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Treatment for flu symptoms

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if you get the flu the first thing you

want to do is manage your symptoms the

symptoms of the flu are a sudden onset

fever chills sore throat cough body

aches that are typically severe fatigue

stuffy nose the symptoms that bothers

patients the most is often the fever so

you can use over-the-counter fever

reducers and these fever reducers will

also help your headache and they will

help the body aches that are often

severe with the flu other things you can

take to manage your symptoms are

over-the-counter cough suppressant you

also want to get plenty of rest and you

want to drink plenty of water if you

really do have the flu most likely

you're not going to be able to go out

because you will be feeling too bad to

be going out to work or school consider

making a sick room a place where you can

go and you can sleep there you can eat

there you can watch TV and then and

thereby avoid getting the other people

in your family sick if you have the flu

or if you think you have the flu don't

go to the emergency room the flu is

typically an illness if you just have to

wait out going to the emergency room is

just going to infect a lot of other

people there are some times however when

you do need to go to the emergency room

for example if you are short of breath

if you're having trouble breathing if

you feel pain or pressure or heaviness

on your chest then you should go to the

emergency room if you're recovering from

the flu and your fever is on the way but

then it comes back that could be a sign

of something more serious like a

pneumonia has developed and you do need

to see a physician in that case