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7 Problems Anyone With A Baby-Face Will Understand

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hi I'm taking a community survey are

your parents home

I can't accept this in this fake but if

it's me this is me yeah thank you

next place I this is what I got went out

along this hey back right what do I make

him 12 copies of this great oh no why oh

and the coffee's running low got every

known a writer then still I seen it when

I was in theaters wait how old are you

hello I'm an adult

hello nice to meet you sir kids in the

Twitter am i right

don't ask me hey baby

looks like you need a date for prom oh

you know I was thinking um you know you

and I we should grab a drink sometime

maybe you can shrink you Thanks what oh

you're gonna be grateful to look like

that when you're 40 trust me well

that'll be great when you get older you

know yeah you might wony not a lot

you'll keep distinguishing like a fine

wine like a corny good genes right

hopefully I think so hey hey you see the

new guy yep oh no baby face no I'm so

glad I don't look like that

tell me about it hey oh hey how's it

going welcome to Bobby's welcome you're

gonna love it here

any weekend plans I was at the Ralph's

and they carted me a mutt it's nice to

feel young