10 Ways To Make Your Sim Focused | The Sims 4 Guide

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if you're looking to make your sim

focused then you've come to the right


here are 10 ways to do it the first is

by using your computer to browse


yes the wikipedia version in the sims

this will give a plus one focus moonlit

for four hours

number two uses the computer as well but

will also require level two gardening

at this level you can research gardening

which will give a plus two focused

moodlet for four hours

next is using one of the classic logic

items from the game

the chess set using the ponder moves

option will give your sema plus one

focus moodlet for four hours speaking of

logical items it's time to talk about

the telescope stargazing at night will

provide a plus one focused moodlet for

as long as you're stargazing

and for four hours after you stop next

is making and drinking tea

choose to brew the pitch black tea and

have your sim drink it

after which they will receive a plus two

focused moodlet for four hours

number six is studying elements or

fossils simply click on either of these

collectibles and select study

after which you'll gain a plus one focus

moodlet for four hours

to gain an element send a crystal or

metal to the geo council

and one will arrive in the mail shortly

after to get a fossil or a crystal or


look for little metal mounds or dirt

piles around the neighborhood and dig

them up for a chance to get one

number seven is to have your sim be

around focusing decor

with the emotional aura on the objects


elements are one object which emits a

focused aura in addition if your sim is

in a focused mood they'll be able to

create mathematical diagrams using an

easel these can then be placed on walls

and have their aura enabled to give a

focusing moodlet to sims in the area

side note here is that you can also view

mathematical diagrams to give a plus one

focus moodlet for four hours

next up is using the future cube object

simply select the r scientific mysteries


which has a chance to give a plus two

focus moodlet for six hours

the final two are very long lasting

moodlets however they do

require the spa jay game pack the first

is from practicing yoga

normal practice will give a plus one

focus smoother for four hours

if you perform the mind centering yoga

routine however you'll get a plus one

focus moodlet for eight hours

and finally number 10 is receiving a

lavender aromatherapy massage

this will see the sim receiving the

massage get a plus one focus mullet for

a very

lengthy 12 hours alas that's 10 ways to

make your sim focused in the sims 4

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