How I Manage My ADHD Without Medication

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hi I'm Dan Martell technology

entrepreneur investor and creator of SAS

Academy in this video I'm gonna go

totally off script and talk about how I

manage my ADHD without medication and be

sure to stay at the end where I'm going

to share with you guys a list of

resources that I use to kind of enhance

the strategies are going to be talking

about in this video so if you deal with

ADHD or have somebody in your life that

struggles with it you probably feel

frustrated that every day is a crapshoot

you don't know if you're gonna be

productive you don't know if you can get

any level of focus every time you start

to read you know 30 seconds later you're

off to some other thing you're probably

already clicked off this video or

thinking about what you're gonna have

for lunch or maybe you're feeling tired

you don't have the energy or it's just

something feels off and when you take

your medication maybe and look I'm not a

doctor I'm not gonna tell you what - I'm

just gonna tell you what I've done but

my essentially my experience has been

that if you do things right you can get

super clear you can summon a super

focused state at will you can ensure

that every day is your best day and you

could really manage the way you show up

with your unique ability in your zone of

genius and just who you are which i

think is absolutely the superpower I've

got a video I'll link up below it's one

of my most popular videos why I'm doing

this one on why I think ADHD is my

superpower but without sharing with you

the strategies that I've learned over

the years implemented into my life in my

day then it's hard for people to

understand how that could look so I'm

just gonna walk you through what a day

in my life looks like if you feel

inspired to adopt any of those things

feel free to do that but this is really

just my take I don't play a doctor on

the Internet

be sure to consult with your physician

figure out what's appropriate for you

and just test things I think that was

the biggest thing that I've learned over

the years is just trying tweaking etc

now what happened was is at eight years

old I got diagnosed with ADHD and for

many years I felt broken it actually

sent me into kind of a spiral of

depression and you know making some

really bad

decisions in my life and you know

there's a whole story on kind of how

that impacted me and where I ended up at

really rock bottom and how I've turned

my life around since then to now where

I've you know I've started five

companies I've hired over 500 people in

my career I became millionaire when I

was 27 and investor in 30 other

companies and look I don't I'm not

sharing that stuff to to brag I'm just

sharing it because I want to give you

context for what's possible when you own

who you are and you figure out is there

a better way to tweak things to

essentially turn it around as a power

instead of a deficit one is nutrition

what you put in your mouth definitely

affects your brain your mind your focus

and the first thing is sugar I think

that is probably the worst thing that we

as a society have introduced into our

lives most of you don't even realize how

much sugar grams of sugar you're

consuming on a daily basis and all I ask

is that you look on the back of the

packages and most of you are probably

consuming your sugar through liquids

through the beverages that you drink on

a daily basis so taking those things out

going back to water first thing I do

when I wake up every morning is half a

liter to a liter of water first thing my

feet hit the ground I grab my water ball

it's ready to go I drink it that just

hydrates my body as soon as you wake up

you're dehydrated hydrate your body have

that bottle next to you drink throughout

the day just water and that'll help

quench that thirst for any kind of high

sugar supplements now the other thing is

is I'm a big fan of low carb high

healthy fats so for the most part my

breakfast that's probably if you want to

dial in anything dial in your breakfast

I go

avocado egg whites maybe one egg lots of

vegetables and it's really simple and

clean it takes me like seven minutes to

cook up and that just sets the whole day

from there it's always just proteins and

salads and again I'm not saying I'm not

judging what you eat I'm just saying if

you want to see if you could help you

know counteract some of the downsides of

your ADHD just try tweaking your

nutrition is probably the biggest area

if you drink coffee with lots of sugar

and cream start trying to drink it black

I mean it'll it'll change every

thing I mean just on an energy level is

gonna change anything so so nutrition is

the first place number two is sweat

everyday I know for a fact that if I

don't work out I don't have the same

impact in my work my creativity is not

there my ability to focus my ability to

communicate is is is depleted and so my

rule is just sweat everyday when you

wake up get a workout in do something it

can be as simple as doing 30 push-ups

you know I have a workout when I travel

and I'm in a hotel room it's essentially

four rounds of 20 reps each of jumping

jacks air squats push-ups and sit-ups it

takes about you know depending how

fasten moving but 10 to 12 minutes and

that's all you need to actually get a

good workout in every day in the same

spot you're standing you don't need any

equipment no nothing and it's gonna get

your sweat on and that just sets it for

me my mind like I love to run I love to

do CrossFit but I don't do those things

for my body per se I do them for my mind

and I'm telling you if you're not

working out if you're not moving your

body then a hundred percent it's gonna

affect your ability to focus so that's

that's a big area

number three is sleep so many

entrepreneurs so many individuals like

yourself that have ADHD have a really

hard time going to bed having a deep

sleep and the reason why is your mind is

racing so you know at the end of the day

there's a few things I do one I sleep

with a sleep mask to make sure that the

room is a hundred percent dark I use an

app on my phone for white noise so I

don't get interrupted throughout the

night you can use an app like sleep

stream which is incredible again I'm

gonna link those up below and or any app

that really creates a white noise

there's a bunch of free ones out there

and just make sure that you turn off all

electronics before you go to bed I'm a

big fan of reading and this is the funny


maybe you can't read because you get

distracted really quick well what

happens with me is I've taught myself

that if I start to read in bed I go to

sleep so it's funny now that when I'm

reading a book I literally will fall

asleep just because that's what's been

programmed in my mind so be sure to get

yourself a little reading light and a

book and every night fall asleep with

the book on your chest and it's a great

way to go to bed your mind will go to

sleep where the sleep mask white music

on or white noise on and you will sleep

so ideally at least seven hours

I try to aim for 8:00 for morning

routines I'm a big fan of

tools to really just take all the best

practices that I learned have it stack

them into my day so I don't have to

think about it so I have a morning

ritual if you don't have one I highly

recommend the book miracle morning by

Hal Elrod and it will walk you through

his framework called savers mine is a

variation of that I've been doing mine

for before his book was written but it's

an incredible book and it'll just walk

you through it but the big thing for me

especially with ADHD is meditation your

mind is so powerful and if you're not

meditating for at least five minutes

just eat in your life well I can't

meditate every time I sit down I my mind

races yes I agree but if you can learn

to take control of that if you can just

sit there in silence and just be in awe

of how your mind kind of goes all over

the place and just bring it back a great

app like headspace to just help you

understand how meditation works whatever

it is for you if you're not meditating

and you and you want to get off

medication and self-medicate your ADHD a

little bit I just don't know how you're

gonna do it because it's just part of

exercising the muscle which is your mind

and ability to focus and just and and

just be aware of what's going on and

really just the I'm just in awe of how

our minds work and how we can have kind

of two different views of what's going

on in reality so morning rituals to me

it's it's everything from what I eat my

exercise my gratitude journaling

meditation the movement part that's just

locked in but that if I don't start off

my day with that then my whole day is

just woo up for a roll the dice and

we'll see what happens five thirty

minute Pomodoro work blocks so my mind

works best when I know exactly what I'm

working on and I focus it in on a

30-minute window essentially I do twenty

five minutes of work five minutes of

rest and that rest is usually breathing


stretching standing up moving around

whatever it is but for twenty five

minutes I have a timer set I know

exactly what I'm working on and I go

deep and and there's just something

about the gamification of having that

twenty five minute timer and I'll link

up a tool I use below called be focus

but it just allows me to just not easily

get distracted and go get browser

blindness where I jump on Facebook or

you I mean for many of us it is it is

second nature

I'm a hockey guy all of a sudden my

fingers without even thinking about it

open up the browser and start typing

Facebook and I'm like what the am I

doing here

so if you're having those issues

consider setting a timer Pomodoro is an

incredible technique super simple to

allow you to focus on your work six

energy management I truly believe that

like there is a circadian rhythm to life

and to seasons

etc our day follows a certain energy

pattern in flow and for me what I've

learned it could be different for you

some people they swap it for night

versus morning in the morning is when I

do my best work output meaning any

creative work anything I want to I want

to create or things that I know I'm

gonna have a hard time doing like

reviewing financial statements or

whatever it is in the business reviewing

contracts I need to do that first thing

in the morning when my mind is most

aligned with what I need it to do and

then what I do is I then load my whole

afternoons talking to people from an

energy point of view so I just think

that if you don't know what your energy

flow is for the day really consider

studying it understanding how you feel

and mapping to that so that you can put

the right types of tasks and work in

those windows like I don't do meetings

before lunch the reason why it's because

I don't want to use that time that I

know I can be focused and create

something when I can just push my

meetings to the afternoon now maybe

you're not in a position to be able to

do that but there's probably other

elements from an energy flow in your day

that you can restructure and what I

called a party you can change the time

of day that you focus on those tasks and

those those pieces so that you can get

the most out of your focus 7 music now

if you made it this far you probably

don't have ADHD I'm kidding it just

needs the content on point but for real

I used to play background music while I

worked I do my best work in coffee shops

and busy airports I use VEVO on my Apple

TV so that I can play that in the

background just like a music video it's

like the modern-day MTV but now what I

do is I actually have an app called

focus at will and you know there's

science behind it but it's different

channels you essentially complete a

questionnaire and it'll tell you what

kind of new

based on who you are again it could be

hocus-pocus all I know is those toons I

use the up-tempo channel on focus that

will for me just totally gets me in the

zone so if I map that with my 30-minute

Pomodoro's and I have my music play in

the background I can be anywhere at any

time and just boom crank out some work

so if you don't incorporate some level

of auditory distortion in your workday

videos you just don't want to have stuff

that you're watching and definitely

don't put on you know don't go binge

watch house of cards on Netflix put

stuff that you don't have to listen to

but it's there and it's kind of a beat

and a rhythm and it'll help you I know

it helps me really stay focused when I'm

to get something done immediately and I

can't waste any time getting into that

zone eight block time one of the most

important habits that I have is that I

know exactly what I'm doing on a 15

minute interval throughout my whole day

some of you might think that's crazy

over scheduled and structured that's

cool you can think that I could show you

my results they speak for themselves the

reason why I'm able to put out so much

content and deliver so much value to my

coaching clients to be able to build

businesses invest in other companies be

value out of be present for my family

take incredible amount of vacation every

year is because it's all structured when

I I don't need to know what I'm doing

this afternoon I just know that it's

packed because I review my day the night

before and I read my week on Sundays so

block time is the habit of actually

scheduling going in your calendar

dragging dropping and putting in the

description of that calendar entry

exactly what you're gonna do to move the

needle forward so that way I don't sit

there and I call it bleed time between

different events or you know you have a

meeting with somebody and they keep

talking and you have nothing scheduled

in your calendar so you keep talking all

of a sudden a thirty minute meeting went

to a sixty minute meeting all those

things add up so I'm a big fan for focus

point of view to really help me mitigate

the ADHD is to block time with these

specific tasks I want in the description

and then use my Pomodoro timer to make

sure that I execute in those thirty

minute windows nine build a team a

support network people around you

now many of you guys are saying dan I do

not have the financial means to do that

and I can understand that but I will

tell you this ever since I was in junior

high school and there was class projects

where there was you know activities or

we were playing a sport or playing in

the backyard with my friends building a

tree house etc I got really good at

growling and recruiting people to help

support me in what I was creating okay

and to me that's no different than your

life there are certain things that you

would love to do for eight hours a day

that other people and you probably don't

think this is true I guarantee it I know

for a fact my bookkeeper sandy is

amazing she loves to do bookkeeping and

spreadsheets and numbers and if I took

that away from her and I said hey you're

gonna start to write blog posts she

would freak out because she doesn't like

to do that if I said hey we're gonna

stick a camera in front of you and we're

gonna record some videos she'd be like

oh my god no way I quit so I know for a

fact there are people in your life that

would support you in a certain area you

could swap out certain tasks you could

ask for favors you can look for leverage

you just need to have enough self-worth

in the value bring the other people to

be able to ask for it that's the biggest

challenge I'm gonna get into that whole

you know a bag of whatever but you need

to bring people into your life to

support you into things you struggle at

because I know for a fact there are

people out there that love to do that

work the things you hate to do other

people love to do and if you can bring

that in and tweak your day and tweak

your projects so that you can have that

and it takes time years maybe but you

build towards that one day you will wake

up and realize that ADHD is a hundred

percent your superpower it's the reason

why you're so energetic and creative and

you know able to produce outcomes that

other people aren't an uninspired by

instead of making it a crutch or a

deficit or a weakness and that to me is

my hope for especially for all the kids

watching this if you're watching with

your parents just know that again

I felt broken at eight and there were

people that showed up in my life and

showed me that there was possibilities

and they believed in me in a way that I

didn't believe in myself at the time

and through that journey of

entrepreneurship is the awesome ultimate

personal development program and for me

programming became a new addiction where

I could really get focused on kind of

going deep on something that wasn't

illegal or got me in trouble and since

then I just decided I don't want to take

medication to deal with my ADHD and that

was a decision I made probably eight

years ago

and it was a transition and I added all

the things I'm talking about in many

other stuff I'm probably forgetting to

just say no I'm gonna own this I'm gonna

tweak it I'm gonna work my way through

it and I can tell you it's been almost

ten years since I made that decision is

probably the best one I show up as me as

Dan not as somebody else and it feels

absolutely freakin amazing and I hope

this for you so quick recap

one is nutrition two is sweat everyday

three isn't sure I get incredible sleep

four is focus on my morning routine five

is the Pomodoro Technique the 30-minute

focus of work productivity six is energy

management seven is music eight is block

time and then finally nine is build a

team of supporters if you've gone

through the transition yourself or if

you feel like you're going through it

now and you need some support just leave

a comment below there's incredible

people are part of the community that

can relate also be sure to check out the

other video on ADHD is my superpower you

will just say you know when you go watch


it's the hundred percent contrast okay

that was Dan Martell three years ago and

this is Dan today and maybe it was a

little bit chubbier maybe I didn't

understand how video worked and all this

stuff I've done a video every week for

the last three years so go check it out

maybe it'll inspire you to start a new

creative endeavor because it's been

probably the biggest blessing in my life

is having a community of folks like

yourself watching these videos so that I

can serve in a bigger way so hope this

video finds you incredibly well if you

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