How to FOCUS THE OCULORY Puzzle (Revealing the Unseen Quest) - Skyrim Remastered

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hi guys its DT here and today I'm going

to be showing you how to complete this

puzzle which is to focus the ocular II

during the revealing the unsecret so

first of all when you find yourself up

in this area here you will need to go

over to this bench just behind the

buttons here so if you take a look on

the table guys you'll notice that there

are two spell tones one is frostbite and

the other one is flamed you need to take

both of those once you've got them what

you'll need to do is go into your items

tab go into books and you'll find your

spell times there for you what you need

to do is press X or the equivalent

button on whatever you're playing on and

use them you should have something come

up in the top left assign new spell

learn if you've never had that before

once you have used your spell tones

you're going to need to go into your

magic tab into your destruction tab and

then equip both flames and frostbite now

you've got both spells equipped you need

to jump down here and go across and make

sure that you are facing the buttons up

top there and just have a look at this

here now at this point you need to focus

on the one to the left

now you need to hit this three times

you'll notice that after the first time

the beams of light move

and on your third time goes you'll

notice that your beams of light are now

in this position they are basically

pointing to the middle of these sections

so just to clarify make sure you hit

this one on the left three times so once

you've got your beams of light into the

same position as I've got mine you need

to pay attention to your buttons now

there are three buttons here guys and

each one of them moves a particular

section of the ceiling so what you need

to do is press these buttons to make the

ceiling move in order to make your lens

here line up with the beam of light on

its row the left-hand button you need to

press once that'll move the inner end in

your seat that it will connect up

perfectly there and your beam of light

will go up to the top this is what you

need to do for the other ones for the

middle button you need to press this six

times and that will make sure that your

beam of light lines up perfectly and one

last time and as you can see after I

press my middle button six times the

middle row of the ceiling lines up with

the middle section here so once you

press your middle button six times and

lined up the beam of light you need to

press your right button five times and

one last time

and you will now see that the final beam

connects up and you have now completed

the puzzle you can now continue with the

next part the quest by speaking to Poe

writers hopefully this helps you guys if

it did be sure to LIKE comment and

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