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Brennan was on TV but I truly have a

couple in groans today on both big toes

we actually have a special guest she's a

big fan of ours on YouTube so she found

this on YouTube and she came in so he

can fix her toenails but before we put

it on YouTube we have to get her

approval because if it's not gross

enough then it's not going right okay so

we got our nice and numb we've got a

couple tourniquets on we'll check our

make your knot make sure you're not one

more time okay anything no no anything

no all right that's good it's rocking

and rolling so this is a three year here

free up the sides of the nail one on the

other side you can see the sides pretty

inflamed bringing it up really nice and

clean doing good right

don't pass out mom all right so we're

getting her approval so far all right

all right

so side 1 pretty good pretty good side 2

should be a little bit better based on

what the terror looks like huh let's

clean up some of the loose skin here all

right we're gonna check and make sure we

got it all out okay

total toilet so you can find it that's

cute thank you acute anger and the super

cute ingrown nail be on lookout for this

super cute ingrown nail so the dark

discoloration is normal that's from the

medicine that we're putting back here

which is sodium hydroxide which is a

base it's not an acid you get a lot of

questions on YouTube about not using the

acid it's not an acid to base so a

little bit of bleeding same thing on

this night kids I don't like to leave it

in as long as an adult because it is


stir up and you know develop an

infection so I usually use it a little

bit less than the typical amount of time

needed how you doing that's from the

medicine this little thing it's just

adapt ik so the dressing doesn't stick

to the towel all right you're gonna take

this off when you shower next all right

take the whole dressing off clean it's

open water all right if you say you

think this one's gonna be good cuter

I don't know that last one was pretty

cute on a scale of one to ten for anger

and toenail cuteness

all right cutting it again you'll see we

do two cuts so the first one kind of

gets the nail that's above the skin and

the second one we slide underneath the

skin and we get the rest of it dr. Wynn

he sticks a blade back there sometimes

to free it up just different techniques

different ways you were talking

alright I leave the skin like this but I

think to YouTube Krab would go

absolutely nuts if I did make sure

they're all out of there obviously when

it heals in it'll heal in like this and

look nice and normal I'll get home I'll

start editing right away I don't want to

let you down


this long is that three I just did yeah

I just lost track hoes chemist I gave

you one answer okay okay that's it well

she wrote changer right thanks so much

for watching comment link below like us

on instagram at healthy people dying

tree and if you see us on YouTube or

Instagram and you have an issue reach

out to us come see us we can fix your

cute toenails as well just makers and

we'll go from there