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THIS Changed My Baby Face

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I didn't think that this was actually

going to do anything but it did this

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do you have chubby cheeks too you've a

baby face do your chubby cheeks linger

no matter what your body weight is

they're just always there I had made

peace with and accepted my baby face

full round cheeks and all and then I

came across some interesting information

I learned about two habits that affect

the structure of your face I didn't know

if changing my habits could actually

have any effect on my face but I thought

nah it's free seems harmless why not

give it a try and see if it does

anything after over a year of actively

doing these habits I have noticed

changes changes to my cheekbones the

shape of my face chewing lips and

changes to the overall appearance of my

face my cheeks used to go out and now

they go slightly less out my lips appear

more full than they did before this

makes sense if your cheeks are getting

smaller it would make your features look

bigger like your lips also my round face

doesn't look as round as it used to it

looks a little bit more square like

there's more of a jaw that's a little

less circular it's a little bit more

here's what I've been doing first habit

I changed the resting placement of my

tongue and you're probably wondering

what does that mean I'm talking about

tongue posture where your tongue sits

when your mouth is closed when you're

just existing going through life

where's your tongue in your mouth when

your mouth is closed is it at the bottom

is in the middle is that the top which

is the correct place mate it's the top

so your tongue is supposed to be at a

roof your mouth with a little bit of

pressure it helps you keep your face

pushing up this way helps to give your

face more support more definition more

of a defying job the tongue is kind of

like the navigator for the face and your

jaw will follow wherever

is placed in your mouth your tongue

placement will affect the overall

appearance of your face so where exactly

should our tongue be it should be

pressed completely at the roof around so

this is the roof of your mouth

here is your tongue your tongue should

be all the way up the whole thing should

be touching with slight pressure I'll

show you the difference the hardest part

for me was getting the back of my tongue

to touch the back of the roof of my

mouth the part that brings this up that

was a little tricky

the next habit that changed my face

specifically my cheekbone area was the

placement of my tongue when I swallowed

food or drinks or just swallowed spit

the funny thing about this one is that

in high school biology class they taught

us about you know what the tongues

purpose is and like how it's supposed to

move but it never occurred to me that I

was doing it incorrectly my entire life

so of course we use our tongue to

swallow tongue is very important but

when we swallow our tongue is supposed

to go up and help push the food back so

I wasn't really pushing up with force

for most of my life and I feel like

that's the reason why I've kind of

trained my face to go out previously

because I wasn't swallowing properly so

the tongue coverage when you swallow is

very much the same as the tongue posture

it's supposed to cover everything and

when you swallow it there should be some

force this trains the cheeks to go in

instead of out getting rid of the

appearance of chubby cheeks so I'll show

you what this looks like you can see

when you push up it goes in when I was

first trying to figure out how to do

this I had to look at myself in the

mirror and eventually get a feel for

what it feels like to swallow with force

and then you can just do it all the time

a good thing to practice with is just

drinking water it's been cool watching

my face take on a more mature structure


more definition in my cheeks I found has

given me more of a grown-up look I love

you so much and I'll see you next video