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How To Look Older For TEENAGERS

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all right so how old do you think I look

in this video all right so I'm gonna

give you five seconds to guess 5 4 3 2 1

yeah I was 17 years old in that video

now I do look much older in that video

so here is why all right so the first

thing is a beard a beard can make you

look much much older so if you have the

ability to grow one and definitely try

to grow a beard what you don't want to

do though I just do what I did for a

while or I just grew it out but I didn't

do anything with it only just a tripod

for work oh yeah so what I did is I just

grew it out I didn't really care about

it and it kind of made me look sort of

homeless as you can see in this video I

do look pretty bad with that beard it

looks very scraggly right so if you're

gonna get a beer to have your barber

line it up go to the barber be like hey

can you just cut it across here and then

the best length is usually one and a

half or two I usually go with two but

one and a half or two right so have your

beard style don't just get like a

scraggly beard all right so that's what

helped me look much older at the age of

17 now what if you can't grow a beard

the reason that you can't grow a beard

might be two reasons actually the

basically how growing a beard works is

testosterone slices sends them nuts sex

sends a signal to your facial hair and

it's like yo dude make some gains grow

now depending on how sensitive your

facial hair is to testosterone your

beard will grow right so if you have low

levels of testosterone you're not

getting a lot of signals so you would

have to boost your testosterone and if

your facial hair isn't very sensitive to

testosterone then you're screwed and

then just you should just keep some

stubble right or just wait it out let it

grow let it grow let it grow but there's

really not much you can do if your

facial hair is insensitive this is so

strong but if it's just that you have

low testosterone then you have to boost

it and I have videos on the channel on

how to boost your testosterone so

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post alright so that is the beard

section the next thing is muscles right

when you have a lot of muscle out

age you look much older than you are

when I was 16 I gained about 20 pounds

of muscle right I was doing things

correctly I was training hard I was

eating a lot and I managed to build 20

pounds of muscle in one year that's

extremely good results right good

results for normal people it's like 10

pounds of muscle but I was in the gym

five days a week consistently for that

entire year going hard killing it and I

managed to get 20 pounds of muscle some

people won't believe that you can suck

my dick anyway so build some muscle mass

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channel now last thing is your mentality

alright your mentality if you don't

really see a future in life if you don't

have any purpose any sense of direction

any Drive then obviously you're gonna

mentally look a lot younger than

somebody who has what they want to do

who knows what they want to do best a

sense of purpose in their life and

they're working hard at it every single

day all right when I was young I knew I

wanted to be an entrepreneur and that's

what I do and that's what I strive for

and that's what I work on every single

day and that's what makes me my

personality seem older all right it's

that passion that sense the direction oh

and one last thing I forgot to mention

is the way you dress all right so these

are you wearing Pokemon shirts are you

wearing shirts that don't fit you

worried well clothing that makes you

look older would be something like like

a collared shirt kind of like you can

see in this video right like a dress

shirt or we're enclosed where the this

the sleeve cuts off right above your

bicep if you want to see a video on how

to dress to look bigger then also the

link will be in the description but yeah

dress in a way that either makes your

muscles look bigger or dress nicely you

know the tie or a dress or something

that makes you look older

now pokemons sure it's not you know

actually do have a Dragonball Z tank top

but what the way you dress also

definitely affects how old you look

alright so I hope all those tips helped

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