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How to Handle a Bad Boss (How to Deal With a Toxic Boss + What to Do With Bad Managers at Work)

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in this video we're covering three bad boss scenarios and how to handle them

having a bad boss can be super tough not feeling valued or respected can really

negatively impact your work and the trajectory of your career so it's

important to know what to do to handle a bad boss before it gets really bad and

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your work life have you ever had a bad boss

how did you handle it tell us in the comments I'm Caitlin chaos the content

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weekly if you've ever called your mom after a

long day of work and uttered these four words I hate my boss you're not alone

hate is a strong word so let's say you dislike your boss a lot it's the worst

to feel overwhelmed unhurt or taken advantage of at work

having a bad boss can make you feel pretty stressed and hopeless but you

don't need to throw in the towel just yet there are certain ways to get

through to your boss and maybe your boss isn't that bad she's just tough maybe

you could even grow from the learning experience she's offering you no matter

how unappealing it may seem right now whatever your problem is with your bad

boss we've got you covered here's three examples of bad bosses and

how to handle them bad boss number one the micro manager the first side of a

micromanager boss on day one she'll probably tell you I'm not a micro

manager before writing off your boss as a micro manager consider these questions

are there things you need to learn from your boss are there elements of your job

about which she is constantly correcting you take the time to make sure you

understand all of the parameters of your job you might even go so far as to

create an outline of your job responsibilities produce templates for

certain projects and set up weekly meetings over your first 90 days always

ask questions and always over communicate with a micromanager by

allowing her a glimpse into the details of all the work you are doing you might

avoid her impulse to get involved unnecessary

if your boss won't stop micromanaging you it might be time to have a tougher

conversation before speaking to your boss take a moment to put yourself into

her shoes if you can pinpoint why the micromanagement is happening you might

find better solutions having a frank and honest conversation is one of the best

ways to tackle management issues and guess what managers are works in

progress too they might not admit it but critical feedback is and really should

be an important element of any manager's career here's what to say to a

micromanager I know that XYZ project is important to

company and I'm very serious about doing my best work however your emails and

phone calls repeatedly take me away from my work at hand can we create a weekly

Meetup or a daily email where I can fill you in on progress and receive feedback

assume that your manager is unaware that they're micromanaging tendencies

actually inhibit your ability to do your job by bringing the issue to their

attention you're giving them a chance to be better and standing up for yourself

in the process bad boss number two no empathy boss have

you worked for years for a manager that doesn't even know small details about

you like where you live or what your dog's name is it might sound silly but

it's really important for managers to listen there are always going to be

unexpected challenges in the workplace both professionally and personally

having a boss who doesn't know her team especially in the face of adversity is

going to see challenges in the inspiration department having and

utilizing empathy in the workplace is one of the quickest ways to identify and

solve problems if a client rails an employee for miscommunication a good

boss will empathize and lend the tools an employee needs to get to a point of

resolution a boss who doesn't take the time to really know her team will see

high turnover and low productivity here's what you can say to the non

empathizer I have been working at company for

period of time I would love to get to know you better and better align our own

goals do you think we could carve out time for a meeting or for a lunch at

which to do so this conversation could be the beginning of a great professional

relationship emotional intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most

important soft skills in the workforce by initiating the opportunity to learn

more about one another you're communicating the importance of empathy

in your day-to-day and in your office culture as a whole bad boss number three

blame game boss under bad leadership mistakes often happen and when these

mistakes happen guess who's not gonna take the blame that's right the blame

game boss is a leader who's quick to place the blame on anyone else's head

everybody makes mistakes no matter how much planning goes into any project

mistakes just happen when you add in a bad leadership element the mistakes are

bound to be bigger instead of identifying the root of the problem ie

bad management the blame game boss will find the individual responsible and dole

out punishment leadership requires a good amount of respect fear-based

leadership is kind of dumb if you have a boss who constantly blames everyone and

everything else you might be able to get her to look deeper to see the real root

of the problems whatever it may be with the blame game boss you have to

address the issue head-on re-emphasize the team aspect of your work you can say

something like I know there have been problems recently I think that instead

of blaming person or thing we should as a team look at our communication issues

and problem-solve from there having a bad boss isn't the end of the world but

if you don't feel heard or valued at work it might be time to move on but at

least you can make the decision knowing that you tried to fix the issue and that

you confronted it head-on if you're feeling like you need to pick me up in

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