Focus Your Mind | by Jay Shetty

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so from amongst perspective the greatest

power is to be self-controlled

to be able to train the mind and energy

to focus it exactly where you want it

and when you want it to be you are

completely detached and undeterred from

external ups and downs we were able to

navigate anything that seems tough

challenging fun excitement with the same

amount of being equipoise and balanced

an equanimity without being too excited

in pleasure or being too depressed in

pain but knowing how to navigate every

situation to me that's great strength

and great power there's a beautiful

verse in the Bible Gita that says

detachment is not that you own nothing

detachment is that nothing owns you and

I love it because to me that summarizes

detachment in a way that it's not

usually explained usually people see

detachments being away from everything

actually the greatest detachment has

been close to everything and not letting

it consume and own you and that's real

power that's real strength how many

people do we know that have had fame and

then that Fame has ruined them

so for me that definition of detachment

is possible to practice even in the real

world rather than saying oh I'm just

gonna have a really simple life I'm just

gonna have nothing in life being able to

overcome ego being able to overcome Envy

being able to overcome jealousy being

able able to overcome the negative of

competitive state there's a positive

competitive state and there's a negative

competitive state today when people are

looking on Instagram or Facebook or

YouTube all you're looking at is oh she

got that many likes or he got that many

likes she got engaged or he got married

or oh my god look at her body or look at

that and it's like that stuff's

destroying us inside and the jealousy


need to be able to have enough clarity

to purify yourself of those things is

going to alleviate the biggest anxieties

and depressions of our time and mental

health problems and and we know that we

know that because all the mental health

research survey suggests that things

like isolation overexposure we now can

have more pain consumption in one day

because of what we were exposed to then

the pain we would have had in a lifetime

that's huge

like that that's ridiculous to think

that one day because of the media news

in social media we consume more negative

than we did in a lifetime for me being

able to have time energy and clarity to

focus on self purification that is the

best thing about being a monk because

you have that time reflection and a

process and an environment that only

allows you to become more purified of

those things