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Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches - Ask Doctor Jo

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Hey everybody it's Doctor Jo, and today

I'm going to show you some stretches and

exercises to relieve back pain.

Let's get started.

So these stretches and exercises are just for

general back pain. If you've got some

soreness in your back or it's aching a

little bit, maybe you pulled a muscle, but

not a specific diagnosis. This is just

the the common aches and pains that you

might have. So let's start off on your

back. Prop up your knees and you're going

to start off with a pelvic tilt. So a

pelvic tilt is just kind of how it

sounds, you're taking your pelvis and

tilting it back or rotating it back. So

you're flattening out your back.

Imagine that your hands are in that

curve, or you can actually put them there,

and then you're pushing down into your

hands trying to push them into the floor.

So it's just that rotation or that tilt

of your pelvis. So when you tilt back,

you're going to hold it about three to

five seconds and then relax. To start off

with, doing about 10 of those or just

holding it keeping those muscles those

core muscles nice and tight and relaxing.

After you do those, then you're going to

go into a bridge, just to really get that

back loosened up, get those tight muscles

out of there. So with the bridge, you're

just going to lift your hips up until

about a straight line and then

slowly come back down one segment at a

time. So you're not just popping back

down, you're going nice and controlled. So

slow controlled movement, again just

start off with about 10 of these and

then you can work your way up to more.

But this is really just get everything

loosened up, getting that tightness and

soreness out of there, just helping the

healing process to relieve the pain. Now

you're going to do a knee to chest stretch.

So just take one knee, I like going

underneath because if you happen to have

any problems going on top that's a lot

of pressure on there, so just grab

underneath and pull your knee up towards

your chest as far as you comfortably can

and hold that for about 30 seconds. So

you're pulling it, you're not actually

actively moving it up, so just hold that

stretch 30 seconds then come back down.

Alternate the other side, hold that for

30 seconds as well, and then you're going

to do three on each side total. After you

do those, then you're going to do a

double knee to chest. So now you're just

taking both and pulling up at the same

time. Again some people like to go up on

top kind of grab around like this, if

you have any problems you might not want

to do that, and you might just want to

grab underneath, so whichever way is more

comfortable, but again holding that for

30 seconds and doing three of those, nice

and relaxed, feel that stretch. A lot of

times you should feel that stretch kind

of underneath that low back area right

there. After you do three of those, now

you're going to a trunk rotation. Again

just to kind of loosen that spine a

little bit and help everything relax and

get that soreness out of there. So just both

legs together trying to keep the top

part of your body on the ground, and just

rotate over as far as you comfortably

can, hold that for about three to five

seconds, and then rotate back the other


So again to comfort not to pain, and then

do five on each side just kind of

rotating back and forth.

After you get those done, then you're

going to turn over and kind of get back

on your feet here, or however far back

you comfortably can,

and then you're going to put your arms

out in front of you going into a prayer

stretch as far as you comfortably can,

and then bring your head down and just

trying to stretch everything as far

forward as you can, and again holding

that stretch for about 30 seconds,

feeling a nice stretch in that back,

coming up, and then stretching all the

way back down. And then the last stretch

exercise you're going to do is kind of

a yoga vinyasa move. So you're going to

come into the plank position here. You're

going to go down and then come up into

your upward dog,

hold that stretch for about three to

five seconds, and then push back up

pushing your heels down coming into the

downward dog, and then holding that for

about three to five seconds. You can go

through that same motion about three to

five times.

So there you have it, those are stretches

and exercises to help relieve just

general back pain. No specific diagnosis.

Just if you have a tweaking in your back, or

you picked up your dog trying to put it in the bathtub to wash

them, and you got some soreness back

there, hopefully that'll help relieve

everything. If you have any questions, leave

them in the comments section. If you'd like to check out

some other videos go to

And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.