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How To Deal With An Angry Husband Who Is Always Negative And Irritable

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Hello, John here from Defeating Divorce and in this video you’ll learn how to deal with

an angry husband.

These are some of the best practices when living with an angry husband.

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If your husband seems to always be angry, irritable, negative, or maybe little things

seem to set him off, then this video is for you.

Just know that there are actions you can take to more effectively deal with an angry partner.

However, if your safety is threatened, leave immediately.

Know that it is never okay for your husband to verbally or physically abuse you.

There are a few times where you need to let small things slide.

For instance, if it's a rare outburst.

However, there are times where you may need to give them a stern warning and hold your


So let’s take a look at some of the best strategies and tips for dealing with an angry


1.Manage your emotions and never add to the fire

Attempting to control your angry husband will only cause him to become more uncooperative

and unresponsive.

Also, It is important that you control your anger as much as possible in response to your

husband’s behavior.

The more calm you remain in this situation, the more likely you will de-escalate the situation

and ultimately lessen the emotional intensity.

So try to stay level headed.


Be Assertive and Respectful

Give him a calm warning and let him know that you don’t tolerate this.

Say something like, “I’m not your enemy, I know you may have had a bad day, but don’t

talk to me like this”.

If you remain silent to his poor behavior, he may believe it is acceptable for him to

lash out and continue acting poorly towards you.

Yet, if you challenge his anger with your own anger and lash out...then you’re going

to likely escalate the situation.

Instead find middle ground.

Address his behavior BUT remain respectful and calm.


Get to the Root of the Issue

Often times we men turn our frustrations into anger and can unintentionally take it out

on those around us.

If your husband seems to be angry with you over things that aren’t your fault, consider

talking with him after he’s cooled down about what is triggering his anger.

Often times, it’s that he’s feeling stressed out or disrespected.

And it’s important you both can acknowledge where that is coming from.

This will allow you both to have an honest conversation about how to make his, and ultimately

your lives easier.


Consider Outside Help

Although not necessary initially, you may need to consider bringing in another person

to help your husband both see the error in his ways and change.

I would first recommend confronting your husband calmly and respectfully if his behavior becomes

a pattern.If he doesn’t listen, then consider bringing in some people who will put pressure

on him to change, such as a counselor or a religious leader.

Another reason why you bring in other people is for validation.

Sometimes we’re too close to the situation and can really benefit from a third party


Also, your husband may be less likely to listen to you if he thinks you’re being overly

sensitive...which is why a third opinion can really help.

Alright so in summary use these strategies to manager your angry husband


Manage your emotions and never add to the fire


Be assertive and respectful 3.

Get to the root of the issue 4.

Consider Outside Help

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