How To Make A Webcam Look Like A DSLR

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I'm about to tell you how to turn this

into this

both of these shots using the same

$50.00 c920 webcam


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below let's talk about this camera trick

if you saw our last video you know I am

frustrated with the webcam industry

right now

we've got just incredible new tech in

streaming audio lights control but for

some reason we only get a new webcam

like every three to five years and they

feel like they're a decade behind and by

the way I understand that there are

serious hardware limitations to the

typical webcam design when you try to

fit a sensor that small and lenses that

small together it's literally impossible

to get that natural shallow depth of

field not to mention so many comments

saying how come the the camera that's in

my phone which is smaller how come that

gets a better image than this webcam

that's the this fat and you got to

remember by the way the processor and

your smartphone is so much more powerful

than the processor in a cheap webcam

it's just important to recognize that

with the current model of webcam

technology it's not going to be possible

to get that shallow depth of field so in

the meantime or at least until someone

brings some real innovation to the

webcam industry here's a way to get some

faux voce as we're gonna call it or or

basically fake that shallow depth of

field like you saw in the original image

I feel like by the way post-production

Harris here I feel like it really missed

an opportunity here to call the faux

bouquet folk a so we're renaming the

thing this is called folk a back to the

video because yes that was done entirely

on a c920

in real time in OBS so let me show you

how to do this

the secret is like stupid simple like

I'm gonna tell you and you're gonna roll

your eyes and be like why did I not

think of that step one find the camera

angle that you want to use step two take

a picture of your empty room from that

same angle preferably on a better camera

like your smartphone camera step three

throw this image into free software so

you can add stuff like adjusting the

lighting adding those cool LED lights

that you've always wanted or of course

adding that background blur and finally

green-screen yourself in front of this

image make sure of course that you light

yourself properly preferably similar to

the lighting of the room that you had so

it really sells that natural matching

lighting look that may have even sounded

more complicated than it actually was so

let's do this let's go step by step and

the first thing I'm gonna show you is a

simple version that you can do literally

right inside OBS I set up the webcam

exactly where I wanted and then using my

phone I took a picture of the room from

that same angle now I used the super

ultra wide in the new iPhone 11 and that

same ultra wide angle that a lot of

modern smartphones have you don't need

to do that but that gave me a lot of

extra flexibility to zoom and crop and

rotate and adjust now this is what we're

going to make our background out of so

the first thing you need to do is

install a free plugin called stream

effects I'm gonna link you to the

download page right here

you're gonna scroll down you're going to

click this exact link this is the

Installer you don't have to drag things

into folders you just click it run the

Installer and it installs a blur plug-in

right in the OBS this will not work in

stream labs OBS they don't support this

plug-in package I'm gonna tell you how

to do in stream labs after I tell you to

do it in regular OBS once you have this

plug-in installed you go right into OBS

you add that picture you took as a new

image source resize the image to fit

properly and be symmetrical then you're

gonna add that blur filter and go ahead

and toy around with the

strength just be careful not to overdo

the blur because it will be tempting to

crank it be strong you can also add a

color correction filter if you'd like to

toy around with the darkness or the

contrast maybe a little bit of the hue

to give it the color that you want and

then green-screen yourself sit in front

of it you will be in focus the

background will be blurry kind of like

well if i zoom this in look at that kind

of like this like a blurry this stuff is

behind me that's what it looks like now

if you're running stream labs you have

to do one tiny different step because

you're not going to be able to blur it

inside of stream Labs OBS instead what

you're gonna have to do is download a

free software called this is

available for both Mac and PC is

like a watered-down free Photoshop so

you're gonna open your photo inside

you're gonna go to filters go to blur go

to Gaussian blur when adding the blur I

would recommend a value between 10 and

16 maybe 20 if the background is really

far behind you I think I used about 14

or 15 on mine and then export it then

same as regular OBS add that new

exported image in as an image source

code and resize it add color correction

and then key yourself into it using that

green screen and that's the simple

version however I know you and I know I

know that's not enough for you you want

more you want lights you'll one of these

beams behind you or maybe some nano

Leafs right well the best part about

this is because the camera background is

so blurry you can add those things in

and it's gonna be much easier to make it

look real so Sam did what Sam does best

and he made some incredible things for

you and because he's here in town this

week I'm gonna have him explain exactly

how to do it step by step

oh you want you want to do here you want

to do it like him ice in my chair you

hijacked my stream earlier that's not

enough for you

but whatever alley we go sit down in

this chair well let some subs and he hit

through the broom unbelievable so if you

guys want to take this trick to the next

level you were gonna need a few things

firstly you can either down on the free

version of DaVinci Resolve from the

Blackmagic Design website again all

links are in the description down below

then head on over to the discord where

there is a free DaVinci Resolve project

file that you can download that has

everything set up for you inside it

there will be a drop zone clip and two

LED light clips those two LED lights are

a life xB and and nano leaf bring in the

image you took earlier and add it to

your project there is a clip called

drop zone inside of the project right

click that and select open in timeline

drag and drop the image of your room

into the timeline and position it where

you want it if you need to make scale

adjustments use the inspector and adjust

the zoom x and y parameters jump back

into the original room template timeline

and select your light you want to use

and then turn off the other one or you

can use both if you like RGB and if you

want to make your stream go faster go to

the inspector and use the zoom rotation

position pitch and your parameters to

manipulate the look of the light if you

want to add more lights to your scene

just move the blur overlay up a few

layers copy and paste your light onto

the track above and then do the same

adjustment as before tomatoe this easier

I recommend turning off the blur overlay

layer by clicking this button here if

you want to decrease the amount of blur

that is affecting the room select the

adjustment clip go to the inspector and

select open effects click on the

Gaussian blur filter and then adjust

your liking but again remember just

don't overdo it next jump to the color

page select the clip of your room and

there just the color curves to give your

room the look you're after finally

export your project by going to the

deliver page and then using the h.264

preset export your file you are now set

and ready to add this to your OBS as the

background layer for your stream with

that said I'm gonna clear off before

Parris comes back with the broom so

here's the deal I would love to see how

many of you do this if you do it please

tweet it at both Sam and I we'd love to

see screenshots clips of your stream it

would also give us some great feedback

so we can see what adjustments most

people need to make and we can talk

about those in our stream and get people

more tips once again Monday Wednesday


link like on screen and in the

description below I hope this helps I

hope you enjoyed it and as always happy