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How to Get Rid of Annoying People (Law of Attraction)

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hello this is Andrea Schulman again and

in today's quick law of attraction video

I'm going to be answering a viewer

question from YouTube about how to get

rid of annoying people with the law of

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let's go ahead and get started on this

topic of how to get rid of annoying

people through the law of attraction


all right I think this is actually a

really fun question that I got on

YouTube about getting rid of annoying

people I've gotten a question kind of

like this from a few different people

over time and so I think it's a really

great one to address and can you get rid

of annoying people with the law of

attraction sure you absolutely can you

can do anything with the law of

attraction so I'm gonna share with you a

fun suggestion and is this something

that just kind of came to me

and I've been playing with for a few

years now and it's a lot of fun but the

first thing I want to tell you about

this technique is that practice this

technique regularly and practice it with

low level annoying people first if you

just try to attach this technique to a

person who's driving you absolutely

insane right out of the gate that may be

a bit of a situation that's overpowering

because we've gotten so negative with

this situation that this kind of fun way

of doing it just doesn't really resonate

but practice this first with low level

annoyance people so annoying drivers

people that are bumping into you at the

grocery store things like that people

who are just kind of a little bit

irritating practice it with them first

and when you see it working and you will

you will if you practice this with

people who are just slightly annoying

you will see this working and as you see

it working you're going to understand

how well it works and be inspired to use

it with more and more annoying people to

the point where it's just kind of your

default behavior whenever something

annoying happens all right so with no

further ado here is the trick trick is

to kind of play a game with the annoying

person and the game is don't go further

away come closer

alright so let me kind of explain what

this is all about so here's the thing

with a law of attraction when we don't

like something when we're trying to push

something away what we're actually doing

is we're drawing it closer because if

we're screaming out into the universe

don't come near don't come near

come near the message that we're really

putting out is come near come near be

right here be right here that's what the

emphasis is on it's a negative emphasis

I don't want you here but the emphasis

is on here so when somebody annoying

comes around and you immediately go into

the default pattern of Oh get away don't

come close don't come close don't come

close that actually draws the person

closer because what I'm thinking about

is that person being right here driving

me insane and so pushing it against it

actually brings it closer to me and so

the fun little game is to switch that

around and when you notice that you're

getting like oh don't come close remind

yourself okay it's time to play this

game you know what come closer

let's say that okay this is this is one

that I've done before let's say that

you're at the gym and you're on a

machine okay and there's a sea of empty

machines everywhere you're on one

machine and there's a person who's

product perhaps a bit annoying and you

see them coming and which machine do

they jump on do they do they jump on the

machine that's like 30 feet there know

where they gonna jump it gonna jump

right here on the machine next to me and

so my automatic response would be like

Oh stay away from me I don't want you

close you know that's kind of the

automatic reaction instead come closer

meaning all right I guess we're buddies

today this guy and I we're gonna be

working out on the elliptical together

let's see how well he does you know and

just start playing that game with that

person we're buddies today this is my

buddy over here I mean give him a name

this is Gus I don't even know his name

we give him a name

Gus Gus got a nice hat play that game of

bring him closer bring him closer bring

him close now you may think that through

a law of attraction what this is going

to do is it's going to draw the annoying

person closer to your life but it's

actually the opposite because what it

does is it neutralizes the negative

feelings that you're projecting on that

person so what you'll see is that a lot

of times Gus who's just gonna hop right

off the machine and jet on out of there

or Gus suddenly drops all of his

annoying behaviors and starts being very

friendly I've seen this with drivers you

know somebody's tailgating you getting

stressed out get away from me get away

from me oh let me play this game oh I

guess we're driving buddies today let's

see how far we can go together how many

miles are we gonna hang out play that

game all right when you do that you

neutralize the negativity you neutralize

the pushing against you turn a situation

that's drawing a negative reaction out

of you into one that's kind of comical

and funny and once you do that the

annoyance has no place to exist so the

person will either just leave or they'll

rise to meet you and become something

very pleasant to be around all right so

again it's a great suggestion to get rid

of annoying people practice it with

low-level annoyance watch it working and

I'll tell you what if you start seeing

this working and you will you're gonna

notice that you can practice this on all

kinds of people crazy neighbors annoying

relatives you name thanks so much for

watching today's quick Law of Attraction

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