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Stop Bacteria Infections Naturally

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I bet I'm having more fun than you are

tonight yes that is my finger in my

drink it is having an Epsom salt bath

yes it is I'll tell you why

I you can see my nails look pretty right

I just got them done but unfortunately

and I go to a really nice place but

unfortunately they must have used a tool

that was unclean or something happened

after I get my manicure not this has

ever happened to you if it has comment

below I would be very curious about this

but this has gone on for several days my

finger has taken a bath for several days

and then Epsom salts bath and also just

soapy water soaks and I'm just really

trying to draw out and and that bacteria

but also keep it clean right been using

all kinds of different oils that are

antibacterial and as a natural path I

really want to make sure that I I go

more of the natural route I did go the

doctor however they did prescribe

antibiotics of course and I'm not saying

that you shouldn't ever take them I'm

just not taking them right now

personally I'd rather just find the

natural remedy and so I'm working on

that and we'll get there and I'm gonna

show you my finger in just a minute

hopefully you won't freak out but I do

have an antibiotic cream so I've been

using that the oils that I have

attempted thieves I've used rosemary

oregano lavender what else have I used

Luke I've used all kinds of oils and

nothing's fully kicked it but I did have

a little incident today where it got

slammed in the door just slightly and

that triggered a whole new situation so

I went to the doctor to have it lanced

and that's where that all got started

and I'm telling you it hurt and this

this whole thing hurt so I'm going to

show you all right see it's huge right

it's wet right now from the soap but

it's got cellulitis right it's all you

know it's it's staph infection with

cellulitis and I mean I can still bend

my fingers so we're good but it's is

painful it's amazing all the nerve

there how painful this is and it just

throbs at night

so anyway been doing things like

elderberry syrup and red tart cherry

juice and indifferent things of that

nature into putting different

homeopathic SAVs on it but still haven't

found that thing but it's getting there

especially after it being lanced at the

doctor it was huge

okay I didn't almost pass out like they

had to give me orange juice I was like

woo see ya what a web I know but I feel

so much better but here's the deal I am

using this as my next source manuka

honey this comes from australia and also

at new zealand and this stuff is amazing

it has a methylglyoxal in it which is

all honey's do but this one has an extra

dose an extra amount of that anti

bacterial compound that that honey's

provide and so it is incredible topical

and so I'm going to use this on my

finger next and we'll see what happens

I'll keep you posted if you've ever used

it comment below what do you what do you

like to use it for I know it's great for

cuts and scrapes and any kind of open

wound burns blisters that kind of thing

of course a lot of people consume it you

know ingest it by mouth which is which

is great too if you if you're into that

this is pretty high in sugar so I don't

do too much of that but if you do this

would be the one to do and maybe not

this brand this is a good brand wieder

spoon but also there's tons of brands

out there this one's middle-of-the-road

there were some honey's that were like

over $200 and this one like I said I

don't know maybe it's around 30 US

dollars but it has a different read out

as far as determining if it's a good

quality or not they use something called

K factor

now um FS are what most of the manuka

honey is rated with um s which is unique

Manuka factor qualities and really like

a high rating is around a rating of 20

or more 20 plus this is a k factor of 16

k factor also factors in the purity of


honey whether it's you know it's got the

chemical pesticides in it or any of

those things it tells you about the DHA

DHA s it tells you about just the live

enzymes and it just it just tells you a

lot more about the honey over and beyond

the UMS in my opinion but um FS are

awesome too you want to have either

rating but the UM FS again come from the

the rating of the manuka honey alone and

you can only get that from new zealand

or australia as far as being

manufactured there or produced there so

it's is high quality you're going to

that manuka bush is where that bee goes

to get as pollen and then comes back and

makes a honey with that pollen and so

it's this right here i believe it's

really a pure one for the for the price

that I paid so I'm super excited to try

this on my wound and I'll keep you

posted and let you know how it goes but

if you've ever used it when Jesus for

tell me tell me tell me and have you

ever had this situation oh my gosh

comment below i'm wendy pet with visibly

fit and hopefully this is a little tip

for you either either tip i'm not sure

which but maybe you can take away

something from this video let me know in

the comments below thanks