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How To Deal With Dumb Coaches

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hey what's up fellas how you doing man

it's Anneli here hey what's going on

guys how we doing man it's Anneli here

today we're talking about how to deal

with dumb coaches or just coaches that

don't really know what they're talking

about as a player how do you deal with

that so we're gonna get into that in a

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you check it out ok so as a player this

is a question I get a lot okay it's how

do you deal with coaches that may not be

the greatest coaches right and this can

be anything from hitting to pitching to

defense to really anything but it

typically goes like this right you've

got a coach and the coach says hey man

when you hit you gotta hit down on the

ball we're gonna chop down at the mall

go stay on top of the ball get drive the

ball down into the ground

good try to hit the ball down off the

plate get it to bounce over the

infielders heads okay that's what I

don't know why I'm giving them a

southern accent when I think a baseball

coach there's a lot of times I think of

southern accents I don't know why he

probably doesn't sound anything like

that but you've you may have had a coach

that says something like that right

where you're as a player you're just

like what the hell is he talking about

like this is totally wrong like everyone

knows this is wrong right but he doesn't

coach does not know this is wrong okay

so what do you do as a player do you do

you just do what he says even though you

know it's completely wrong do you talk

to him do you do the opposite what do

you do okay and so I've got kind of

three options from my experience I've

kind of gone through these three

different options and I think they could

be helpful to you okay so the first

option that we're gonna talk about is

just talk

with your coach and giving him your

perspective and your thought on things

now this is gonna depend a little bit on

your coach in the relationship you have

so if you have a really good

relationship with your coach and you

feel like he may be open to a

conversation then go for it okay I

always think this is the first thing and

the biggest thing to make sure you're on

the same page of the coach so just talk

to the coach and say coach you know I

hear what you're saying but you know

I've tried that before I've done that in

the past it really hasn't worked for me

and this is the way that kind of this is

what I'm thinking I'm thinking about

getting on playing with the pitch I'm

thinking about getting my barrel behind

the ball because of just I'm not gonna

go into it all today but or right now

but give them the reasons for what

you're thinking what you're doing why

you think it'll work and just talk it

out with them just have a conversation

with the coach okay he may say you know

what I hear you and let's go let's try

it let's go for it okay you may also

have a coach who says I said to swing

down on the ball son I don't care what

you think you might have that coach

right there too okay and if and if you

think you've got that kind of coach

maybe you don't go with option one maybe

you go with option two or maybe you just

give it a try and when you realize that

okay this conversation is going nowhere

then you can try to go to option 2 okay

so that's option 1 just talk it out with

your coach all right and I've had this

situation happened to me in the past

that had it happen a couple times though

first time around when I was at the

Padres I just did everything the coach

said no matter what they said right one

coach says swing down the next coach

says swing up you go ok the next guy up

OK they say swing flat okay they say

open stance ok they say closed stance ok

you just say ok to everything and then

you don't know what you're doing you

forget how to hit okay so that's you

don't want to do that and so what I did

when I got to the Nationals I told this

story before is that I had a

conversation now the conversation didn't

go great and maybe it was because I

didn't really have a relationship with

the coach yet I was kind of new to the

organization and it was like the first

couple days of spring training and

basically with the Padres I was always a

hitter that we spread out kind of load

of the

didn't have a big stride felt really

comfortable there was a point my career

there where they try to do the opposite

they tried to kind of bring my feet

closer together having me stand up

taller have me take a bigger stride and

I really struggled with him all right

and so when I went to the Nationals I

said if anything ever happens like that

again I'm gonna talk to the coach right

I'm just gonna let them know kind of

what I feel comfortable with and what do

you know a few days in after hitting the

coach calls me over our hidden

coordinators just hey listen man I want

to bring your feet closer together one

standing up tall I want to give you a

bigger stride you know in my head I'm

going oh no like I've done all this and

it doesn't work for me so I think about

it for a quick second and I say I just I

write that in there I'm gonna have a

conversation with coach so I I did I

said coach you know I really appreciate

I really appreciate this but I want to

give you a little bit of quick

background on myself and I tell them the

story about how exactly what I just told

you right and I say I really feel

comfortable bit wider with a smaller

stride and I even said to him I said

listen if I could just have a couple

days just see if I can if I can get

comfortable with this and make it work

and if it doesn't then I'll be happy to

kind of switch my stance up and

everything and he says okay cool yeah

sounds great and I'm like wow that was

really really easy and then the next day

my agent called me and he said what the

hell'd you do and I said what do you

mean what the hell would I do and he

said I just got a call from the front

office and they're saying you're

uncoachable and you don't want to take

any coach you don't listen to anybody

and I was like oh geez like that just I

messed up option 1 was not a good idea


but there's been other times in my

career where I've had that talk and it's

been really really it's worked out

really really well so that's option one

ok option two I learned option 2 from

Sean route and Sean moutains now a major

league hitting coach for the Los Angeles

Angels Sean was my teammate as friend of

mine became a hitting coach and

obviously worked his way up and now he's

in the big leagues and so when I was

playing I talked to Sean and it was kind

of going through this whole thing and I

asked him the same question I said what

do you do when a coach tries to tell you

to do something that you know is wrong

or you just don't you know you really

just don't want to do it you've tried it

before it doesn't work whatever and and

you can't have the number one option

that they're just not open to it I said

what do you do and he said basically you

just you fake it you go like

this so you're hitting and you take a

swing and the coach says hey man I said

you have to hit down on the ball swing

down on the ball chop the ball into the

plate and you go yes coach absolutely

and then you get up there and you take

your swing however you want it you just

better hit a hard ball hit a hard line

drive somewhere right and you flush that

thing up and you crush it and you say

coach thing that's that works so well

thank you so much for that advice I

thank you it was it's great it feels

awesome I love it you just pretend like

you basically did what the coach said

even though you did the exact opposite

now some coaches you'll fool and they'll

be like hell he didn't look like he

chopped down on the ball but that ball

was smoked like I won't say anything

great great swing thanks for listening

right some coaches might say that there

might be they could be the coach that

says hey man that that was not chopping

on the ball chop down on the ball okay

and then you go sorry coach oh I'll try

to get and then you smoke another one

and you go there it is right there coach

thank you so much I feel that I feel

myself chopping right down on that ball

and I swear that's why I got the

backspin and the carry on the line drive

thank you and you just play again like

you you're really trying right and most

coaches most coaches will be like well

you know he's he seems like he's open he

seems like he's trying and he hit the

ball pretty well so I'm just gonna back

off now I'm not gonna keep now if the

coach keeps going then we'll go to

option three maybe but most coaches will

just kind of be like okay like you like

he seems like a good guy and he seems

like he's trying to knee me may not be

doing what I'm asking but you know I'll

let it slide and I've had that happen

before okay so I have tried this after I

talked to Sean I've tried this a couple

times and usually you can get it right

past people okay you just gotta make the

key to option two is you've got to hit

well like if you go up there and you

take you take your swing and you don't

hit the ball well the coaches gonna get

all over you about chomping down on the


okay so just make sure you hit well if

you hit well then that coach typically

most coaches just be like okay we'll let

them go all right so that's that's

option two now option three is find a

new coach just get rid of that coach

right and this

is not always an easy option to do

sometimes you can't do this option but

I'm gonna give you a little bit advice

do your research before you choose a

team ok I'm sorry it's like I feel like

I'm gonna start talking on southern

accent right now even though I'm not

trying to do your research and try to

find a team where you know whether

you're a pitcher hit or whatever that

the philosophy of the coach matches up

with yours okay so if you're a pitcher

right and you're looking at a college

program and you know what you have done

to be successful whether it's maybe it's

like a way to ball program or maybe it's

just a certain pitching mechanics well

when you're talking to the coach they're

in the recruiting process make sure that

you're kind of on the same page you

don't want to go there and then all of a

sudden you've got the guy that when

pitching wise would be the top down on

the ball guy and you've got him and

you're like oh no I've got four years

with this guy like do some research and

make sure you talk and have a

conversation and talk about their

pitching philosophy and what they

believe in and how they train pitchers

and talk to some of the pitchers or the

hitters from the school and see what the

the practices are like and what they do


so um that that's really really

important if it's like a travel ball

team or something same thing you can do

some research you can talk to the coach

before tryouts or after you made the

team and just get their general thoughts

and how they train players develop

players and make sure you're on the same

page now you'll never be a hundred

percent on the same page there's gonna

be something maybe that differs but

you'll get a pretty good idea if it's a

coach that like it's my way or the

highway or this is what we believe in

and this is all we believe in like

you'll start to get a feel for that okay

and that way you can pick and choose not

just based on the program but based on

the coaching staff and their and their

philosophy again hitting pitching or

whatever now there's some there's gonna

be some teams where you just can't get

away from it right maybe it's just like

your high school team and you're just

stuck with this coach this happens all

the time I hear this from a bunch of our

guys our trial players like Mike my high

school coach is just like he teaches the

opposite of everything you say and I

just can't hit for the guy well that's

tough again you try option one option

two option three you can't get rid of

them sometimes just gotta bite the

bullet and just go maybe you get a fight

with the guy maybe maybe you just say

listen this this usually doesn't work

out well right like I'm doing it my way

I don't care you say that's probably not

gonna work

oh well with these coaches so don't

don't try that but really at that point

the only option is transfer you go to a

different school or you just you fight

it out for four years okay past there is

no really option for at least I don't

have one right now if you've got a

better option for for me that I didn't

think of let me know but at that point

you've got to make a decision again if

it's a travel wall program maybe you

just leave and you go to a new travel

program high school gets a little bit

tougher but there is always the

opportunity to maybe transfer something

and again I've I've made videos on

transferring and stuff like that and I

don't always agree with just running

away from your problems but there's some

there's some certain situations that are

just it's never gonna get better right

and if you feel like you really cannot

like I can't do it that way and he and

I've tried all these options and I just

can't do it that maybe the best option

is to go and look someplace else so I

think again this works with not all

teams some teams were able to get out

easier than others but so hopefully that

kind of helps you out a little bit try

out options one and two first hopefully

one of those two options will work they

typically do most guys I don't think get

to option three but it does happen

sometimes at that point you're just

gonna have to do your best to find a

better situation so again thanks for

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