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How to Take Advantage of a Bad Boss - Jocko Willink

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you got an opportunity your your mentor disappears for long stretches good let

him go take a long lunch boss I got it oh you want to assign me these menial

tasks well eventually he's going to take all these breaks then he's gonna have

you do the the more meaningful work so that's fine

um you you can do better work than him good that's gonna be fine that's going

to show through eventually he's well-connected up the chain of command

beautiful beautiful because if you can now build a relationship with him

you're going to be well connected to and that's going to be the hardest part

right the heart that's me it's gonna be hard to do and it's especially hard to

do because your attitude right now is negative right your attitude right now

is negative it's a little ego kicking in I can do better than him jeez I'm

underutilized he's his he does things or I he's making

me do things beneath my capabilities those were all just ego it's fine we

egos good egos got a lot of positives through it it's what's driving you to

want to do better so it's okay but you're gonna have to overcome that in

this scenario in order to build a relationship with this guy man I built

relationships with guys that I hated you know I mean because guess what does that

make me to face no you know what it's my job I'm a professional yeah I am a

professional I guarantee you you come and work with me

you will see I am a professional and yet I will build relationships so not yet

but so that means my job and my professionalism is more important than

my ego and my and my my criticality of other people right I'm not looking down

on him going on so because what I want to do is build a good relationship so

when we build that good relationship with him now he's if he's well connected

with the folks up top they're like oh what's up with Billy all Billy is good

to go man he's doing a great job now what if you're like with the thing that

the other two what you gotta be careful of

what you don't want to do is create an antagonistic relationship aluminium and

that includes threatening him with your work ethic threatening him with your

performance level threatening him with your skills so you almost have to

throttle back just a little bit enough that he's not threatened now the other

thing you can do instead of throttling back is what you do is you give him the

credit but credit are you getting the credit and you're good and now he's like

a pump well he's not looking you become you

build the relationship that's what we want to do we want to build a

relationship and we want to put your ego in check

do the little menial tasks learn as much as you can and let me tell you all this

is temporary you will rise top if you do it right you will rise the top if you

screw it up you will never rise if you create an anti antagonistic relationship

with him you will not promote you will not if you do it right you will end up

above him in the chain of command it will take time it will take swallowing

of pride but it will happen it might take five years it might take seven

years it might take nine months I don't know but that's what you have to do to

make it happen and have fun doing it if you're going to go crazy every day if it

hurts you so bad I make a game out of it I mean I'm going to make a total game

out of it where my goal is to build this relationship with us yeah I'm gonna make

a game out of it we're gonna have fun with it I'm not going to be angry when I

come home from work god I can't believe I had to shake his hand no I'm gonna

come back like you know what Hey look talk to my wife was a hey guess what he

actually bought me lunch today and we were laughing about the football game I

don't even like football you know idiot I'm gonna I'm gonna build that and I'm

gonna win and in the long run you're guaranteed to win if you can play that

game so again everyone thinks it's going to

be like he does not because I was the military you just not meet the standards

what you do is you smash him and report them up the chain of command oh that

good luck with that you have this guy's well-connected and as relationships

later they're gonna go you and let's shut up new guy

yeah because you're actually proving not only you're actually proving when you do

this you're actually proving that you're not a good leader and that you're put

your ego in check yeah you're proving that you can't you're proved that you

can't work with some people we that guy no joke oh he's all add Jocko can't work

with anybody yeah chunk was really good as long as you working with you know his

team so what was that mean yeah means you're confined for the rest of your

life of only working with your team you know where is it it hey jock was good to

go he can work with anybody oh he worked with Bill who's an egomaniac and he

worked with Mike who's a lazy bastard guess what it doesn't matter where you

put chocolate he's gonna get it done okay cool that's the attitude we want

people to have about us