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10 Signs You're Married to the Wrong Person

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hey my friends this is Daniel Ali and

today I want to talk with you about ten

signs that you're married to the wrong

person now before I start this video I

want to make sure that you get a couple

things straight first of all I never

recommend divorce unless a person cheats

on you secondly this is for two types of

people the first type of person is

someone who's considering marriage and

the second type of person is someone

who's already married and maybe they're

struggling in the relationship but

they're willing to change now if any or

all of these signs happen to match your

lifestyle I want you to do something

about it I want you to make major

changes and I also want you to show this

to your spouse now obviously you're

gonna have to do a lot of work so let me

get right into it and share with you the

ten signs that you're married to the

wrong person

the first sign is that they

misunderstand you but not just barely

misunderstand you I mean completely

misunderstand you in other words they

think you're one way but you're a

completely different person than they

even expect you basically aren't who

they think you are and what you can do

about this is explain to them exactly

who you are now maybe you've failed in

the past to get them to understand who

you are and so you need different

methods of communication you need to

speak their language so that they can

better understand exactly who you are

and what you can do to help them to love

you even more now you might be wondering

what do I mean by using different forms

of communication and what I'm basically

saying is that many couples only

communicate in one particular way and so

what I want you to do is to begin to

switch it up if you're just used to

having verbal conversations maybe now

it's time to have written conversation

or maybe if they'd like to go to the gym

but you absolutely hate going to the gym

maybe you should go to the gym with them

and have a conversation while they're

lifting weights like I said you have to

speak their language you have to do what

they like so that they can begin to

understand exactly what you're like if

you really feel that your spouse doesn't

understand who you are be patient don't


just explain yourself with love and

start to show them that you really love

them and start showing them who you are

through that love that you accept

the second sign that you're married to

the wrong person is that they don't

share your passions and what this

basically means is that every time you

articulate or try to live out your

passions or desires they're just not

feeling it they don't understand it and

they don't even want to be a part of it

now it's not always the case that

they're not interested maybe they don't

understand it for instance if you like

to play chess and they don't understand

the game of chess it doesn't mean that

they hate your passion or that they hate

your desire to play chess it's just that

they don't have the understanding

they're basically ignorant they don't

know what you know about the game of

chess now you might be saying well

ignorant is a strong word but ignorant

is the right word because ignorant means

that they don't know and if they aren't

informed on your passion then you need

to tell them more about what it actually


what I'm basically saying is to bridge

that gap of understanding they might

think something is one way but you have

to explain to them this is a completely

different way and how do you get them to

understand what your passions are well

first you have to understand what their

passions are because if you take an

interest in their passions most likely

they're gonna see that you love them and

they're gonna begin to take an interest

in yours as well

the third sign that you're married to

the wrong person is that they don't know

your work so for instance you go to work

every day and your spouse doesn't even

know where you work they don't even know

who you work with they don't even know

what you do in your profession now you

might be asking well why doesn't my

spouse ever ask me questions

why aren't they Carius why don't they

care and the fact is that they do care

but they don't know how much you want

them to actually care unless you express

it now some of you guys might be saying

well I tell her all the time or I tell

them all the time but they just don't

listen but what I'm saying to you is

that you need to explain it in a way

where they will listen maybe you're

using logic when they need emotion maybe

you're using facts and stats where they

need stories if you don't connect for

understanding then you're always gonna

feel that disconnect you're always gonna

feel that disrespect and you're always

gonna feel like you don't belong in


you live in so like I said try to have

that conversation ask your spouse honey

do you ever wonder about what I do do

you ever wonder about boy I work with do

you even know why I work but don't say

in a disrespectful way say in a way of

love say it in a way of gentleness and

patience and explain it with passion the

fourth sign that you're married to the

wrong person is a lack of support now I

know this is one of the biggest ones

because a lot of people don't feel like

they're getting the kind of support that

they need from their husband or their

wife now the lack of support can come

from many different angles it could be

financial it could be sexual it can be


it could be spiritual it could be mental

whatever it is you have to find a way so

that you can gain the support from your

lover and that you can be happy in the

end now if your spouse isn't making any

effort to improve the situation then you

need to improve the situation yourself

you need to ask yourself how can I offer

more support to my spouse now some of

you guys might say well I cook and I

clean and I do laundry and I pay the

bills and I do this what more can I do

now you might be saying I do everything

I just want to give up I'm done with

this because this person takes it for

granted but what I'm saying is be

patient in fact you should do even more

because what you're doing is actually

helping the household even though you

may think that that person doesn't

realize it if you were gone that person

would realize instantly sometimes your

spouse doesn't exactly know how to

express themselves maybe they'd

appreciate it deep down inside but they

just don't know how to say it therefore

you have to be patient you have to give

them a chance you have to realize that

even though the years might go by that

they really do love you

that they really do appreciate you and

sometimes you have to ask them for

feedback for yourself in other words you

need to engage in a different way

instead of banging around dishes and

stomping your feet you need to address

exactly what you do in a loving way in a

kind way not in a passive-aggressive way

trying to show them what you actually do

through negative emotions and actions

the fifth sign that you're married to

the wrong person is you have completely

different spirits and what I'm basically

saying is that you have a different vibe

you have a different religion you have a

different sense of spirituality that

your husband or your wife doesn't even

connect with but even more they don't

want to connect with it maybe you're a

different religion maybe you have a

different culture and they don't want

anything to do with it now what that

usually means is that they don't

understand it and even more they may be

intimidated by it now you might be

asking how they intimidated by my

culture by my family by my tradition by

my religion but the fact is that the

confused mind says no if someone is

confused about something or someone

they're just gonna back away from it

because they don't want to deal with

that kind of situation they don't want

to immerse himself as something that

they don't know

remember your spouse could be practicing

ignorant and if you continue to insult

their intelligence they're gonna back

away from you and so what you have to do

is continue to practice your faith

practice your religion practice your

spirituality and if it is right and if

it is the truth that eventually it will

win out in the end

number six is that you disagree with

money or you don't even talk about it at

all now you and your spouse might have

completely different thoughts attitudes

emotions and actions about your money

and even completely separate bank

accounts but don't let that stop you

from talking about money like religion

and spirituality it's an area that can

be improved and can be understood if you

have the right patience and

understanding a lot of couples disagree

about money without even understanding

what they disagree about what I'm

basically saying is that if a couple

decides to argue about money it's not

even about the specifics about what they

do with their money if they're earning

or spending or giving or investing or

even paying that's in a certain way what

really matters is what they're talking

about and how they're talking about it

what really matters is not what you're

saying or even how you're saying it what

actually matters is the general

principles and thoughts that you hold

about your money too

gather as a unit so for instance if

you're talking about saving $5,000 in

investing $5,000 that doesn't matter

what matters is what your spouse thinks

about saving and what your spouse thinks

about investing and once you take care

of those core principles then you could

talk about the specifics and get down to

the truth on paper and in your bank

account in short what I'm basically

saying is that you want to make sure

that you have the same financial goals

not the same financial approach but the

same financial goals that overall

picture that you want to have with your

money and if you can get your spouse to

agree with it then your finances will

flourish now the seventh sign that

you're married to the wrong person is if

they cheat on you now this is the only

reason why you should be permitted to

divorce them because this is one of the

most unforgivable acts that a person can

commit in a marital relationship now

it's up to you to decide exactly what to

do in your relationship if you decide to

leave that person to go ahead and do it

if you decide to stay then make sure you

forgive them fully and do whatever you

can to mend that relationship now if

you've been cheated on or you are being

cheated on it's a heartbreaking

experience but you have to know what to

do with it and so I'm gonna leave that

up to you to decide exactly where you

want to go in your marriage

number 8 they lack ambition if your

spouse is always telling you that you're

working too hard or that you're grinding

too much or that you're putting in too

many hours you need to figure out a way

that you can deal with them successful

now normally what most people do is that

they tone it down a bit instead of

working 80 hours they might trim it down

to 60 hours or if they work 60 they

might trim it down to 40 and spend more

time with the family but if you're not

like this and you know that you need to

achieve more with the time that you're

given in your life then you need to make

sure that your spouse understands them

now if they're still negative and

unsupportive and disrespectful you need

to explain to them exactly how important

your work actually is and if they don't

understand the purpose of your work you

have to explain to them the vision

because the vision is normally bigger

and if they can see the vision and

mission that you have behind that vision

eventually they're gonna let you do

whatever you have to do in order to

attain it

number nine is takers all your spouse

wants to do is to drain you all they

want to do is to take from you all they

want to do is receive and they never

give now what are you doing this happens

to you where you explain to them that

they're taking all the time they may be

offended but you can't do anything about

them being offended you can't do

anything about them being oversensitive

all you can do is support them make sure

that they understand that you can't just

love them through giving them things or

just giving them money and so what

you've done basically up until this

point is that you fed the Beast you've

given them exactly what they wanted from

you and it's all they think they can get

now you might be saying wow I deal with

a taker I deal with someone who just

wants and wants and once all they want

is my money all they want is my time all

they want is what I have to offer but

what I'm telling you is that it's

completely your fault the reason why

they take all the time is because you've

actually given them so you've given

without explaining exactly what you're

giving them and all they expect to do

now is to just receive it and so what

I'm basically saying is that they need

to understand who you are not just what

you give not just what you provide not

just what they can receive now if you

decide to do this you're probably gonna

face someone who's emotional someone

that's oversensitive someone who's

feeling like they're being pushed into a

corner by you because they don't even

expect this kind of response because

they're so used to receiving something

else from you but if you learn how to

confront your mentality you'll be able

to help them confront theirs you'll be

able to resolve the problem and work

together and be able to take and receive

respectively now the tenth and final

sign that you're married to the wrong

person is that they don't care you see

they start to disrespect you they stop

caring about you they stop trying and

sometimes they even hate you now if you

feel a complete disconnect or in

harmonious relationship with your

partner you need to confront this

usually this is caused by weeks months

or even years of neglect and so the time


took to neglect this person is gonna be

equivalent to about the same time it

will take to heal this person keep in

mind that you have to connect with this

person in the same way that you

connected with them the first time

there's a reason why you're married

there's a reason why you're in a

relationship with this person and you

need to get back to establishing those

grounds so that you can be in harmonious

relationship with your spouse now even

though you might think that your spouse

doesn't care at all the fact is that

they actually do but what needs to

happen is that you need to change your

mindset you need to change the way you

approach it you need to confront your

ego so that this never happens again

stop neglecting this relationship and do

something about it so that you guys

could live in a harmonious way you might

know exactly what you need to do to fix

this relationship but if your spouse

doesn't feel like you care they probably

won't care as well remember people don't

care about what you know unless they

know how much you care so if you show

them that you love them eventually they

will confess and help you realize that

they really do love you that they really

do want to change and they really do

want to have a successful marriage with

you in summary I say all of that in

order to say this you're actually

married to the right person you just

need to know how to deal with it you

need to learn how to deal with them and

who they are so that they can understand

who you are and so that you can flourish

together forever like salt and pepper

there you go my friends I've given you

ten reasons why you're married to the

right person into the wrong person so

start to see it in a positive light and

start taking notes on what I'm saying so

that you can change your relationship

thank you for watching this video my

friends please come in a section below

and let me know exactly what you're

going through in your marriage and

please subscribe to my channel I look

forward to seeing you next time