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3 Ways to Deal With Annoying People

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it's perfect

hi my name is Max no sleeves and have

you ever been around someone that said

something just magical certainly so

amazingly beautifully annoying something

like you know all rap music sucks well

you know too much of anything will give

you cancer

oh you're single you just put yourself

out there more don't you guys think that

max should smile more what a grump I

don't have that problem you know good

genes and you just want to smile and

punch him in the throat but we can't do

that you know because of society yeah I

mean why do you think I never leave my

house but odds are you're gonna want to

leave your house actually live a real

fulfilling life unlike me a lot of you

might be saying hey just like walk away

or don't deal with these people but

sometimes you have to sometimes you're

stuck with them public transportation

good thing I brought my fish sandwich ah

I love flying an airplane when I can

recline my seat the point where my head

is in your [ __ ] lap isn't that what

you're having for lunch do you know

anything about processed food and you

might have thought about it came up with

three ways to deal with annoying people

number one ignore them this is pretty

common and arguably the most effective

way of dealing with annoying people

especially the thing that they're doing

that's annoying is digging for attention

oh man I really did horrible on that

test I just took how'd you do oh you got

a 97 what an idiot I am but no it really

is the most effective way of dealing

these people you can be able to smile

like you muled one-word answer and then

you peace the [ __ ] out okay

cool I have to go stand over here now

some of my friends even suggested sit in

your hand your POC and giving them the

finger in their pocket so they can't see

but let's be honest giving somebody

their fingers never as satisfying as you

think it's gonna be how about I give you

the finger

and you give me my phone matrix

reference how you doing method number

two walk out say for example you're

dealing with an exchange like this hey

man you want some water yeah sure what's

your [ __ ] problem dude

what I said sure yeah you said sure then

you didn't [ __ ] say anything at all

scumbag you know in fact you kind of

being rude about it in the face I know

what [ __ ] kind of face you were making

actually you know what you maybe you owe

me an apology

how about that now what you should say

is sorry man I said sure I didn't know

what else to say do you realize I was

making a face my apologize or you could

call him out say something like mmhmm

yeah you're right is what I would say if

you were right but you're not you're

wrong I said sure what the [ __ ] else was

I supposed to say and you know I'm sorry

if you misinterpreted my face but maybe

you get some [ __ ] better glasses

maybe with a tint that screams I'm not

an [ __ ] because you are an [ __ ]

fair warning this method is gonna be the

most satisfying to you but it won't be

the most ooh what's the word productive

or effective or actually work in any way

yeah because nine times out of ten the

annoying person is gonna be too rash too

preposterous [ __ ] and they're gonna be a

[ __ ] about it excuse me how many go

tell the boss you're being a racist but

it's easy from that inevitable 3:00 a.m.

wake up with the old man shut up

Asha's said dad yeah which is worth the

fries in store third and final option

then I go and reality them with a high

success rate the one that's most

effective and frankly the one that's the

most satisfying to you in the long run

be nice quiet and polite but make sure

you mentally write down every single

thing that happened so you can tell your

friend about it later who the [ __ ] is

outside my house right now these let's

be real the only positive you're gonna

get out of dealing with someone as

shitty and annoying like that is waiting

and then telling your friend about it

later and laughing at the [ __ ] oh man

don't think what max did today dude

don't even get me started on max what

what the [ __ ] did he do now you wouldn't

believe it you started talking about

himself in the third person you know

like an [ __ ] max what a [ __ ]

so just to clarify we're talking in the

fourth person right now right actually I

think it's the fifth right oh yeah

it's the right room yeah true story big

shout-out the person who inspired this

video who is not gonna get a name but

you with a [ __ ] you are so I suppose

we've stumbled on a fourth way now that

I think about it make a youtube video

about it I don't know I try not to [ __ ]

I try I try to just be like positive on

stuff but anyway whatever thanks for

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