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Watch High School Student Body Slam Principal During Cafeteria Fight

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it's a pitch battle in a high school and

look what happens when the gray-haired

principal tries to break it up pees body

slammed by a student principal gets up

and bravely steps right back into the

fray cops move in to restore order the

disturbing video from a high school in

Sacramento California is being compared

with the troubling takedown in a South

Carolina school where a sheriff's deputy

body slams a 16 year old female student

in algebra class and this is new video

of the incident you haven't seen it

shows the verbal exchange between the

student and the cop just before the

violence erupted just an appendage we

enhance the audio so you can hear what's

said that's when the deputy puts the

girl in a headlock and slams her to the

floor sheriff Leon Lett announced he has

fired the deputy 36 year old Ben fields

Dimpy Fields did not follow proper

training did not follow proper procedure

when he threw the student across the

room but the teenagers lawyer Todd

Rutherford says it's too little too late

I don't think that's enough I think this

officer should be treated like every

other citizen out there if this was her

father and he had walked into that

classroom and done that to her he would

be in jail as we speak

deputy Fields is a 300 pound competitive

weightlifter and also acts as the

football team's strength coach he was

reportedly known in the school as

officer slam the sheriff says the

disturbing incident was not racially

motivated pointing out that Fields has a

black girlfriend a fact making headlines

everywhere people are gonna ask the

question why didn't she just leave the

classroom even if she was the worst

child in that school at that moment as

you can tell from the video because the

video does not lie she was sitting there

quietly she wasn't running around

beating up other students she wasn't a

threat to anyone in that school she

wasn't a threat to herself