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What are the options to terminate a 4 week pregnancy? - Dr. Premlata Subhash

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hi I am dr. Prem Latha I am a consultant

OBGYN working in sanjivini Hospital

Mahalakshmi layer Bangalore India

options to terminate pregnancy at four

weeks of gestation are absolutely nil I

would discourage you to abort a

pregnancy at 4 weeks even if you confirm

the pregnancy test by urine pregnancy

tests please confirm the pregnancy by

artists own please visit a gynecologist

to confirm that it is a you train

pregnancy pregnancy has to be in the

uterus before we suggest any method of

termination because there is a condition

called ectopic pregnancy where pregnancy

happens outside the uterus that's in the

fallopian tube in that case if you take

tablets without knowing then it can be a

life dangerous situation

young pregnancy can be aborted by

abortive pills by 5 to 6 weeks also so

you can confirm the pregnancy by 5 weeks

by ultrasound and according to the

suggestion of gynecologist you can offer

for abortive pills are there are other

methods like surgical evacuation also

you can also think of it whichever is

convenient whichever you feel is

comfortable to you you can decide and go

ahead however I would discourage

abortion to any of my patient because a

life is life at 4 weeks or other ways

also if you don't want to have pregnancy

please please avoid it