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I Got Rid Of My Babyface For A Day

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are you doing I lost my baby face Oh


having a baby face I feel like I've

never been treated my age even though

I'm going to turn 30 next year for a

while I even had hashtag baby face

problems trending on my social media

page just because the situation's were

so ridiculous it was kind of hilarious a

lot of people say oh you're so lucky but

when you're constantly being told you

look underage because you said that I

looked Oh getting your ID checked look

at a two o'clock moonlight Sherman City

room y'all ready yeah I'd let you look

down to me yeah I'm almost 30 actually

okay y'all running an errand and getting

your cheeks pinched all the time

it's really hard to feel that way I feel

like looking younger a lot of people

don't take me seriously so I want to see

what it's like when society actually

views you as an adult


haha oh wow

that's me but whoa yeah I definitely

look older Wow

look like my dad my face is a lot older

but my style is a little younger so I

think I'm gonna go for all my grown-up

clothes and see how everybody else

thinks of this oh hey any you there's no

what we enjoy you like just a lot more

crusty you chisel look just like

sophisticated hold on okay late 30s

early 40s ugly in my fifties oh and you

think I know what you can tell me you're

15 or 35 I took those mixer what

apparently my co-workers were a little

bit thrown off by this but I'm gonna see

how society treats me a little bit

differently with this space

I forgot it

so getting Carlos wasn't as exciting as

I thought it was and I kind of started

missing my own face by the end of it

such a good thing I like the face that

you have don't get it I honestly prefer

to keep my baby face I mean I've got

time to go into it

she found of the baby face right today

yeah don't change yourself no one should

change themselves I think I was just

envious of the grass on the other side

of the hill but once I kind of frolicked

in that grass I was I was over it plus I

got my cheeks pinched anyways oh my god