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Will my child's jaw grow?

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hello I'm dr. long kang one of the

orthodontist at luke orthodontics today

i would like to talk about the growth of

the lower jaw

many parents bring their children to see

us because of the children small lower

jaws a child who has a small lower jaw

often presents with produced if top

teeth as well as a big gap between the

top and bottom front teeth this type of

dental facial disharmony it's called

class to mail occlusion it is very

common type of disharmony we see every

day in the clinic especially in young

teenagers our jaws grow in proportion to

our fates the sizes of our top and

bottom jaws are mostly predetermined by

gene the lower jaw generally grows

slower than a top job before puberty

however the lower jaw has more growth

potential than the top drawer when

children reached their puberty for

children with only mild to moderate

discrepancy between the top and bottom

jaw the growth of the lower jaw can be

encouraged and modified to match the top

during puberty by a jaw plate but it is

less likely to work in children with

significant small jaw and severe class

to mouth cushion if you have any concern

about your children's small lower jaw

come to see us at the look orthodontics