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Best FREE VPN Apps For iPhone Or iPad: iOS 13 & iOS 12 (NO JAILBREAK)

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hi everyone are we making this video

showing you guys the best VPN apps for

your iOS device

so these VPN apps will all be free and

I'll be showing you guys the best

services that you can get for free they

all hide your internet and let you open

unblock sites so why would you need a

VPN well most people use a VPN so that

they can open up sites that either

whitelisted or blacklisted on the

internet for example like movie box or

media box or stuff like that as you can

see in my tutorial before however most

people also use their VPN so that it can

encrypt their data or hide their data so

that no one can intercept their data and

what this means is that this is better

for privacy and for security since no

one can actually access their data as it

creates a tunnel between your data

between the data sent and the data

received so if you go on to the App

Store you should be able to see a

multitude of different VPN apps however

most of them are paid so what I'd

recommend is a few apps so in my opinion

I'd say sky VPN is a pretty good app if

you want free if you want free VPN

however I still think that they're paid

VPN is still better and also deniz well

the app isn't as optimized for iPads

things on their free service you can

only connect to the US and not any other

servers as you can see all the service

data for for paid users however the

service still does work and is free on

the other hand my favorite free VPN app

that I highly recommend is called ex VPN

so if you search up X VPN onto the App

Store and then download it and just hit

open you'll be able to connect to the

fastest server if you've got the free

VPN app if you've got the premium

version of it then you'll be able to

connect to all these different servers

including video servers that will allow

you to watch Netflix and others other

streaming services that you can't

normally watch

on top of that you can actually select

your different protocols so if one

protocol doesn't work for example is

blocked on your school's internet or

something like that then you can switch

protocols so the reason why I'd

recommend sky VP x VPN / sky VPN is

mainly due to the fact that Sky VPN is

almost guaranteed to block unblock your

school's internet if you were if you go

to school go to college or if you work

at school or a college then this will

actually bypass the schools filter sits

most schools can only block a few of

these protocols that maybe protocol a or

protocol I however you can just go

through and test these protocols and see

which one works so in my experience

protocol I is the fastest however is the

most widely blocked so I'd recommend

just trying to connect protocol B and if

you select the fastest server this will

smashley default to the fastest server

and it only takes a few seconds to

connect and as you can see my VPN is not

connected and you can see in the top

corner now to focus there we go so I'd

highly recommend this VPN app on top of

that you can get average speeds of

around 15 megabytes per second if you

get this if you get the free version so

if I do a speed test you should see that

I can get about 15 megabytes per second

on the free so as you can see this is a

premium version of the app on the free

version of the app you should be getting

about 15 megabytes per second free

however if you do the premium version

then you should be getting about 60

megabytes a second if you've got an

internet speed of about 100 to 150

megabytes per second

as you can see there's there are whole

hostess others including Indian servers

that will allow you to unblock loads of

websites and even government

restrictions and stuff like that so the

reason why I prefer this over any other

free services because not only does this

not have ads but on top of that this

service is completely free and it

doesn't actually like limit your games

to the point where it's like completely

unplayable so if you do choose to play

games on this VPN what it means is that

you'll be getting 15 megabytes per

second which is more than enough

to play games on where some other

services limit it to like one megabyte

per second or two megabytes per second

so I would highly recommend this VPN app

so yeah if you want to download this VPN

app you can either go to the App Store

in search of X VPN or you can just click

the link in the description down below

which will give you the link to the App

Store which will take you directly to

this app so yet if you enjoyed this

review make sure to leave a like and

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