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How To Heal Abdominal Separation, Lose Baby Fat, And Lose Baby Belly

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what's up guys hey Jared BEC strand here

doctor of physical therapy tone and

tighten calm and these are the five most

common questions that I get asked about

diastasis recti and postpartum abdominal

rehab I've even got a special guest with

me on this one it's gonna be a lot of

fun let's get into it right now


all right everybody hey what's going on

special video today I have got a special

guest start with me you guys know my

wife Camille she's been in on a few of

my other videos it's a lot easier to

talk about diastasis recti with someone

who's actually been through diastasis

recti while i have had my fair share of

experience with patients and even with

my wife you know the truth is I've never

had it before and so and so it's always

good to bring her in and I thought it'd

be fun to kind of bring her in on this

video and see if we can help you guys

out you guys the more I talk about this

the more questions that I get about it

I've got quite a few videos here on

YouTube about diastasis recti and you

guys's comments are really awesome I

appreciate all the comments that you

leave in that video or in those videos

rather than responding to each one

individually I thought it'd be easier if

I just jump on here and shoot a quick

video all about the five most common

questions that I get as a physical

therapist as a postpartum specialist

about diastasis recti so that's what

this video is

let's get these questions I feel like

are ones that I had as well um

as we started the program like I am on

of these popped up for me to yeah so

yeah absolutely women you're not only

guys aren't alone for sure these are

really common questions okay so the

first one I've heard of diastasis recti

or abdominal separation but I don't

think I have it is it really that common

and and and that's that's a great

question that I get all the time as

people will say you know yeah I've heard

of it but that's one of those things

that just doesn't really happen to me

yeah it doesn't happen to me you guys

the truth of the matter is this is a

this is a thing that happens in 100% of

pregnancies if you made it to your third

trimester you had some degree of

abdominal separation now it might have

just been stretched there might be some

minor tearing or even with subsequent

pregnancies it can actually get a lot

worse and so really a diastasis recti or

abdominal separation happens 100 and 100

percent of pregnancies some of the

research that I've read on this they

looked at a six week follow-up and it

was still there in about 66 percent of

women so - and every three women still

have this at six weeks and

and you found something that they check

for it's it's really it's really it's

really not it's your Opie doesn't check

for it so you don't know it's funny to

ask that question sometimes I'll throw

that out there like in social

communities or whatever and just say hey

who has been checked for this and like

it just doesn't happen it's not

something your obesity so the

interesting part is that a one-year

follow-up it's still there in one third

of women so at about 30% at a one-year

follow-up still have some degree of this

abdominal separation so really moms one

in three of you very well likely has

this and so it is a fairly common

problem luckily there's a lot that we

can do about it yep learned that too


question number two if I just work my

ABS really hard after pregnancy I will

be able I should be able to show my

stomach right yeah so you guys this one

this one kills me and especially like I

did that you're living proof yes I go I

go into the gym and like I'll see you

know moms in there and they just work so

hard and their sit-ups and their

trenches their planks their mountain

climbers like name and add exercise and

you guys kill it you like like you work

hard you're so guilty of this like

working just incredibly hard on it but

the thing is you guys postpartum fitness

and postpartum abdominal workouts don't

look the same as they did before you had

babies we need to make this mentality

shift of you know tone my abs to rehab

my abs there are certain exercises that

you absolutely must avoid and there are

other certain exercises that you

absolutely must be performing so the

ones and I have another video all about

this I'll leave it in a link in the

description down below

basically exercises to avoid are

anything that are going to activate that

rectus abdominis muscle basically

perpetuating the problem you want to

avoid your sit-ups or crunches your

planks anything where we're doing some

forward flexion should be avoided

because that's what we're taught to do

it again six-pack you've got to be

planking you've got to be doing situps

crunching right right and so basically

the take-home message here is is ab

workouts and ab rehab after your

pregnancy don't

the same as before you need to be doing

different muscles different exercises to

activate different muscles in different

ways in order to see the progress that

you're after alright so here's the next


and it goes right with that not seeing

much progress since giving birth I'm

probably just not working out hard

enough so exactly kind of a follow-up to

the question that we just answered this

is this is something that I tell

patients and clients all the time it's

not a question of necessarily working

out harder it's just a question of doing

things a little bit differently to get

you the results that you're after and so

again some of these ab ab exercises that

we just mentioned with the last question

if you do have a diastasis recti

condition if you have that abdominal

separation they can actually perpetuate

that problem as this diastasis recti is

one of the main culprits behind that

pooch or pouch or tummy like whatever

you guys want to call it doing those

exercises that exacerbate that problem

don't do anything to actually cure the

problem that you're trying to cure hope

you guys can follow that and so the

sit-ups the crunches the planks the

traditional ab work don't do anything to

heal the separation therefore you never

see progress therefore I think a lot of

us in our minds is I just got to work

out harder and that's not always the

case if you're just injuring that area

the idea is okay we don't necessarily

need you to work out harder we just need

you to work out smarter yeah and I think

too it comes down to like I just figured

high-intensity workout equipment that I

would burn more fat burn more calories

lose the weight faster right but that

wasn't necessarily the case and that's

one thing that your program taught me

absolutely that it's all about this

steady-state cardio right and being in

the right heart rate zone the right fat

burning zone you've got all this extra

fat around your belly from having a baby

you've got to burn that off

right so that was another iOpener for me

right and so a big part of the program

that I developed is the mommy tummy fix

program and a big part of that isn't you

know it's not all just about core rehab

if you're actually looking to fix your

mommy tummy there is some abdominal fat

that's going to be there I'm sorry I

know that's hard to hear but you

probably put on some weight with your

pregnancy 50 pounds

she goes big she goes big and so you

have to be doing some type of activity

that's actually going to burn that fat

now your go-to is always jump into the

highest intensity that you could go hard

yeah yeah yeah you want to you know I've

got thirty minutes till my kid wakes up

I'm gonna push as hard as I can as soon

as we kind of snap her out of that and

said okay fat burns a little bit

differently than your higher intensity

workouts you actually don't have to work

out that hard you can step that down a

little bit in kind of a fat burning

heart rate zone not get up into that

higher intensity heart rate zone and

still make progress yeah and so those

are a couple of things that we tried to

incorporate in this program and you made

fantastic progress with so as soon as I

started directing rec smarter not harder

perfect thank you okay all right next

question I've had friends get tummy

tucks to finally get rid of their

pooches yes after having kids is this

the only option look you guys the tummy

tuck yep yes our doctors will talk more

to us about a tummy tuck

then about doing exercises to Hill it

naturally isn't that fascinating

yeah and it's heartbreaking it really is

you don't have to have this invasive

surgery right and so here's what I

always tell people you guys so there

there is some skin stretching that does

occur with pregnancy and if you have

loose skin then yeah there's no amount

of core exercises that's going to

actually tighten your skin and so I'll

definitely I'll definitely say that

however if you're doing the tummy tuck

to lose abdominal fat if it's like the

liposuction procedure with the diastasis

repair procedure the thing is you're

looking at about six to eight weeks of

downtime so after the tummy tuck they

recommend six weeks of basically no

activity it's six weeks until those

incisions and those sutures and

everything heal up if you did opt to

have the diastasis repair so the two

halves of the abdomen that can they can

put that back together as well that's an

additional two weeks so again you're

looking at six to eight weeks of nothing

downtime yeah and then at that point

after the tummy tuck procedure that's

when you can actually start to rehab

your abs again so basically your

starting at square one six to eight

weeks after you've already had the

procedure and so my argument is give me

those six to eight weeks rather than

jump right into the tummy tuck I want

those six to eight weeks and I want you

to put in work and I want you to do the

exercises that I recommend I want to

clean up your eating and I want to

recommend the right type of cardio

activity and let's see what kind of

progress that we can make rather than

starting at square one in six to eight

weeks let's put in work now and see what

it looks like in six to eight weeks and

you know what you guys like one of the

biggest rewards for me is I'll have moms

come in and be like you know I just I

just had my consultation with my plastic

surgeon surgery is set for you know four

or five weeks from now and then in three

or four weeks they'll come you'll be

like I just canceled my surgery like I'm

making such good progress I've lost two

inches and I had a four finger abdominal

separation now it's a two finger of

nominal separation that's the reward you

guys that's like that's like the coolest

part and so while I do feel and and and

granted there are some instances where

you know you're just not gonna see all

the progress that you want with

conservative care and and and I'll get

that out of the way but let's not make

that the first option let's not make

that the very first leg this is what I'm

gonna do right out of the gate let's see

if we can do some natural some

conservative care and see what kind of

progress okay so let me ask you this

physical therapy there we go what are

the rehab exercises for someone who has

a tummy tuck you know what's fascinating

about that and you know what I'm going

I guarantee yeah so it's the exact same

exercises that we start with and the

mommy tummy fix program you guys the

goal of the mommy coming fix is to rehab

your abs most of the time for most of

the people out there who get this

it's rehabbing your abs after pregnancy

however if you have that time you have

procedure you have to rehab your abs and

I start at square one just like we start

at square one in this program and so you

can do it now and see what kind of

progress you can make or you can even do

these after your tummy tuck surgery and

see how they do from there yeah


you can make maybe it's obvious which

direction I tend to lean I hope so

okay so this is one of my questions that

I had talk to me

alright if I do core exercises everyday

yeah I'll get rid of this mom page oh

that's a good you guys

it's yeah and you know what this is this

is just like the culture that we live

and this is the society that we live in

of oh I've got I've got extra weight

around my abdomen I need to do sit-ups

and crunches and that's what's going to

get me this extra weight yep you're

exactly right and you hit it right on

the head you guys it's impossible to

spot treat fat meaning I can't just do

an exercise or an activity and lose

weight in my stomach that's just that's

not how it works

and so if you're if you're trying to

lose your mom pooch or mom pouch what

you need to do is kind of take a step

outside of that and say okay yeah I've

probably got an extra 10 or 15 pounds in

my stomach but if you look outside of

that you realize okay I probably have an

extra 20 pounds to lose

overall you might carry it differently

and women tend to carry it more kind of

in their hips and in their button-like

in their triceps

however after pregnancy again kind of

step outside yourself and say okay I

could probably stand to lose not just

fat right here but fat everywhere you

guys pregnancy like you're gonna gain

weight like it happens and like you're

not just going to reserve it right here

in your stomach and so that being said

when I designed the mommy tummy fix

program my goal was to make it as

comprehensive a program as possible in

order to actually fix that mommy tummy

you can't spot treat that you can't just

do that core work and expect miracles to

happen in that spot you have to kind of

step outside of that and realize okay I

need to do something different with my

activity I need to work out a little

more regularly I need to move a little

bit more regularly I need to stand this

heartburn or heartburn fat-burn Park

zone yeah pregnancy right

tums like Smarties you're you're getting

you're getting over you you need to you

need to stay in the fat burn heart rate

zone so activity is one big thing but

then also eating you guys you can never

outwork a bad diet you can try really

you can try and I did but it just comes

down to like food is fuel and you've got

to put good fuel in your body and

cutting out sugar cutting out soda all

those things that we turn to because we

think we need that even diet soda like

right it's not helping us it's making us

fat right so yeah and so and so that was

the goal and so with the mommy tummy fix

you not only get the core core workouts

core exercises but there's also cardio

to help you to increase your activity

the right way and then also some eating

guides and eating advice and menu plans

and things of that nature and so so

that's the approach that you need to

take and I and again I'm telling you

what's available with me and with my

program it doesn't necessarily have to

be that way just keep in mind that if

you want to see those results you need

to do the right core work you need to

eat the right things and you need to get

a little bit more activity you can't

just do your core work to see results it

needs to be more of a total body


alright so hey thanks so much for

joining us you guys that was a lot of

fun to kind of brainstorm with you

brainstorm especially with my wife thank

you thanks for hanging out with me this

was fun and so you guys I hope that

helped you guys out if you have any

questions or comments please leave those

down below I'll get to those as soon as

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