How to Do Focus Stacking in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial

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show you exactly how to use focus

stacking in Photoshop right after this


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we're going over focus stacking in

Photoshop we're gonna be creating this

photograph right here on your screen

through the processes of focus stacking

using multiple different images shot

with different focal distance from the

lens now a lot of people use this

process for macro photography

specifically and it's a really good

technique to use for macros because you

can stack these focuses and shoot at

different focal distance throughout the

frame but this can also be a really good

technique to use for landscape

photography say if you're shooting

something at great distances with either

a wide-angle or a telephoto something

like a 70 to 200 lens you can stack

focuses together like if you have trees

in a forest and a waterfall in a

background you can take different focal

distance for the trees and then for the

waterfall and stack these focuses

together to make sure that you have tack

sharp focus throughout the entire

photograph and create a stunning

landscape photo but right now we're

gonna go right onto the screen so you

can see how you can achieve focus

stacking and Photoshop using the

techniques we're going over today

alright guys so now that we're on the

computer screen we can see the

photograph that we're starting with

first now this is a series of

photographs at different focal distance

before we stack them together so in this

photograph you can see that the focus is

predominantly on the very front petals

of this flower and as we scroll through

these photographs you can see that the

focus changes to different parts of the

flower so we can be sure that everything


in tack sharp focus so it goes from

front to back

focusing on different parts of the

flower and we're gonna stack these

focuses together and blend them in

Photoshop so we're in Lightroom right

now if you start in Lightroom all you

have to do is load these as layers into

Photoshop starting with your first image

which is this one right here so we're

gonna click on this one and then we're

gonna click on our final image which is

this one right here so we're stacking

five different photographs together now

if you don't use a Lightroom you can

easily just load these as layers into

Photoshop but if you are using Lightroom

you bring these over as layers in

Photoshop so you're gonna select the

first image in the sequence hold down

your Shift key and select the last one

to select every photograph in the

sequence then you right-click and go to

edit in open as layers in Photoshop you

don't go to open in Photoshop you go to

open as layers so these are

automatically loaded into an image

sequence as layers in Photoshop alright

so now once all of the layers are loaded

you're gonna see them all over in your

layers panel on the right bottom corner

of your screen or if you have your

layers panel somewhere else it's just

going to be stuck in the layers panel

itself and you can see all of the

photographs that we brought over stacked

into a layer sequence now the first

thing that I always like to do is make

sure that these are lined up perfectly

so we're going to align these layers to

make sure that in the focus stack we

don't have any weird edges that are off

from the others so we're just gonna

align these layers together and

Photoshop is going to use this to find

different hard edges and line these up

perfectly for us so we're just going to

go to edit Auto align layers and the

auto technique is probably the best one

that I use Photoshop does a really good

job of finding these hard edges and

aligning the layers so we're just going

to click OK and it's going to auto align

these lay

for us for the focus stack now Photoshop

and the focus stack process can be a

little intimidating at first but it's

actually really simple to do it's pretty

much as simple as what we just did with

Auto aligning these layers so next thing

we're gonna do for the focus stack we're

just gonna go to edit and we're going to

go to auto blend layers now when the

auto blend layers panel comes up you

want to be sure that stack images is

selected not panorama I also like to

select seamless tones and colors and

content-aware fill transparent areas the

seamless tones and colors blends all the

colors together that we're stacking and

then the content-aware fill transparent

areas are if there's any transparent

areas after we've Auto aligned these

layers photoshop's gonna basically look

for areas that are similar and colors

tones edges and autofill those areas now

I don't think we're gonna have any of

those because we've already Auto aligned

these layers but I like to keep that

check just in case and once we have

stacked images selected and these two

options selected we're just gonna hit OK

and it's gonna start blending these

layers together and it's gonna find

these focused areas and combine those

bringing them out in certain areas to

create our finished photo product so

once the focus stack is completed we can

see a couple different changes number

one the most obvious being that we now

have a perfectly in focus flower that we

stack together with our different focal

distance using the Photoshop focus stack

technique and we can zoom in just to be

sure we start with this front edge petal

of the flower and these first ones are a

little bit out of focus but I'm okay

with that I didn't get you know this one

right in focus when I was in the field

shooting I got the very edge of this

front one in focus and then we go back

through so we start with this one we

moved down here to this petal then we

move over to this pedal and the middle

and we're just checking to see if

everything is within focus and it looks

like all the pedals throughout are good

and in focus and then our main subject

we want to make sure as tack sharp is

the center bud of the flower itself it

looks like everything is in perfect

focus thanks to the Photoshop merge and

then we have the panels the layers

panels has changed a little bit

these are layer masks that have been

merged together with the Photoshop focus

stack and if you look at them we can see

the different areas that have been

brought into focus in the photograph

itself so the different shades that are

represented in this are the different

parts of the photograph that Photoshop

has masked together to bring out those

focal distances to be sure that

everything is within tack sharp focus

basically now all you have to do is go

to file save and it's going to save this

into your Lightroom catalog if you're

using Lightroom and it's going to come

up in our Lightroom library and we can

just scroll to that real quick and find

where it's put it in so here's the

photograph that we exported and we can

just double click on that finish editing

this photograph to make sure it's like

perfectly the way we want it to be

increase the exposure a little bit

increase contrast bring some highlights

down bring some shadows up bring whites

down and then I like a little bit of

black in here as well so I'm actually

gonna bring my blacks down to create a

little bit more detail I'm gonna bring

up the clarity to bring out some detail

as well and increase my vibrance and

saturation just a little bit just to

bring out extra colors that we have and

those are just some basic overall edits

that you can make to this photograph to

make it pop and really bring out all the

detail of this focus stack so

essentially that's how you focus stack

an image using Photoshop it's a very

simple process a lot of people get

freaked out about Photoshop and all

buttons and different ways you can do

things but the focus stacking process is

really simple as long as you have

everything in different focal distances

shot in the field brought over is layers

to photoshop and then aligned and stack

together using the photoshop features

that I showed you so if you like this

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