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How to Deal with an Airlock

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I'm going to show you how to deal with

an airlock this is a common enough

problem but luckily one that's easily

dealt with and here's what you'll need

to do the job

holes pipe if your hot water tap hisses

and bubbles then stops altogether you

can be sure that air has somehow entered

your supply pipe this can happen for a

variety of different reasons but most

commonly when the system is drained from

maintenance or improvement to fix this

problem connect one end of a length of

hose to the tap giving trouble and

connect the other end of the hose pipe

to a mains tap this is the cold water

tap in your kitchen next you turn on the

faulty tap followed by the mains tap the

idea is that the pressure from the mains

tap should blow the air bubble out of

the pipe if you have an air lock in a

kitchen mixer simply remove the swivel

spout and hold a cloth firmly over the

hold then turn on the hot water first

and follow with the cold tap again


so there you go as easy as that you've

just seen how to deal with an airlock

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