Does Being in a Relationship Make You Less Productive?

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I once asked a seemingly confident man what his biggest insecurity or fear was

to my surprise he answered falling in love right now

he said he feared love because his number-one priority was to maintain a

concentrated mentality focused to better himself academically career-wise and

altogether you may say this is an excuse to not fall in love but new research

indicates that this man's reasoning might actually be accurate a study was

conducted by researcher Hank Van Steenburgen along with colleagues from

leading University and the University of Maryland on 43 participants who were in

new relationships meaning six months or less they were asked to perform specific

tasks such as separating relevant and irrelevant information the results the

participants ability to concentrate and form tasks were not present Steenburgen

shared in his study high levels of passionate love of individuals in the

early stage of a romantic relationship are associated with reduced cognitive

control also adding it could be that the obsessive nature of passionate love

imposes important constants on performing well in tasks that require

self-control ray padilha Frank or author of the book free fall a late-in-life

love affair felt extremely head-over-heels for her current mate

regardless of how emotionally ecstatic she was the newfound love took a

terrible toll on her health she noted becoming lightheaded losing weight not

being able to fall asleep for days or being able to concentrate her eat I was

happier than ever emotionally even though I couldn't eat and felt shaky all

the time called Frank or Frank or lost 15 pounds almost immediately and her

friends were concerned one of her friends recalls her saying during an

outing at lunch she's ordering everything on the menu and I won't have

anything because I can't even swallow psychologist Dorothy Kenneth called this

limerence the obsessive intrusive and all-consuming state we're in where we

justify letting work friends responsibilities even ourselves slide so

we can satisfy our overly enthusiastic need for our new partner

Jennifer Nelson of says you lose your concentration you may think

very clearly but you can't think about anything but him or her

it's the dopamine that gives you that obsessive focus romantic love is just an

obsession you're focused just not on work or your to-do list have you ever

found yourself in love and incapable of concentrating on other responsibilities

or would you say you have the capability of balancing out everything very well

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