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How To Handle Awful Roommates | Bad Roommate Tips

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Deanna also known as Dee and last video

we talked about my roommate Horror Story

and yeah I'm about

I haven't read you all comments yet

because I am filming it's the same day

as you can see I just changed my

lipstick because I wanted to see if the

brown will work with the purple let me

know if it did but anyway um as I said

before I just wanted to talk about some

of the things that I learned and some of

my tips on what you should do if you're

dealing with a roommate Horror Story

such as mine go ahead and give this

video a thumbs up if you are or if you

have because I know it's rough girl or

guy you know I feel like girls are a bit

more caddied but also some of other

things that I heard other guys guys are

just nasty then again my roommates for

it too

whoops anyway if you didn't watch the

last one this is what I mean

all right so I guess we will go with

what to do first and so my first tip I

talked about a little bit in the last

video but actually didn't focus too much

on I kind of forgot and I was looking I

was kind of irritated it's fine but the

first one is to actually try and talk

and/or work it out first because like a

lot of issues the situation is just in

life in general can be managed by you if

you just work it out with the person

that you're having an issue with like I

know I had people in my Hall last year

who weren't like vibin that well as

roommates but like they talked it out

some of them worked it out some of them

didn't and they ended up moving out and

you know it just happens but it's better

just to go ahead and talk it out like I

said I went ahead and called a roommate

meeting a couple of roommate meetings

actually they didn't go as planned since

they decided that the tour's list was

too much but that doesn't mean it can't

work for you and I would definitely just

suggest like talk you know just like how

you would with like your friends or your

boyfriend and girlfriend if you're

having an issue like it helps just in

general just so that you and the person

who you are having a relationship with

and use this term relationship loosely

because it can mean a whole bunch of

different things not just romantic and

it can just help you all understand each

other better

now my next thing again this is gonna be

a lot of talking like Oh emotions Oh

what do you mean I know I don't like

emotions either it's a problem we're

working through this but talking talking

is actually very helpful and another

person that you should be talking to is

your RA your R is a very helpful aspect

of this in the section something that I

did not do I talked to another RA

because you happen to be one of my

that a couple of friends who are artists

and he'd happened to be a senior but I

did not talk to my own RA until

afterwards and she was actually kind of

horrified what was going on especially

since she lived the door and next to us

it was a lot but um but yeah just

talking to her and they can help defuse

the situation they can bring up your

roommate agreement if your school

happens to do one of those and they're

just they're literally trained to

mediate issues like that and so go to

them before you go to like area

coordinator or anything else like that

just because there's two put there like

your first line of defense basically

another person or people that you talk

to just like your friends family now I

know it can be fun to roast people and

I'm not I'm not free of this like I told

you my best friend did not like them

either and neither did what my friend

who lived downstairs actually you all

might see her later on that she's gonna

be in New Zealand when I'm in Australia

so I'm excited anyway just talking to

them at the issue kind of helped and

then a person who was actually kind of

separated and talked to her about the

issues sooner kind of did a little bit

later was my mother's look why didn't

you tell me they've helped because she's

gone through like some roommate Horror

Story - she's only had one roommate

other than me and my brother and her

husband's husband she's only been

married once but yeah she had a roommate

Horror Story too hers was interesting

because you know the girl stole clothes

out of her closet and would wear them as

if they were hers and a whole bunch of

other issues

my mother's teenage and college years

were interesting but just talking to her

made me feel a lot better as well also

she was very helpful with like moving on

with my stuff up here and just with

getting me through that situation also

she is one of the many reasons why I did

not go to jail for hurting the one who

does not know what bleaches or my actual

roommates anyway I'm see I'm saying

anyway again stop it I get it from her -

I hear from Mama I just heard her say

like five

so you probably used to hear that laughs

that's her yeah just talking to them is

there good like they have life

experience as well like your friends

your family life experiences well and

they can just help you through the issue

now another thing that you should do is

ditch evidence photographic videographic

get evidence so that you can prove this

is a thing this isn't only with

roommates issues like if you move into

an apartment take pictures of everything

when you move in and before you like

like after you move everything out when

you're done so they can't try and pin

something on you or even if you see

something happening like hello you've

seen all of the like incriminating

videos on Facebook and Instagram people

doing stupid stuff same thing this is

why I have these yeah I'm sure you all

are sick of saying that me trust me I

was too with the law like literally fall

break I told you about fall break and it

was a whole mess last video but

literally my best friend and one of my

other friends was living in the building

had to come like help me clean up cuz I

was doing the cold dinner party I really

almost had a meltdown or whatever just

because they were in the room it was

nasty it was so nasty they helped me

clean up that's fine

just having the support system in

getting evidence of things like that so

that when it does come time for you to

state why you should be able to move if

your college is very difficult on that

subject for some reason some of them are

but just leave this you can prove that

this is not a livable situation because

I actually didn't do it to all of what

my issues were as long as that last

video was but there's still issue yeah

so we're glad that we have that even

though I don't have to use it thankfully

but still yeah

now another one another

last one is actually going to your

housing office then getting moved

don't stay in that situation I should

not have stayed there as long as I did

there's many issues we're going on and

now granted I am NOT trying to say that

was a perfect roommate by no means do I

think that I was a perfect roommate IBM

I said I am kind of junky I come in late

although they never said that me coming

in late was it issue because I do try to

be respectful because I know that I come

in late if I'm quiet when I do that and

I cleaned up after myself although not

always really I was living in the living

room which was a bit of an issue

although yeah go watch the last video

but um yeah and like even sometimes I

know that my friends who I would bring

over we're loud sometimes most of time

like it wasn't like I would always ask

them beforehand or let them know

beforehand the one time that I did my

fur at me and my friend and my boyfriend

we're going to see a musical that was

right around the corner my friend needed

to charge her phone I need to get my


he walked in sat around for a little

they tried to make conversation

with the one who doesn't know what

bleaches she did not now I know that my

friend is a bit loud my boyfriend

however is not and so Trina was being a

little loud but like I calmed her down

she understood or whatever and I went

back and again first thing talking it

out I was like hey yeah sorry you seemed

a little annoyed yo last night was

everything good and it's we're just

we're gonna act like I didn't say her

name but I know she's a little loud but

yeah is everything good her answer was

yeah you know it would have been it

would have been fine if I wasn't trying

to watch television and like literally

any other suite that she walked into if

someone's watching television and things

I'll either turn it up going their room

cuz the living room is a public space

not only was it a public space was where

my bed was

so there's that as always then go and

just make sure that you don't have to

stay in that situation longer than you

meet - now things that I learned from

this whole ordeal the one that actually

got me the most I know this is gonna

sound stupid but long demon got me the

most was that I found out that I

actually cannot get along with everybody

like my whole thing before this was that


like the reason why I wasn't worried

about like having a random roommate or

anything was that literally before this

I could get along with anybody like

doesn't matter who they were I could

before I could least be cordial with

them like I can make small talk it's

fine that no I could not and I mean it

wasn't like it was like groundbreaking

or like mine shattering or anything like

that it was just like interesting so

there are people that just can't deal

with but it was interesting to learn so

if any of you all out there think that

do you might you might meet your match

just in general I don't plan on having

another roommate at least not in college

at least and next one that I can't

choose myself well unfortunately a cliff

with people Australia hopefully they are

not this bad cuz I don't feel like doing

this in a foreign country that'd just be

alive now another thing that I learned

from this whole ordeal was the

importance of personal space like I

talked about this in my first video and

this whole ordeal is why I set that like

just having your own space just where

you can be free and like eat just do

nothing just not have anyone there like

as I said earlier like I'm amber or

maybe it was in the last video I don't

know but I'm amber like I'm very loud

extrovert it moves the time I do have

times where I do not want to be around

people and this year showed me that more

than anything else cuz I normally don't

mind I like just people being in the

room or whatever I did not want to be

around in

there's like for the first couple of

weeks that I had my room like literally

I don't even know if I went out honestly

it was yeah it was a mess but it's over

so that was just just learning that like

learning that I'm more introverted than

I originally thought

cuz they were draining and not only that

like I was able to sleep better that's

all this is one things I didn't mention

I mean it wasn't her fault but my

roommate would like snack in her sleep

if you know me my least favorite sound

in the world since I was little a little

bitty I cannot stand the sound of people

chewing smacking or slurping or anything

that has to do with like your mouth and

food I can't do it and so Lily I should

we do that every night they already have

a hard time going to sleep anyway I just

couldn't so I was actually able to sleep

and get enough sleep and because of that

my focus was a lot better I had someone

that I could retreat to F after the day

was done I was able to be a bit Messier

and although I was talking to how messy

they were like thanks I'm like junkie a

little bit like I'm a little junkie I'm

not nasty though like literally them

just leave food out no yeah so I can

just having personal space somewhere to

just be yourself let loose walk around

naked if you want to whatever I'm not

judging I've done it too it's fine

so the last one that I wrote down was

that being calm pays off like as many

times as I want it to go off I know the

whole situation could have been a made

lot worse had I done so because if one

of them had got mad for me getting that

them for doing stupid stuff and they had

touched me or my furniture I definitely


had some sort of repercussion so yeah

that was what I was saying to pay that

would pay off can you hear this Thunder

it's so loud good lord

oh the sunsets pretty though that's

there there's a person planning this my

driveway I don't appreciate it

I just realize there's one thing that I

did forget to mention the very beginning

and that is you know how salient talked

to all these different people I have

personal likes based and backup and

support and all stuff but one thing that

I didn't forget to do talk about is

having someone to help you move out

because that'll help you get out of

there as quickly as you need to and

quick as possible and also you want to

carry all of your stuff out on your own

anything like meat you have a lot of

stuff and the final thing that I would

say that I learned and also that you

should do is that you don't you don't

have to tell your roommates when we're

moving out I know I said before that my

mom said this but after dealing with the

one who doesn't know what bleach is and

the whole thing that happened before

ICCA dissin realized that they probably

wouldn't have been that bad she didn't

know that I was moving out and so in the

future if I do have an issue like that I

will most likely not tell them if I'm

moving out they'll find out when I'm

moving out and I would recommend you do

the same especially if it has gotten to

the point where you and your roommates

are like literally standing off like the

thing is that my roommates would just

get mad and like not talk to me cuz they

didn't like talking anyway I was like I

really don't care I didn't want to talk

to you anyway but if your if your

roommates aren't like that and it's a

bit more vocal or violent definitely

don't tell them cuz that'll that'll just

be a lot I know this is a lot I hope

this was helpful in some sort of way let

me know in the comments below if you

actually learn anything from this again

go ahead and post your roommate Horror

Story cuz good lord you know

maybe we'll highlight some of those

we'll just go ahead and give you all

this shout out if you have one

especially one of the beats this one I

mean I'm sure there are some that beat

this one but this was just a long time

coming thanks for watching guys I hope

this was helpful and I didn't scare you

up from the idea of having roommates in

general anyway I'll see you next time