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6 Tips To FIX A HORRIBLE Haircut Every Guy Should Know!

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what's up gentlemen so it's been about

22 days since my last haircut I'm

normally what are you doing here for the


oh so it's bet you want to see Stephens

car Stephen I want to show him your car

look at this what this is how we roll in

Atlanta guys that's how he rolls in

Atlanta so I'll be in in a second all

right all right I'm setting this video

up so 22 days since my last haircut and

the reason it's been so long I'm usually

like a 9 to 10 day guy max I like to

keep my hair really tight I'm super anal

and when it starts to grow out I just

don't like the way that it looks and it

doesn't sort of do what I wanted to do

well it's been about 22 days because I

got a bad cut from my boy Christian who

I love what happened is he sort of took

it you probably can't see it but he took

it like too high up my hair head almost

like it disconnected undercut and then

followed it all the way around up here

and the way that my hair like sort of

falls in the way that my head shaped it

just did not work and so for the past

like 22 days I have had just the hardest

time styling my hair like normal and so

I'm here I'm at Diane post a salon I'm

gonna get it tightened up I'm gonna get

it fixed by my boy Steven and so tonight

thought I'd go over six things you can

do if you get a bad cut from a barber or

stylist Steven is better at blending

texturizing and and Christian is better

at at fading and getting that that

perfect fade like it looks incredible

he's like a magician but Steven his

magician at cutting texturizing and just

making the haircut look a little bit

more finished and polished but today I'm

getting this fixed next time I'll

probably go back to Christian you cool

with that

everybody thinks you're like bad at

because I've gone good you're good nope

I hate the guy you see what yeah you see

what's up yeah what did he do he like

this one

he went up way up national right on that

corner yeah it's and and then he went up

too high like like over here yeah it's

yeah it's crazy all right so the first

tip I will give you if you are getting

your hair cut and you notice something

is not quite right or you notice

something is wrong let them know right

then address it don't just be like all

right and and sort of suck it up and

leave you gotta let them know it's not

you verse them you're a team all right

this is your hair styling soulmate

hopefully and so if they do something

wrong or if it's somebody new let them

know communicate upfront if you're still

there and you notice something's wrong

because a lot of times they can fix it

if you let them know before you leave

but sometimes you leave and that's when

you notice your jacked-up hair the

second tip is identify what's wrong just

saying my haircuts messed up isn't

really going to help somebody else if

you're going to try and get it fixed and

it's not gonna let the person know next

time what to do differently and so

identify what specifically is wrong with

your hair for me it was over here

he went - hi Steven identified it he

realized that he recognized it and so

now we're fixing bring us through her

third tip let it grow when you get a bad

haircut a lot of times it's because they

went too short they went too short in an

area or they sort of just like slipped

and and cut something wrong that your

initial instinct is to run out and get

it fixed and and unfortunately a lot of

times they can't fix it it's something

where you just have to let it grow and

and and sort of deal with the awkward

haircut for a little while

give it time gentlemen just give it time

but if the stylist has consistently mess

your hair up or if it's somebody new

it's time to move on to the fourth step

which is find a new stylist and bring a

picture bring a picture of your hair

when you like it so that they have a

better reference point of what to do so

that your gonna be happy are you happy

Steven I'm always happy just a happy guy

that's not sure finding a new stylist is

not easy but it's something that you may

need to do if if the stylist that you're

going to or the barber you're going to

does not listen or take direction or if

you try to explain hey I didn't like the

way that you did this and they do it

again it's definitely time to find

somebody new ask for a referral or

something that I do is I'll see somebody

who has a really cool haircut I'm Billy

Kay who cut your hair because a lot of

times they'll give you a great referral

number five while you're letting that

awkward jacked-up haircut grow out what

I recommend is try styling it in a

different direction maybe try and

camouflage the area that's messed up or

just play around do something different

it's always a great idea to have a

backup hairstyle something you can do in

a pinch that's super quick that doesn't

take a lot of time or effort and in this

situation the the second hairstyle that

I do the short sort of side part was

working incredibly well it didn't look

as good and I was kind of upset that I

couldn't rock my normal luscious locks

but at the end of the day you got to do

what you got to do number six

got shorter you can always go shorter

you can buzz it off start over or you

could just look for a shorter style this

is a great opportunity to try something

new and with summer here shorter are

cool like summer cuts are definitely

popular and so it's a great idea to sort

of embrace the messed up nosov your hair

and just go a little bit shorter bad

haircuts happen they happen to the best

of us they happen from the best stylist

from time to time like I've gotten some

jacked up haircuts from you dude see he

still loves me moment of truth time to

style I'm going to be using the Pete and

Pedro sea salt spray as the pre styler

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apply one of the tricks to getting your

hair to stay in place and

tane bueno hair amazingness is to get

that hair covered with the product that

you're actually using as opposed to just

like sort of touching and styling on the

top uh uh down in that air and time to


and right there what do you think

looking better

it's absolutely looking better another

two weeks I think I'll be all grown in

and good but up here the top look at

that look at that volume it's incredible

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guys thanks for watching hopefully your

hair will look better soon