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Get Rid of Migraine and Tension Headaches Fast - Simple Ingredient From Your Pantry!

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hi everyone it's anja from cooking with


and welcome so for today's video it's


a little bit different to what i

normally do it's not a recipe but

it's an important tip if you

suffer from migraines or intense

tension headaches then this might just


the solution that you can use at home

it's natural and it's very quick

and easy to take and it doesn't have the

side effects that you might get from

some of the prescription

medications that you can get for

migraine headaches so

i'll quickly show you how to do this so

if you're suffering from this right now

or you tend to go through cycles where

you do have migraines

this usually takes about an hour to take


and it's even really really good if you

start to feel a migraine coming on if

you can

use this straight away drink it down it


revolutionize your life well i'm hoping

it will as

it has with mine and people that i know

who have tried this

so what you need is a glass of water

or you could use some juice if you

prefer and then

i've also got some ground up ginger


so this is just the regular ground up

ginger powder that you can get

from your supermarket or local grocery


and then all i'm going to do is i've got

a quarter of a teaspoon measuring

spoon here and i'm just going to take


about a quarter of a teaspoon's worth

sometimes i don't even use that much i

might use about an eighth of a

teaspoon's worth

and then all i'm doing is putting this

into this glass

give it a stir through and then drink it


it to me it's quite pleasant so if you

don't particularly like the taste of


maybe mix it with some juice to make it

go down a little bit easier

and like i said use an eighth of a

teaspoon of ginger powder instead of

a quarter of a teaspoon and i don't

get migraines very often anymore these

days but i used to in the past and this

really works so i have recently

put my son onto this and it's really

helping him as well so

give it a try and if you do use it and

it works for you or if you have any

feedback at all

please leave it in the comments below i

would love to

see how this works for you and

i will see you very very soon for

another recipe so

don't forget if you haven't signed up to

my newsletter i'll leave a link for that


and i share lots of tips tricks and


and recipes in there and i would love to

have you join that email list so i will

see you soon and i hope you have an

amazing day and if you're suffering from

a migraine i

really truly hope that this remedy helps


and that you can say goodbye to that

migraine very very quickly

bye for now