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How to Abort a Baby Naturally In Early Pregnancy

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let's take a look at three natural home

remedies for abortion in early pregnancy

pregnancy is one of the best times in a

couple's life but only when they prepare

it well there are a lot of reasons for

the accidential pregnancies when they do

not want to have a baby in such cases

they prefer to abort their child

among the first natural remedies

the first one is papaya papaya has great

sources of dietary fiber vitamin E C and

E folate riboflavin flavonoids carotenes

magnesium iron and potassium therefore

it is not surprising to know that papaya

is recommended eating because of many

benefits one of the benefits is that

eating papaya can induce abortion women

who plan for abortion can eat not only

the ripped papaya but also unripe or

green one it is due to phytochemicals

that contain contraceptive properties in

their fair shaped fruit several studies

have claimed that these phytochemicals

can inhibit the progesterone activity

dr. Penney said a doctor found out the

close relation between unripe papaya and


he said that papaya is one of the fruits

that are rich in oxytocin and

prostaglandin oxytocin and prostaglandin

aim to boost labor contractions in

delivery therefore papaya as well as

other foods that are loaded with

oxytocin and put prostaglandin should be

avoided during pregnancy in order to

prevent any possible complications if

you plan for abortion you can eat papaya

and these foods


the second option is exercise

doctors always advise pregnant women

should not do any physical activities

for heavy exercise such as weight

lifting running or skipping rope unless

they do not plan to look for home

remedies for abortion in order to ease

the pain during delivery and have a

successful abortion process you should

do rigorous exercises it is a good idea

if you can sometimes punch in your

abdomen in the final months of pregnancy

clamping ox tails is widely recommended

if you want a natural abortion many

pregnant women state that exercise like

climbing of stairs is affected however

it is still important to ask for the

doctor's advice and suggestion before

trying pregnancy is a gift therefore you

should be careful number 3 pineapples

pineapples contain the vitamin C and

proteolytic enzyme bromelain that have

caused many miscarriages in women

bromelain can help to soften the cervix

that can lead to miscarriage therefore

pineapple is one of the successful and

simple home remedy for abortion and it

does not affect the woman's health what

you will need is a fresh pineapple a

blender and some water the directions

are firstly you take a pineapple and

remove its skin then you cut it into

small pieces next you use a blender to

make a mixture by adding a little water

finally you can consume a glass of fresh

pineapple juice every day to have your

purpose in addition you can consume

about bowl of pineapple daily