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How to get rid of Unpleasant Memories, Feelings & Emotions

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My name is Joachim Eriksson, and in this video I will show you what is perhaps the most powerful way

to get rid of and free yourself from uncomfortable feelings and unwanted emotions.

Now I don’t want you to believe what I say about the effectiveness of this method.

I rather that you follow along this video

and try this technique out for yourself.

And when you have experienced it, you can make your own mind up

about what you think of it.

Uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions just seem to be part of life.

I haven't met anyone yet who has not experienced them.

There is a great variety of the different types of emotions that we can experience as unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Some of the most common ones that most of us would have had would be fear,



shame, guilt,





and these are just a few.

And within these feelings there can be nuances.

Sometimes they can be mixed and at other times they can be hard to identify.

Sometimes they can be big, sometimes small,

sometimes they can be unbearable.

But these feelings do not have to linger,

the technique that I am going to show you can free you very quickly from unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings.

And in a while I will ask you to think of one feeling or emotion

that you find uncomfortable, unpleasant or that bothers you, that you have or recently have experienced.

But before you do that, I am going to give you a set of instructions of the technique that we will use to set you free from the feeling that you will think of.

I will ask you to focus on five different points on your body, one point at a time.

When you focus on a point, I will be saying a certain phrase out loud, and you will be repeating that phrase within your own mind.

The first point that you will focus on, is on the inside edge of your eye brow. Either the left or right side, about the size of your finger tip.

So right here!

And when I say to focus on a point, just to give you an idea of what I mean,

think of having a small stone or a pebble in your shoe and you find that uncomfortable.

So you take your shoe off and then you empty it and then you put your foot back into it again, and you have that feeling of relief.

But you know how you can focus in on that tiny area where that tiny stone or pebble was just before,

with that same type of focus and awareness, is what you are going to bring to the points that you will focus on in this exercise.

And just to try that out now, focus on that first point on the inside edge of your eyebrow.

And you might wanna close your eyes when you do that. Just to give you a bit of that extra focus.

And then within your own mind, repeat the phrase that I say out loud.

So focus on that point and within your own mind repeat,

“I follow these instructions carefully”.

So within your own mind now, you should have heard yourself say, “I follow these instructions carefully”.

The second point that you will focus on is at the side of your eye, outside the corner of your eye, near your temple.

That’s right here, where you can feel the bone here at the side of your eye near your temple.

Again this can be either your right or left side, I suggest sticking to one side for all the points just to make it a bit simpler for yourself.

The third point is underneath your eye, just at the edge outside your eye socket.

So that’s right here, where you can feel the bone here underneath your eye.

So that’s vertically below your pupil if you are looking straight ahead.

The fourth point is on the inside edge of your collar bone close to the center of your upper chest,

so right here.

Where you can feel the bone here on the inside edge of your collar bone.

And don’t worry about getting these points exact, if you do your best following my instructions this will work for you.

The fifth and final point is your wrist. And that’s your entire wrist going out round, where you would normally wear a watch.

About the width of your fingers, if you were holding your wrist like that. So going out round.

That’s your fifth and final point.

And what I will call these points and just to go through them again,

I will call them your eyebrow,

side of the eye,

underneath the eye,

collar bone,

and your wrist.

And don’t worry about memorizing these points, I will guide you through the process as we go.

Now, your problem, your issue.

Think of one feeling or emotion, that you find uncomfortable or upsetting,

or that bothers you, that you have or recently have experienced.

An unpleasant or an uncomfortable feeling.

And if you can’t think of anything recent, just go further back in time (to a memory)

if we really think about it, everyone can think of something.

It’s not necessary to name your feeling, just as long as you know you have it.

And you might want to close your eyes now, for the remainder of this exercise to give you that inward focus.

And when you have your feeling (or memory),

how do you this is unpleasant that bothers you?

Is it a feeling you have in your body somewhere?

Where is that, and how does that feel?

Or is this associated to a memory?

Like a picture in your head or a movie playing in your mind?

Or is it something you hear like you are telling yourself something, or someone else is saying something to you?

However this is represented for you, notice that

and step into it fully, you can do that now because you will feel it for the last time.

On a scale from zero to ten notice how strong this is.

See if you can make it stronger, because the stronger you make it the faster it will go.

So notice all of it!

Now imagine a tree standing in front of you.

If I were to pull the roots out from underneath that tree, naturally you would see that tree fall over.

Now focus all your attention on the first point of your eyebrow.

In your mind, repeat “I release or let go of all sadness, fear and emotional trauma”.

Move your attention to the side of your eye and say, “I release and let go of all anger, resentment, shame and guilt”.

Move to underneath your eye. In your mind, you say, “I release feelings of abandonment, betrayal, hopelessness and helplessness”.

Focus on your collar bone, and say “I release feelings of no control, rejections and everything else”.

Focus on your wrist, take a deep breath in, and breath out, and say “peace”.

Check the feeling now and notice how it has changed for you.

Notice what’s different.

Whatever is left of the feeling now, focus on that.

Again, focus on the first point of your eyebrow, in your mind repeat

“I release and let it all go now”.

Move to the side of your eye, in your mind you say “It’s okay to let it go. I can let it go”.

Move to underneath your eye and say, “I forgive myself for holding on to it, I let it all go now”.

Focus on your collar bone and say, ”I will live free from it now. I let it all go”.

Focus on your wrist, take a deep breath in, and breath out, and say “peace”.

If there is anything let at this point you can do a variation of this last sequence we did on your own.

Focus on one point at a time and say, “I let it go, I let it go”.

In the end focus on the wrist, take a deep breath and breath out, and say “peace”.

Until the feeling is completely gone.

If this worked for you, it will be difficult to bring back the original feeling (or memory) that you thought of.

And you noticed how quickly this has helped you to free you from that feeling.

So you can imagine the possibility if you were to work a whole session using this technique.

Working on the parts and pieces of your life, of where you have experienced hurt and emotional pain in your past.

In doing that, on a very deep level, you will release tensions, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

People’s lives are completely transformed using this technique and there is tremendous healing that can be done from using it.

If you got something out of doing this exercise with me, please share this video.

Most people do not know about this technique but there are so many that would benefit if they did.

The original technique that you experienced in this video, is called FasterEFT and was created by Robert Smith.

My name is Joachim Eriksson, I wish you a happy life and to live free.