How to stay focused while reading

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hi guys katie has a veto here from

school habits calm today I'm going to

talk about how to get through those

books when you just want to fall asleep

okay how to get through a book that you

just can't get through stuff picks it up

you're starting a new book in English

class you're excited maybe dis one will

be good maybe this one won't have a

metaphor in every third sentence you

open the book all right you got this

you're going to read for an hour

straight go five minutes later a few

pages later something mysterious happens

and out of the body experience during

which you know your eyeballs are moving

you know you see words on the fate on

the page in fact you know you've been

turning the pages of your fairy news you

but wait you put the book down for a

second and realize you definitely know

ideas read so clue for a million dollars

you couldn't tell me if the book was

about Abraham Lincoln or unicorns this


to the best of us I call it the fake

reading syndrome and then you got faked

out and thought you were reading well

humor aside though this situation it can

be a tough one because we all zone out

once in a while as we read sometimes due

to external distractions like a noise or

a voice but also sometimes due to

internal distractions such as hunger

stress or antibodies there are ways to

get through these moments but more

importantly there are ways to prevent

these moments so West starts there so

how to get through a book without zoning

out number one set yourself up for

success sounds kinda lame but it's true

so pay attention to your environment the

last place you want to settle down to

read a heavy book is in your bed or a

comfortable chair where your body is

accustom can letting down a guard to

relaxing and soothing

I call these places narcoleptic zones

instead he got a place just on the edge

of being uncomfortable

perhaps the kitchen tables it's quiet in

the kitchen a library or the floor just

find an environment that doesn't promote

sleep and you'll reduce your chance to

fall into sleep with your eyes open

number two read aloud and hear me out on

this one so you might feel a little

silly at first but reading out loud can

have a huge effect on not only fangs own

in don't in but also on your attention

of the material we read slower when we

read out loud than we do

when we read in our head and that settle

down shift in reading tastes coupled

with the fact that you're hearing the

words can dramatically improve your

reading experience now if you feel

really silly doing this read to your dog

or your cat for an audience although

it's not exactly not weird number three

a note 8 a note 8 means to take notes as

you go so underline things right in the

margin circle new characters anytime

they come up write down questions you

can either write down directly in the

book if you own it or you can use sticky

notes or separate notebooks but taking

notes as you read is a great way to stay

engage interested and frankly awake

number 4 love what you're reading now in

the perfect world everything you breathe

would be right up your alley

so my perfect rule the only things I

would read about would be books booth

cat who's running organizing the booth

of course we are all going to be faced

with reading materials so we don't enjoy

either because we don't like the topic

we don't like the language is written in

or whatever but the trick here is to

pretend you love it pretend it is the

best thing that has ever happened your

eyeballs pretend that it's going to

change your life make it see it make it

right so really think about it the

material isn't going to change your

attitude has to the book is already

written but your attitude towards the


so do what you have to do to manipulate

your mind and thinking you love that

book number five I like this one

listen to an audio version this is one

of my favorite strategies ever so there

are some terrific apps out there that

you can use to download an audiobook

version of whatever you have to read it

cost a few boxes if does anything but

you can listen to the book while you're

walking you're exercising traveling

cleaning your room whatever you can

respond to the audio and follow along

with the book at the same time some

people find that really helpful but

seriously give it a try

the Aspen I'm talking about its audible

I mean there's more than that there's

other ones but that's what I use and

that's what I'm in like so what do you

do if it's too late you already zoned

out completely and wasted 15 minutes of

fake reading you go back and reread what

you have to do no way around that one

but the key is that this time you have

to change something

if you just go back a few pages and try

it again

you'll likely just check out again for

the same reason he did the first time so

for round 2 here is what you can do

differently one you could change your

environment get up move around pick a

new chair go to a new room number two

you could change your input method

meaning read out loud listen to the

audio version or have someone read it to

you if you were listening to the audio

version first then this time you would

read it by yourself to change the way

that you're absorbing the material

number three and okay and try using a

cool colored pen there's something about

color that just keeps your eyes open

number four go for a walk I swear go for

a 10-minute walk or do a 100 burpees

that's really hard do 100 rupees is

amazing or jumping jacks before you sit

down to read again if you think this is


try it then tell me how you feel about

it it works like a magic potion so those

are my tips for getting through a book

or a reading assignment without zoning

out I hope some or all of them help you

but please you don't think you're the

only one who has happens - it's so

normal it happens to us all but knowing

how to reduce your risk of going out and

then knowing how to deal with it once it

happens our teeth school habits that you

want to develop early on thanks so much

for watching guys if you liked it please

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