get rid of a

how to get rid of an air bubble in your chest

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how's it going everyone so in this video

I'm going to talk about how to get rid

of air bubbles in your chest so before I

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berg 9 and 9 so if you are experiencing

these age bubble or sorry that's not

easy do the air bubbles in your chest

there are a few things that you can do

to get rid of them it's not really that


generally if it's in your chest and

what's actually happening is it's coming

from your stomach because to go from

your stomach it has to come up to your

chest and a lot of things that come from

this area like your your mama with your

throat your your chest area a lot of it

has to do with your stomach believe it

or not so just keep that in mind but one

is that you need to control what's going

on with your stomach so if you are

getting the air bubbles in your chest

you need to perform a few things with

your chest the first thing that I would

do is your chest is to start and Asajj

yet what this will actually do is this

will cause all the gas and this will

cause anything that's in your stomach to

be released including the air bubbles in

your chest cause them to be released so

stomach massage I'm gonna put a link in

the description box to a massager if you

guys are interested in that go ahead

take a look at that tongs very very

efficient for getting rid of air bubbles

in your stomach and your chest very very

good I'll limit the amount of soft

drinks that you are consuming soft

drinks are carbonated and they are high

in caffeine not having to moderate in

caffeine but they are a little bit

acidic too so all of this can affect the

air bubbles in your chest avoid fried or

spicy foods really not that good to eat

more vegetables and fruits a lot of


really skip out on this you need to be

making sure that you are eating your

fruits and your vegetables you don't

happy that ton of them but just make

sure that you're eating a few of them

try to avoid again highly processed

foods foods that are high in sodium

basically all the take up food really

try to avoid that if you need to burp

then make sure you are burping just get

rid of that excessive gas in your

stomach and your chest

that's basically what it takes to get

rid of an inner bubble in your chest

it's really not too difficult you can

even try rubbing your chest as well this

will play with the massager so in the

video then you so much for watching

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