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How to get rid of Vaginal Odor, Yeast Infections, and BV with Boric Acid Suppositories

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hey guys my name is Lucy welcome to my

channel super excited for you to be here

I am a recent graduate actually my

graduation ceremony is coming up next

month but I'm completely done with

medical school I finished my last

rotation in the United Kingdom yeah so

I'm deaf and unn so my attentions are to

build a relationship with you guys teach

you about topics that your family

physician or your doctors but don't

really have the time to sit down and

talk to you about so that whenever you

go to your doctors you will have a

better understanding they cannot feel

like they're just like blabbing and then

you're just like nodding and then you

leave for the appointment you just like

the hell just happened that actually

begins this video so this is a women's

health video this is gonna go under my

women's health playlist where I'm gonna

be talking about a lot of women's health

it actually made a blog post in regards

to it where you'll get a lot of the

information that I'm saying on there now

I want to start off by saying that this

is a sponsored video before you act out

please don't if my intentions are to

make sure I teach like that is what I

love to do because I think that's so

important and that is what I'm gonna do

and then at the very end I'm going to

talk about alternative ways to treat it

as well so there you go and let's do

some learning okay

after doing OB guy rotation I'm very

comfortable with saying certain words so

if you're uncomfortable hearing them

know that I am in the medical field and

I have been really desensitized so I

apologize if some of the words kind of

make you cringe but it's important to

get comfortable with the body part that

you have a sign big deal so you're

having itching burning and irritation

this abnormal discharge what is going on

with you okay I'm gonna kind of give you

a better understanding it may seem so

smart with whenever you talk to your

friends so after we get puberty the

estrogen levels increase rate gen

puberty where our estrogen hormone

levels are gonna increase and then

estrogen actually affects the vaginal

wall and it's going to cause an increase

in production of glycogen and glycogen

actually allows for this specific

bacteria called lactobacillus to grow

and this is the good

bacteria remember in the stomach in our

bodies in general we need the good

bacteria to live to outsmart or outweigh

the bad bacteria because there's the

good and the bad so not all bacterias

are bad lactobacilli is around is

protecting the vaginal wall for example

if you are someone that douches I don't

know why did that but if you do so you

clean out your vagina by rinsing in

using all these products you're actually

harming yourself and it's not really

helping because what you're doing is

essentially getting rid of the good

bacteria as well and you don't want to

do that don't do that you don't need to

go above and beyond and clean that you

your body's cleaning it on its own but

ever you someone does a dishing and they

often do it what you're gonna clear out

those good back to your again call dr.

bacilli and therefore you definitely

prone to them getting back to imagine

gnosis so now the vagina is also an

acidic environment the normal acidity

levels between 3.5 and 4.5 and if you go

above 4.5 then this would indicate a

really bad environment basically the bad

bacteria that grows more and then it

causes your infection basically your

vagina should be at an acidic level so

it's important to pay attention to your

body because you know what's normal and

then when everything's go slightly

abnormal then you you realize that oh

wait something's going on

because catching that is important so

now if you have a certain smell and then

now like it's a different smell and

you're just like what what is it and if

it's bad anytime it's bad it's usually

means it's most likely an infection so

and someone that has back to your

vaginosis the pH is actually greater

than 4.5 if you have grade than 4.5 that

gives a pert and positive towards

towards an infection let's go ahead and

discuss what is causing this and what

you can do next there are three that

you've probably bumped into in Google so

there is the bacterial genesis

trichomoniasis which is actually also a

sexually transmitted disease and there

is York and Isis which is your yeast

infection the bacterial vaginosis can

look very similar to STD so it's

important once again to make sure

that you have it diagnosed properly the

doctor is gonna know exactly what the

diagnosis is by doing a test and then

therefore once you understand what the

diagnosis is you can get it treated so

that one in you treat are you treating

their rate diagnosis now if you were a

person that has been having this for a

long time now than you that's different

because you know exactly what's going on

you know your diagnosis the first of all

discharges there are different types

there so there's the clear discharge

that you can normally have and it's fine

if you have this fishy smell then

there's a problem usually any bad smell

is no good okay so if you have a bad

smell that means something is going on

but someone that has backed you about

Genesis it's a very thin white like

discharge it's not colorful usually but

most often is just a thin white

consistency and it has a fishy smell

usually and then if you have like yeast

infection it's gonna be a thicker white

and it's gonna be like chunky like white

discharge and if you have trichomoniasis

it's gonna be like a yellow-green


okay so let's talk about back to your

vaginosis it happens and it's not really

known why it's happening it's not an STD

so it's not a sexually transmitted


it is one that actually often occurs in

those that are sexually active but it's

not a sexually transmitted disease there

are women that have back to about your

noses and they're not sexually active

snot as that's high your vagina normally

has these good bacteria that's there and

with someone that has back to your

vaginosis those good bacterias are

actually not there as much as the bad

bacteria the bad bacteria is increasing

and the good bacteria is declining and

the pH level is imbalanced so normally

the vagina is an acidic environment but

it has turned more basic and it's above

a four point five ph level so this is

getting that bad bacteria to grow even

more and therefore causing all these

uncomfortable symptoms bacterial

vaginosis requires its products so the

antibiotics that's used it's called

metronidazole but also known as flagyl

the generic name is metronidazole then

whatever you go to your doctors

to get this diagnosed they will get like

a sample of the secretions and they'll

look it under the microscope and they'll

see or they'll stain it and they'll see

clue cells so staining and we'll see

these particular clue cells which will

indicate a diagnosis they might also

check the pH level and the pH level is

just gonna add to the diagnosis so it

will be higher than four point five and

then discharged with bacterial vaginosis

is the thin white consistency commonly

it's described as a fishy smell and it

doesn't have to necessarily be a fishy

smell for you to think it's best to

measure nurses it's any sort of smell is

usually bad it means there is a sort of

infection going on but officially smell

it runs towards back to a vaginosis so

what do you do with back to biogenesis

you can get treated with antibiotics now

someone that has a chronically meaning

that you'll have it so often it's really

important to have preventive care and

then it could occur again we're gonna

discuss the recurrence later but let's

go ahead and get to the yeast infection

so used infection it's also known as


this is a fungal infection and

essentially you'll have the itchiness

the irritation the discharge the

discharge though is going to be more

chunky or white it's almost described as

or it is described as cottage cheese

like but that's the disjoint that

usually happens with yeast infection and

yeast infection often can occur in those

that are on antibiotics so if you are

for example if you're on metronidazole

then you can be prone to getting yeast

infection so if you just got over your

metronidazole to treat your back to your

vaginosis it could increase your risk of

getting a yeast infection it can happen

sometimes the doctor will prescribe both

of them together so that you don't

suffer from a yeast infection the next

week why because when someone that's on

antibiotics are more prone to it because

it's going to talk some of the good

bacteria as well and it's going to strip

away those good bacteria which will then

lead to that imbalance mminton the good

bacteria and that could lead to your

yeast infection this invention is also

not sexually transmitted

disease is a fungal called candidiasis

albicans and that's the most common one

and there are other type of candidiasis

that it can be causing and I can't say

the name so I'm not gonna even try

but the albicans candidiasis albicans is

the most common the pH with cand Isis is

going to appear as normal so if you have

East infection you'll still have a

normal pH so the treatment for this is

an anti fungal infection and it's it's

gonna always ended with

asel now the chances of them recurring

is going to happen and something to

remember and the treatment for this is

an antifungal medication so that's going

to attack the fungal infection that's

occurring and the chances of it coming

back is pretty high within about 3 to 12

months and then you have trichomoniasis

trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted

disease and that's why it's super

important that if this is the first time

you're having this is to go see your

doctor to make sure it's diagnosed

properly because if you have

trichomoniasis you need to have your

partner be treated as well because

they're gonna just give it right back as

soon as you're done with the treatment

and you're all better

hey I'm good and now you're not because

you've gotta be affected again so it's

really important to make sure that your

part is treated with this one and the

only way that you know it's triggered

Isis is by getting it I've know properly

by your doctor but similarly you have

the itchiness the the discomfort the

irritation and it will also have that

discharge now the discharge is also

gonna have a strong smell so it's gonna

be different than the usual that's it

smells really bad but it's not really

fishy like but it is a smell it's very

and this one is going to be yellow green

in color so this one is also treated

with antibiotics and they're gonna get a

sample of the secretion they're gonna

put it under the microscope Bay and

they're gonna see the little things

moving around within the little sample

that they got and on to get rid of that

you have to be treated accordingly so

back to batch analysis

DICE's and yeast infection are no fun

for sure now if you are one that has

this often so you know exactly what's

going on you have all the signs of

symptoms that you've had before whenever

you had this before you use the in

products and it has returned in a couple

of months or several months later and

you just don't want to constantly be

onto antibiotics and it's actually not

good to be on antibiotics so chronically

you really need to work on preventative

because being on antibiotics is no bueno

like I said if you're on antibiotics

you're gonna get an East infection so

let's say you have back to your bed

message and you're on antibiotics you're

trying to eliminate that now you're

prone to getting East infection period

if you have this often enough you need

to maybe look at alternative things and

the alternative thing is actually what

I'm going to be talking about now the

research isn't too extensive yet and I

think as the years goes by we're going

to really have a good solid

understanding of it what I'm going to

introduce to you guys has been indicated

in CDC's

of guidelines and I'll actually link the

website to that please go talk to your

doctor before you see any form of

over-the-counter medication to try to

treat it yourself and if you are going

to the doctors and you are using

something over-the-counter it's going to

interfere with the test now if you

really know that this is what you've had

previously this can be a way that you

could try to eliminate bacteria Genesis

or yeast infection but back to your bed

notes is essentially what it does this

is going to bring back the pH to its

normal level to the acidic level it has

antiviral and antifungal effects so it

will help with yeast infection no it is

not one thing that you take orally you

have to use a suppository which is

basically it's kind of like whenever you

insert a tampon so you have this

applicator to insert the tampon in so

similarly this applicator is going to

insert this so this is called boric acid

this is actually going to bring down the

acidity within the vagina so it's called

boric life it's made by a company called

Nisha blast and it's all-natural it

supports the pH to suppose vaginal

health the basically way you're going to

be doing is

taking just one tablet and putting in

for about seven to fourteen days you're

gonna insert it at the time of having

the bacterial vaginosis or you could do

it so that you're using it twice a week

so to prevent bacterial vaginosis and

what you essentially do is put one of

these in the applicator and then insert

it just like you would an tampons and

going as far as you can that's

comfortable you don't want to kill

yourself there please um and then you

just deposit it in it's gonna sit there

overnight and you want to wear panty

liners and you'll have some discharge

again before you use it make sure you

consult your gynecologist or your family

physician and again I would like to

really stress out the fact that this is

not something that you're gonna take in

it's very toxic if you do it that way

it's something that's supposed to go

into your vagina and using an applicator

you can also buy this from their website

is this a test trip which can test your

pH so for example let's say you're kind

of not feeling normal down there or you

just want to check the pH level you can

go ahead and take the test strip and

kind of check it out and see how it is

and then see what the pH level is and if

it's above four point five you can also

enjoy that way to get it back to normal

so it doesn't get to that level where

you have the itchiness that discomfort

that discharge now so if you are one

that gets it you could use these test

strips and if you want to know further

information go ahead and check out some

of these links that I have in the

description box too that talks about

boric lights these are individually but

so you have the 30 vaginal suppositories

here and then you have the applicator as

well then you're gonna buy separately

and then you also have the test strips

which I dropped so this is an

alternative ways to treat back to your

budget Isis and yeast infection for

someone that has trichomoniasis and the

normal antibiotics is not covering and

you've been treating a urine partner and

all that and this is actually it has

been looked into as being something to

use potentially to help accepted talked

a lot and I really want to make sure

that I'm helping you guys let me know if

you guys have any

comments or concerns if I would

recommend it for my family member for

myself then I would definitely put it on

here if I didn't then I would never talk

about it because that's something I

don't want to do so let me know what you

guys want in the next topic so that I

can talk about it and you feel more


essentially what my channel is about is

to do bring in some topics that are

commonly asked are commonly wondered

about and make it very understandable so

that next time you're going to your

doctor's you have a better understanding

even if they don't sit down with you on

which they should but if they don't then

you already know what's going on because

well a doctor here is telling you and

then also what I want to do is

preventive care really really wants you

to talk about some ways that we can help

by preventative Karen if you have a good

understanding and good knowledge of

what's going on then you're more likely

to take care of yourself and if you

don't know and you're just kind of going

about life as you know as you see it and

what you see might not be good so thank

you guys once again and I hope to see

you in the next video make sure to hit

the subscribe button and the like button

and you share it as I'll be really

helpful bye guys