that you got

cool compresses will help to decrease

some of the redness you know even a

little ice can be helpful because it

will help to make your skin to feel


you want the process to go as smoothly

as possible certainly if you know you

really burned yourself you're probably

going to blister and peel eventually you

don't want to use anything dry in your

skin because you don't want it to stick

to your skin and pull off your skin too

early really trying to keep that skin in

place and as calm as possible will help

the most

there are certainly lotions or

moisturizers available over-the-counter

that are used specifically for sunburn

moisturizers that contain aloe vera or

calamine is also good for sort of burns

and things like that so all those things

will kind of make you feel better I

think that using a lighter product like

a cream or a lotion is better than an

ointment or something that has a

petroleum base to it like Vaseline try

to avoid those sorts of products they

kind of occlude your skin or trap your

skin and maybe they would promote more

of a breakout or more of a reaction if

you're feeling very itchy try to look

for moisturizer or cream that has a

little benadryl in it a little

antihistamine that can help with

swelling and with itch but if you're

have never used something like that

before be careful sometimes people can

be allergic to these things so make sure

you test it on a part of your body first

to make sure your skin feels worse when

you're applying this

don't forget to drink a lot of water

you're losing a lot of moisture from

your skin and this evaporation can lead

to dehydration so make sure you have

some good electrolytes make sure you're

well hydrated and that will help you

through this process as well try not to

peel your skin too soon I know that a

lot of you Papa holics like to also peel

your skin I'm here to tell you be really

careful if you peel it off too early

you're really exposing your skin to

possible infections and it also can be a

lot more painful let it peel on its own

really or you can use a mild loofah

brush or something when you're in the

shower but really don't scrub your skin

don't try to rush it let it take its

course aspirin is a anti-inflammatory it

can really help to decrease the redness

and the information and in fact if it's

taken before you go out to the beach it

can actually diminish the strength of a

sunburn I guess we don't really talk

about this so much as dermatologists I'm

not thinking to tell people oh you're

going to go to the beach well why don't

you pop aspirin first so that you won't

sunburn because you're still getting the

sun damage you know you're still getting

the exposure and the risks for skin

cancer and premature aging but it

actually aspirin can help to prevent the

sunburn and the the discomfort and the

ill effects due to that so that's a very

important tip for you to know but of

course be careful with aspirin not

everybody we can take aspirin and

there's certainly risks associated with

that and so really be careful it's not

something that I think everybody can

take necessarily so there you have it

I've completed the whole Sun and skin

series so you're going to know

everything you've ever wanted to know

about how to protect your skin from the

Sun all about sunscreens and tanning

booths and just how to take care of your

skin so that you look beautiful

throughout your life and you don't get

skin cancers thank you so much for

watching you guys are wonderful remember

holux unite