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How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

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In this video, I'm going to show how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

using just a simple dish towel.

So if you just woke up with a kink in the neck,

a lot of pinching pain going on, dullness, achiness -- you name it. This is a really

great way to be able to relieve it very quickly. It's a self mobilization

technique that is going to focus on all of the motions of the neck. That is

rotation, or twisting the head to look over your shoulder; bending, kind of like

taking your ear to your shoulder; and then forward flexion and extension.

I'm going to break it down into three phases that will target each of those

motions of the neck. So with the first part we're going to focus on rotation.

We're going to take our towel, roll it up, and just place it on the shoulders for

now. Find the spot that really is achy and causing a lot of pain. What you're

going to do is take the towel and place it over the level of that spot, and just

put a little bit of pull in there. Whatever side that it's on is the side

that you're going to then lower and lock that down towards the chest. The opposite

side, so in this case my left side is hurting, my right hand is what's going to

do all the work. I'm going to just slowly try to rotate or twist the head towards

the left until I feel a very good stretch. Don't force this one, just go to

the point where you feel a good stretch. Hold that for about 10 to 15 seconds,

come back, and then just keep repeating it. Go a little bit further each time you

do, until you feel like you have a lot more motion in there and the neck is

starting to have a lot more mobility into it. So if you are having a lot of

pinching pain going on, we can take this stretch to the next level by doing a

self traction in there. This one, we're going to cross the arms. Whatever arm is

on top, you're going to then go up diagonally, so almost towards your eyes.

You want to lock the bottom hand and then take this hand upwards with it,

almost towards the eyes. Again, hold this one for 10 to 15 seconds in a spot you

feel comfortable, and just keep repeating it. You should almost feel an upward

traction into the neck, and that will help relieve a pinched nerve. Give it a try.

So for phase 2, we're going to focus on lateral bending. That is, taking the ear

to the shoulder. I'm going to take my towel, I'm just going to then throw it

completely over that left shoulder, assuming that I'm having left-sided pain.

So whatever side pain you're having, just throw that towel on that side. Next, I'm

going to reach backwards, I'm going to grab the end of that towel and then I'm

going to take the other end and go diagonally with it. So I want to go

across my chest towards the right side. I try to line it up with the spot in the

neck that is really feeling a lot of discomfort. So I'm going to go right over

that spot, pull it over towards the right, and from here what I'm going to do next

is then bend away while putting pressure into that towel -- and this is a really

good intense stretch. I hold that one for about 10 to 15 seconds, I come back up

and then just keep repeating it and try to go a little bit further each time.

Just keep repeating it until you feel that spot finally release, and then you

can kind of just keep moving up or down, as needed, to hit any other spots that

you might have.

With phase three, we're going to focus on forward bending and

backwards extension. So take the towel and then just pull it tight across the

back of the neck right here. What you're going to do is just slowly lean

the head back into extension (to your comfort level) and just hold that for

about five to ten seconds. Come back up and then go into a chin tuck, and then

continually do that until you feel like that motion starts to improve. You can

also move the towel up and down to your comfort levels to target different spots.

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