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How to Delete a Negative Google Review (Use this Technique)

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hey guys Jason Healy here with the local

marketing jungle I'm gonna tell you how

to get rid of a negative review on a

Google my business profile hey guys so

Google my business powerful tool for

small businesses especially because they

have reviews those ratings and reviews

are very important over 80% of consumers

take those reviews into consideration

when they're judging a company a service

company or a product company but one of

the Bane's of the existence of Google my

business is negative reviews especially

the ones that are inappropriate don't

make sense and they just they look

terrible and even if you responded back

to these negative reviews you probably

look like a because they're so

stupid some of these reviews now Google

is supposed to help you get rid of these

a legend allegedly and I've had many

clients have negative reviews I've gone

through the process where you click it

you know inappropriate comment and/or

review and got rid of trying to get rid

of it nothing happens you call up Google

you know you get someone who's from

another country no no offense to anybody

from other countries which is really a

call center and there's there's nothing

they could do for you and it's tough

it's difficult and it's a pain so I made

a phone call one time to a Google rep

and they seemed a bit shall we say

pissed off because apparently they were

getting a lot of calls of people getting

negative reviews that should be removed

now Google just doesn't have the

manpower even though it's a gazillion

trillion company dollar company they

don't have the manpower to get rid of

every negative review or look at them

so out of frustration because I'm kind

of like the squeaky wheel yeah I

represent my client and I'll keep

calling and calling and calling the lady

finally said to me you know what listen

I can't help you

you're right I'm gonna say we're gonna

look into it and nothing's gonna happen

so that was great honesty from the

Google rep great honesty but she says

there's a little secret that you can try

that may work and I said okay give it to

me so now I'm gonna tell you exactly

what she told me and to see if it worked

or not

all right this is an example account

here it's a construction company I'm

familiar with here is a weird negative

says I pray that you become an honest

man that Hashem blesses you with your

knowledge and conviction of sin if not

you may go out of business

whoa there's some voodoo stuff so what's

wrong with this review click offensive

or sexually explicit and I'll get into

more on how this all works in the next



all right guys it's been two weeks since

we did this this trip this tactic to get

rid of negative reviews and so what I

did was I used 15 different email

addresses I created most of them out of

Google Gmail and I went in and I clicked

inappropriate all 15 email addresses

clicked inappropriate to the review that

we were going over and I did it it's

kind of spread out I did it you know a

two-week period I did a couple of email

addresses one day a call the other day

so the result is the review is gone so

that frustrated lady on the other end at

Google was correct so it works I guess

at least for this it works so once again

what you need to do is you need to get a

bunch of friends get family members get

or do what I did so I have no friends is

create a bunch of gmail accounts on

Google and then periodically go into the

negative review and click the

inappropriate sexually explicit flag and

it seems to remove the negative review

thanks again for checking this out with

me if you got any questions please reach

out to me I look forward to talking to