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hey I'm doing just a really super quick

kind of how-to video it's only taking

comments I promise so I just wanted to

get to get it started so as you can tell

from the title I'm talking about cystic

acne today which is probably the worst

kind of acting even have takes the

longest to heal up pigs along is to not

scar to get rid of the scar and just

really is horrible and painful and

terrible cystic acne is not the kind as

a Whitehead is the red swollen painful

kind and it sucks and I've struggled

with it my whole life my skin's been

going a little crazy I had a huge one on

my forehead and there's a million

different things I've tried in the past

to get rid of it but there's three

things I've been doing recently that had

just been really helping and literally I

had a huge zit right here a huge it's I

turn my head this way it was like as far

out as my nose it was gigantic my sister

was like what happened to your head she

thought I actually got hit on the head

and it was a consoling bump it was so

bad it hurts so bad it was a pulsating

terrible this was five days ago if I

hadn't done these three steps this would

still be there and it would be painful

and you can see it would be horrible but

right now my skin looks pretty good and

that's because I did these three three

steps first thing made face mask I will

leave a link to my video right here and

in the description box if you want to

check that out I'd hire vent it's so

cheap and inexpensive it is literally so

easy to make it takes less than five

minutes it works wonders my skin for

Emma's red and just I look horrible and

it took care of so much unevenness if

you have cystic acne and you want to

help it definitely try that out

so first I use that and then I toned my

face moisturize my face and added a tiny

bit the salicylic acid gel cream

treatment to that spot and I've been

using the cleaning clear advantage one

and you can really buy any of those a

drugstore really around six to ten

dollars depending what brand you

I and that's what I used I let it dry

because gel will be kind of goopy you

got to try in about five minutes and

then what I did which is the thing I

think that helped the most the cystic

acne that swollen zit that is just so

swollen and just want to go away right

now you must wanted to break your scale

because it's so horrible I see and I

don't know why and of like 10 or 10 10

15 years extra bogus acne that I had

many times before but all I did was take

one ice cube in a little sandwich bag

and close it up and put the ice on to

the pimple if I didn't bump my head and

had swollen forehead that's what I would

do and dirty mean and it worked oh my

god did it work it took away redness

turquoises swelling mine and if I told

you is so far out and it had gone down

so much up to the pain so much I mean I

told you guys it was pulsating a sore

anytime I move my eyebrows are coming

down it was like my god I hurt so much

so all I did I said I sit for 10 minutes

on five minutes off 10 mins on five

minutes off for about an hour maybe 40

minutes it made such a big difference I

can't even tell you if you have a big

cystic breakout try to I say I promise

you it will work it was still red and it

still hurt if I like pushed on it and I

wanted to just completely go away and I

didn't want it to even become a head

where it became away ahead and then you

get rip itself I just want it to go away

so then I used was this drawing motion

for Mario Badescu this is $17 Ulta you

can get a dupe called bye-bye blemish I

will be blunt at in the description box

and that's about $8 so really

inexpensive all you're going to do is if

you can see that there is a liquid and

then a little pink powder

you just take q-tip and dip it through

the liquid and get to the pink battered

powder do not shake this even though

you'll be tempted to not shake it as

soon on it do not shake you just want to

dip it in the pink powder and adapt that

spot grab the pink stuff right on top of

your is it and it will leave like a pink

coloring a calamine lotion if you had

chickenpox that kind of thing it does

kind of smell like

that that is what helps it it helps her

dis redness soreness everything


the day after I use this next morning my

is it was like almost gone completely

100% like there was a tiniest little bit

that you couldn't hardly even see pain

was gone it was amazing and I'm not

telling you I'm not one to say this is a

miracle that kind of thing

I'm very kind of hesitant to say about

anything so I had so much bad luck but

this was amazing

and then the next night I did the same

thing I didn't do the face mask metal

snakes I wanted to give you rest nights

gonna break but I iced it again and then

applied this again at night and amazing

gone it's completely gone I don't feel

any bump any Saurus anything at all it

was huge I wish I had taken a picture so

to show you guys that before and after

there's nothing there no scar and

nothing the one tip I'll add to the rest

of these tapes do not touch it do not

try to pop it and there is no head

because all you will do is push the

bacteria further inside your skin and

make it worse you can create a scar

which will be impossible to get rid of

and it'll just look terrible and I'll

feel worse it'll spread and it just

isn't good so don't play with it outside

of a whole video I had to get rid of

acne it's all in here and I also have a

whole video of ten ways to get clear

skin that aren't really products but

just kind of things that you

every day to kind of make your skin

better and I'll leave that video here as

though and all that kind of stuff will

be in the description box if you're

interested in any other kind of skin

care things I also have a whole blog

post about acne and everything that goes

along with acne how to fix any problem

so I'll leave that in the description

box and I hope this video helps out some

of that me know if it did is that me

know if you tried these things and I

helped you because they definitely

helped me and thank you so much for

watching if you liked it - put a thumbs

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and possibly my next bio