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Early #Pregnancy Symptoms in Hindi || गर्भावस्था के शुरुआती लक्षण || 1mg

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You must have often seen in TV or movies that,

if a female is having vomiting, vertigo or if she likes to eat something sour that means she is pregnant.

But this does not usually happen

Today through this 1mg video we will talk about the symptoms that happen during different times of pregnancy

So, as a gynecologist I want to clear that, there is no difference in pregnancy symptoms even if it is a baby boy, baby girl, single pregnancy or twins

Missed periods are the most reliable sign of pregnancy

But some symptoms may see even before the missed periods.

For example, heaviness in breast, fatigue, frequent urination, bloating and light cramps.

These symptoms often resemble with the premenstrual symptoms (PMS)

So, it is very difficult to speak, whether the pregnancy is present or not on the basis of these symptoms.

So, you must watch this video till the end to know all the symptoms of pregnancy.

Within a couple of weeks after missed periods, you can see some other symptoms than the discussed ones

For example, nausea, vomiting, excess vaginal discharge, increased appetite, and mood swings.

All these symptoms can stay till the 1st trimester that is first 12 weeks

and you can have constipation, acidity and food craving repeatedly.

Constipation occurs due to the increased progesterone level during the starting of pregnancy and that decreases the food movement in the stomach.

Acidity also occurs due to the increased progesterone level, that relaxes the valve between your food pipe and stomach

So that the acid goes to the food pipe and you feel acidity.

In food craving, you may feel to have something specific

and several times it happens that those things you like first will not take good

These changes in food choices are completely normal

Now let's talk about the abnormal pregnancy and its starting symptoms

Sometimes it might be possible to have the pregnancy outside the uterus ie, most commonly in the fallopian tubes.

In that case, you may have lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or spotting, nausea and you may also faint.

This is an emergency situation so you should contact your doctor immediately without ignoring these symptoms.

Now let's look at the answers to some of the questions asked through you

The first one is it normal to have bleeding or spotting during pregnancy?

This is not a normal symptom of pregnancy.

As we have discussed before, this is a symptom of abnormal pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Second, is it possible to do heavy works during early pregnancy?

During the early stages of pregnancy avoid picking of heavy stuff like loaded buckets or heavy things like that

It is not advisable.

The last question is, what is the usual hemoglobin level during pregnancy?

Ideally, the hemoglobin level should be above 12 during pregnancy

But there is a risk of having low hemoglobin during pregnancy so, your doctor will prescribe you iron supplements.

All these are starting symptoms of pregnancy

But despite all these symptoms, you might not be pregnant.

To confirm the pregnancy, you should do the urine pregnancy test at home after missed periods.

Click on the link above to learn how to use the pregnancy kit properly at home.

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