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3 Steps to Get Out of A Bad Mood - Fast!

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hi I'm Melissa and welcome back to my

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more videos like this one in today's

video I'm going to share with you a

three step method that I use for

overcoming any bad mood honestly as

someone who is very focused on

positivity optimism and just being my

best self I get even more frustrated

than anyone when I get in a bad mood

because I feel like hey I spend so much

of my time trying to feel good

what's with this why am I feeling so

frustrated or why am I feeling angry or

sad you know especially when you feel

like there's no reason and you just have

a bad mood kind of jump up on you

the first thing that I do is I move my

body physical exercise is so important

it really allows you to blow up steam to

get that energy out and just really have

a feeling of release you know whether

it's doing 30 push-ups or going for a

jog for 10 minutes or you know even if

you want to punch a pillow that is

something that my cousin Sophie taught

me when I was a little kid and I

remember doing that and it actually felt

so good because it just allows you to

kind of release that frustration that

you're feeling Plus exercise releases

endorphins so don't underestimate the

power of a good workout and just moving

your body so the second thing that I do

is I accept how I'm feeling deeply and

completely and I choose to love myself

anyway because self-love is not just for

when you're being your best self and

you're happy you know going and you're

you know achieving some sort of success

self-love is important no matter what no

matter how you're feeling no matter what

your mood or what you're currently going

through and so I just remind myself that

hey how I'm feeling is okay

it might not feel fantastic but I'm

choosing to accept it to feel it to

allow myself to experience these

feelings and that really is the first

step in moving past them because if you

refuse to allow yourself to feel how you

feeling then you know you start to feel

guilty like whoa why am I feeling this

way or I'm so ashamed that I you know

I'm feeling so angry about this or it

just kind of puts negativity on top of

the negativity so there's a power in

just accepting yourself accepting how

you're feeling and I really believe that

full true self love and self acceptance

is very very powerful and there's also

an aspect of like reverse psychology

where it's like you know I'm gonna

accept this bad mood and it kind of

makes the bad mood dissolve because

you're choosing not to kind of give in

and not to like feel bad about feeling

bad you're just saying hey I'm gonna

actually choose to love this bad mood

and accept myself no matter what and

somehow that actually works to dissolve

those feelings so the third thing that I

do and I highly recommend this is to

spend five minutes of pure undivided

attention on appreciation a great way to

do this is to get out a piece of paper

and number one through ten on ten

different lines and write out ten acts

of kindness that other people have done

for you ten things that other people

have done that have been so generous

toward you maybe it is a compliment

people paid you or maybe you've forgot

your wallet and a stranger bought you a

coffee or you know someone held the door

for you and that was really sweet and it

made you feel nice whatever it may be

write down all of the things the acts of

love that you have received recently and

it's really hard to focus on true

appreciation and gratitude and to feel

bad at the same time the reason that I


is that a lot of the times when we're

upset about something we tend to put all

of our energy on that and we're like I

need to fix this problem I need to solve

why I'm feeling this way or I'm mad at

myself for feeling this way what's going

on it just makes you feel even worse

this way you're kind of accepting how

you're feeling but choosing to redirect

your focus and attention on gratitude

and everything that you're thankful for

in your life and if you can't come up

with ten things and just choose one

really powerful one maybe you know it's

your dog like I love my dog Beckham he

is a hundred percent pure love and

innocence and joy and I can't look at

him and foot put all of my attention on

him and be upset at the same time I just

can't because of you know how grateful I

am for him and if like how loving he is

so find that one thing for you and put

all of your attention on it write about

it journal about it and really immerse

yourself in how good that feels for you

alright I hope you found this video to

be helpful I love you so much for

watching and I will see you next time

have a great day bye