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How to Get Your Money Back from Someone Who Owes You

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I'm Chris Voss

I'm a former lead international

kidnapping negotiator for the FBI and

I'm going to tell you how to get money

back from someone who owes you so the

first thing is to ask someone a know

oriented question where you get the

other side to say no to something that

benefits you you'll be stunned at what

people are willing to say no to so start

out by saying have you given up on

settling this reasonably with me there's

no way they're going to say yes to that

because people are afraid to say yes and

they don't know what that'll lead to

when they respond then articulate some

of the other things that are going on

inside of their mind I'm sure I seem

selfish I'm sure I seem self-centered

I'm sure it seems like I'm not even

looking out for what's best for you

these are all the things that the voices

in their head are saying anyway and

that's how you quiet the voice in their

head and then you say how will we settle

this reasonably let them answer you you

begin to have a plan that you can follow

that was their idea after all if it was

their idea it's a good idea you simply

then have them repeat whatever the

solution is three times that drills it

into their head we call that the rule of

three now you've got them in a position

where they're going to follow through

through the whole thing it's important

to remember to be nice never be mean to

someone who could hurt you by doing

nothing you want the best chance of

success and that's the way you get