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3 Weeks Pregnant - Your Third Week Of Pregnancy

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welcome to your week by week pregnancy

video series brought to you by

ultrasound dimensions medical a

maternity ultrasound center hi I'm

Monica Healy and welcome to week three

of your pregnancy this is just a

simplistic drawing of the female

reproductive organs uterus fallopian

tubes ovaries ovulation has occurred

this is the follicle the egg has been

released and now it slowly moves towards

the fallopian tube the fallopian tube is

a structure that unites the ovary to the

womb so the egg is attracted and guided

by these little finger-like projections

called frem Bria and they guide the egg

into the fallopian tube where it awaits

fertilization if you have intercourse at

this time pregnancy is usually

successful at the time of intercourse

over 500 million sperm are released

sperm being the smallest cell in the

body their movement towards the egg is a

very slow and arduous journey they only

move about 1/10 of an inch per minute

and only a handful will make it as far

as the egg they have to travel through

the vagina the cervix the womb and only

one of the sperm will be the winner only

one sperm penetrates the membrane of the

egg which is the largest cell of the

body once this happens once one sperm

has penetrated the membrane and entered

the egg the membrane changes so that no

other sperm can enter and then the

nucleus of the egg and the nucleus of

the sperm are attractive to one another

and when they miraculously unite a new

human form that never existed before and

never exist again has has been formed

and has also generated a series of

events that in about thirty eight weeks

will be your son or your daughter

fertilization has occurred it occurs

here in the widest longest portion of

the fallopian tube at the moment of

fertilization there's a combining of 23

chromosomes from the mother and 23

chromosomes from the father within a

chromosome there there are genes that

carry our genetic code it takes between

20 to 25,000 genes to create a human

genes are the instructions that tell us

to become a human rather than an animal

or a plant so there are 46 chromosomes

that make your baby two of these

chromosomes are sex chromosomes baby

receives one from the mother which is

always an X and 1 X or one Y from the

father so at the time of fertilization

if the sperm that successfully

penetrates the membrane of the egg is a

X then it meets the X chromosome of the

mother 2x the baby is going to be a baby

girl if the sperm that penetrates the

membrane is carrying a Y chromosome

then it meets with the mothers

x-chromosome fathers y-chromosome the

baby is gonna be a baby boy jeans are

also things that determine your baby's

hair color eye color body size

disposition so many things are already

predetermined at that very moment thank

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