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How To Soothe Stomach Aches

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hi guys I don't know about you guys but

I actually have some problems every now

and then and just to give you a little

insight into my history around high

school be the first year of high school

I actually got a psych ulcer and I went

to hospital for about a week

they actually shoved this camera down my

throat just to check the bleeding and

afterwards they asked me to not eat

anything too deep fried or spicy or too

cold even though I still eaten on them

but I was also told that about 75% of

Asians tend to have this sort of

bacteria in our stomach that stays

dormant for some people who are very

lucky they might have it you know in

their stomach for all their life and it

doesn't affect them and they don't have

any problems and for some of them who

are unlucky like me will tend to get

some courses and things like that

whether you get upset stomach from

stomach bug indigestion nauseous

vomiting headaches cramps gas wind

whatever it is I've got some tips for

you how to better take care of your

stomach let's first talk about what the

stomach is and what it actually does

your stomach is pretty much this

stretchy muscular bag that helps to

break down the foods we eat to absorb

the nutrients and then passes on

whatever is undigested and unwanted in

the stomach itself it produces these two

types of gastric juices that helps to a

break down the food and B kill bacteria

there are these glands in the stomach

that produces these as the like juices -

in particular pepsin and hydrochloric

pepsin digestive protein and the

hydrochloric kills the germs

now stomach problems usually a

hereditary sometimes it can be caused by

lifestyle diet and even stress it can be

as simple as eating too much eating too

fast eating high fat content foods

eating processed foods alcohol smoking

as well as a lot of fatigue and stress

whatever the causes there are foods that

you can eat that will help protect and

nurture the stomach number one

Hawthorne's or Sanjar are we cool eating

them in these paper packaged round discs

that taste sweet and sour at the same


Hawkins helped with indigestion diarrhea

and even stomach pains it also used to

reduce anxiety increases you and output

and even menstrual problems some studies

have shown it to treat tapeworm and

other intestinal infections number 2

bananas as we all should know by now it

contains potassium and pectin what

pectin Thyer is a form of soluble fiber

that draws water from your digestive

tract and forms a gel that helps to slow

down the digestive process number 3 rice

rice and other bland carbohydrates like

toast or boiled potatoes can help ease

diarrhea by absorbing the fluids and

adding bulk to your stool number 4

papaya papaya contains these enzymes

called papain and como popping that

helps break down proteins and suder's

the stomach by providing a healthy

acidic environment number 5 ginger

ginger as we all know helps with blood

circulation we drink a lot of it during

cold and flu gingers root contains

chemicals that help treat upset stomach

by relaxing the intestinal tract

preventing motion sickness and relieving

nausea vomiting and cramps number 6


oh yeah coot it contains probiotics kind

of like a good bacteria that lives in

your gut which aids in digestion and

reduces the uncomfortable feeling of

being bloated since we know what causes

these stomach problems and by avoiding

these bad habits we can also incorporate

some good habits in your daily life that

can help your stomach in the long run

number 1 eating less but having more

frequent meals so by eating about 80%

full you're actually causing less stress

for your stomach to digest the foods and

when you eat more regularly your stomach

is not sitting dormant for long periods

of time or working overtime to

compensate there's a saying in Chinese

that says shout should go time this is

also to help promote general health as

well number 2 is drinking honey water

I know drinking water is very important

to keep hydrated by adding a little bit

of honey not only are you adding more

taste to the water but it's actually a

good lubricant for your stomach lining

number three is eat

family matter so try to eat around the

same time every day so you're not

starving yourself and then all of a

sudden eating a ton of food and try to

eat at least three hours before you go

to bed there's a saying in Chinese that

goes down to the half

Joe chat about lunch option shop which

translates to somewhat make sure they

eat really well the mornings eat very

full during lunch time and eat very less

during night time number four don't

exercise on a full stomach number five

don't lie down straight away after

eating number six try to drink after

your meal as opposed to during your meal

number seven is to chew more before you

swallow that will give less work for

your stomach this is saying in Chinese

that goes down man yet number eight

last but not least is stress less stress

will cause your body a ton of problems

so try to find outlets to help relax

unwind and don't stress there's also

another tip that I can give you that I

actually use this method when I eat too

much what I feel too bloated or that I

barely can't even breathe from eating

way too much food and that's not healthy

at all but this is actually has worked

so I'll just thought I'd share with you

guys basically it's as simple as using

both palm of your hands so I usually use

my right hand first and then placing my

left hand on top and both palm will go

over my stomach exactly on top of my

belly button and then just gently

massage clockwise thirty times and then

anti-clockwise thirty times start with

really really soft pressure and then you

can go into like more heavier pressure

as you're feeling a lot better this will

actually also help move your abdominal

muscles increase blood circulation and

you'll find that you actually feel less

bloated but also the I guess the fat

around the stomach seems to be a lot

less as well that's what I've noticed so

let me know what you guys think okay

thank you guys for watching I hope this

video was somewhat helpful if you have

any questions leave your comments below

and I will try to get back to you as

soon as I can

otherwise you can also visit me on

Facebook Twitter and Instagram have you

guys had a lovely week and I will see my

next video bye