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How to Remove Background from Picture

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hi everyone kevin here today i want to

show you how you can completely remove

the background in a photo using an app

that comes

for free and pre-installed with windows


so you can do something that looks like



yeah i just completely removed the

background from my photo and now i could

do whatever i want with that picture i

could insert it into a word document an

email a powerpoint presentation

or i could even just save it as a png

and use it wherever i want

all right well why don't we jump on the

pc and i'll show you step by step how

you can do it here i am on my windows 10


if you don't have windows 10 but you'd

like to be on windows 10

did you know if you're on windows 7 or

on windows 8

you can upgrade to windows 10 entirely

for free

i have a link in the description if

you're interested in doing that

i have a photo up on my desktop and i'd

like to get rid of this background i

just want to cut out this picture of


how do we do that well luckily an app

that comes with windows 10

will allow us to do this go down to your

taskbar and within the search box let's

type in

paint 3d we're going to use the paint 3d

app to remove the background

you'll see paint 3d show up as one of

the best match options let's click on


this will open up the paint 3d app once

the app is open

let's click on new this will start a new


and let's take the photo that you want

to remove the background from

and then simply drag and drop it into

paint 3d

here's my photo now in paint 3d and i

still have the background showing up in

here how do we remove the background

it turns out it's extremely easy to

remove the background

to remove the background we're going to

use something called magic

select and there are two ways to get to

magic select you can either click on

magic select

up on the top bar or when you have the

photo selected

you can click on magic select over on

the right hand side

i'm going to click on magic select over

here next

i see a rectangle appear around my photo

and i need to drag the corners around

the object that i want to remove from

the photo so i'm going to go down here

and i'm going to select

just myself from the photo once i've

selected myself

let's click on next over on the right

hand side check that out so

paint 3d has identified me from the


although it really hasn't done a perfect

job but it's pretty close

you'll see in the photo that my hair is

missing and i definitely want hair to be


i don't want to go bald so i'm going to

click on add over on the right hand

side and i'm going to zoom in on my

photo and then i'm simply going to drag

a line over my hair

what this does is this helps paint 3d

realize that my hair should be part of

the selection

you'll notice that it's still missing my

sunglasses on my head so once again i'm

going to drag a line over the sunglasses

and that's now included both my hair and

my sunglasses

now i'm going to zoom out and see if it

captured everything else properly

i'm looking down at my fitness tracker

and it looks like here too it missed a

little bit of it it's pretty close to

the background

so here too i'm simply going to drag an

ad line over this

and now it'll include that as part of

the selection as well

if i zoom out overall this looks pretty


now along with being able to add things

that maybe paint 3d missed

if for whatever reason paint 3d selected

something that shouldn't be included

you can click on remove and then just

like we did with add

draw a line over it and that'll remove

it from the selection

overall though i'm pretty satisfied with

the selection and everything that's

currently selected is

what i want to pull out from this photo

once you're done adding and removing

down below there's a check box that says

auto autofill background what this means


once we finish here it'll fill in the

background where

i was standing it's pretty impressive

how it does it

however if i uncheck this it would

simply leave a cut out or a white

background in back of where i'm standing

i want to auto fill the background that

sounds neat so let's now click on done

i clicked on done and it still looks

pretty similar what's the difference

well now if i click on myself

look at that i can remove myself

from that position on the photo and i

could place myself anywhere else in fact

i could expand myself i could reduce the

size of myself

and here you'll notice the very nice job

at filling in the background

now with my image here i can now use

this anywhere

i could press ctrl c to copy or i could

press ctrl

x if i want to cut similarly i could

right click and then i could

select either of those commands whether

i want to cut copy

i'm going to copy for now and let's see

where else we can use this photo

i'm now in a microsoft powerpoint

presentation and i'm going to press ctrl


to paste and there you see my image from

paint 3d now shows up in powerpoint and

i can adjust the size of this

i'm now in microsoft word and just like

in powerpoint i could press ctrl v

and here i pasted myself into my word

document i think you probably get the

idea but here i am in microsoft outlook

and here too i can paste my photo into

an email

and just like i could in the other

applications here i could adjust the


if i want to include myself in an email

so you can paste this photo wherever you

want to use it

let's say though that you want to save

the photo how do you go about doing that

well let's jump back into paint 3d

i'm back in paint 3d and how do i save


myself without the background well let

me copy myself

again i'm going to go up to menu in the

top left hand corner and click on new

it asks me if i want to save my work i'm

going to click on don't save

i now have a blank canvas and here i'm

going to paste my photo by pressing ctrl


i'm going to adjust the size so i just

fill up the canvas

now that i'm placed within the canvas i

could go up to menu

i could click on save as and i can now

save it as an

image when i go to save it as an image i

could select the type of file i want to

save it as whether it's a png

a jpeg a gif or whatever i want to save

it as and one thing that's very nice is

i can even set it so it has a

transparent background so if i want to

use this somewhere else

this background will be transparent now

i can click on save

this opens up the file save dialog i'm

going to give it a name and save it

kevin transparent background sounds good

now i'm going to click on save

here now you'll see on my desktop i have

a new file for kevin transparent

background if i double click on that

you'll see my image with the transparent


now one of the problems is there's a lot

of space on the left of me

and a lot of space on the right of me

that's one of the downsides of saving

the image in paint

3d you'll get that so how do we do

better well we're going to use an

app called and i'll show you

in a moment how you can get that is by far one of my favorite

image editing apps it's completely free

to download and to install

and to use and it works very well think

of it as

photoshop light it gives you most of the

tools you need to use

to edit images you have things like

layers so it even has some more

advanced functionality on the

or the website

click on the download link for

and go through the install process

once you finish installing

you'll see an application that looks

like this

i'm going to click up in the top left

hand corner on the file menu and go to


this opens up the new dialog and for the

width and height of the new image i'm

going to leave these default settings

these match the dimensions of the image

that's on the clipboard or

my image i'm going to click on ok next

this creates an image in and

now i'm going to press ctrl v to paste

my image

this now pastes my image and the

checkered background indicates that this

is a transparent background

now i could go up to the left hand

corner click on file

save as this also opens up the save as


and now i could choose what format i

want to save this as

i'm going to stick with png for this

image i'm going to call it kevin

transparent background

second and now i'm going to click on

save next this opens up the save

configuration wizard

and all of the settings look good to me

i'm going to click on ok

the advantage of saving an image this

way is you won't have any unnecessary

space on the left

and on the right of the image i'm back

here on the desktop and you can see the

difference between these two images

over on the left is the image that i

saved in

and over on the right is the version

that i saved in paint 3d

now with paint 3d if you just want to

very quickly save an image and you don't

care about the extra space on the sides

you could just save it through there and

you won't have to get an additional app

however if you want to save it in the

best possible way i'd recommend getting

an app like

remember it's free and then you can save

just the image itself

isn't that cool and that's with an app

that's free with windows 10. it's

amazing what you could do with

all those pre-installed apps on windows

10. if this video helped show you how

you can remove a background from an


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alright well that's all i had for you

today i hope you enjoyed and

i hope to see you next time bye