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Headache | Migraine | How To Get Rid Of Headaches

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We all get headaches and the vast majority of them and nothing to worry about

in this video I'm going to teach you how to get rid of them and when you should seek medical attention

so what can we do to stop headaches well drink plenty water six to eight

glasses a day avoiding missing meals avoid drinking alcohol and when you can

exercise now you can also take paracetamol or ibuprofen to help with the

pain but always speak to your pharmacist and read the information leaflet to make sure

that it's suitable and safe to take it also remember that if you're taking the

painkiller for 15 days or more per month it can actually be causing your headache

this is something called medication overuse and I'll leave more information

about this in description below for you now there's also many things that can

either bring on a headache or make it worse and these are often overlooked by

many patients so let's run through them tip number 1 now you may find that you

work ten hours a day Monday to Friday you get no headaches

and on a weekend you wake up with a pounding headache now this is all

because your stress hormones are dropping and you're getting a rapid

release of neurotransmitters so to avoid these weekend headaches you need to try

and sleep for seven to eight hours on a weekend I know you're tired I know

you've worked really hard but this oversleeping is causing the headaches

also try and incorporate relaxing time during your weekdays don't just save it all

for the weekend so try and incorporate something like yoga throughout the week

as well and this will help which moves us on to tip 2 if you think housework is

giving you headaches then you could be right because many cleaning products

perfumes air fresheners contain chemicals that can bring on headaches so

I guess it could be an excuse for you not to do the cleaning now to fix this

it's pretty simple just avoid using heavy smelling cleaning products and

perfumes and air fresheners and things like that also leave as many windows

open as possible and it's gonna help get more fresh air in and more of the heavy

smells out tip number 3 bright lights flickering lights and even glare

these can actually induce migraines by increasing certain chemicals in the

brain which activate the migraine center now to fix this try wearing sunglasses

polarized lenses also help with the glare from monitors you can also try

adjusting the brightness on your monitor this will help with the glare or use a

glass screen now if you're working in an office or somewhere that has fluorescent

lights these tents of flicker so try and use an alternative light source which

will help with this which moves us on to tip 4 posture now bad posture can

cause tension in your back in your neck and even in your shoulders and this can

bring on headaches so instead try not to sit down or stand up for long periods in

the same position try to move around more and try to sit upright as much as

you can tip number 5 is all about anger now we all get angry it's normal

but remember when you do get angry the muscles in the back of your neck in your

scalp they tense and this can cause tension

headaches so you need to find ways to relax more so when you feel like you

gonna get angry take a deep slow breath in through your

nose and out of your mouth I'll also leave some really useful links of

different relaxation techniques all of these are gonna help relax the muscles

and reduce your risk of getting these tension headaches

tip number six food triggers now we're all different and different foods can

affect us all differently whether common triggers for headaches are cheese fizzy

drinks and processed meats so keep a food diary on your phone write down

everything you eat when you eat it and when you get a headache or a migraine

then try and find a correlation and then eliminate them foods for a month or

two now I wouldn't advise you to eliminate a food forever until you consult your

doctor and make them aware of this now with headaches there are sometimes

what we call red flags and these are symptoms that you should look out for

and seek medical attention for now there's quite a lot of these and it's

going to take me forever to explain on video for you so what I will do is leave a

full list in the description below and I'd advise everyone to read it and

that's the end of this week's video headaches and never nice and I really

hope my tips help you also if you have any of your own tips leave a comment

below for everyone else see you next week we all get headaches and the vast

majority of them are nothing really to.. tip number one now you may work ten hours a

week ten hours a day (Laughter)

hey guys thanks for watching this week's video make sure to

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