40+ Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Camera Tips and Tricks: The Complete Guide

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the Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus are

equipped to one of the best smartphone

cameras along with a comprehensive range

of modes and settings so here's a 40

plus tips to help you get to grips with

mobile photography and video capture


without that the quickest way to launch

e camera on the galaxy s 8 is to double

tap the home button and this even works

from a locked home screen like that

however you do need to make sure that

this setting is switched on by going to

the settings within camera and scrolling

down to quick launch and making sure

that the quick launch toggle is on

taking a single picture can be done by

tapping on the shutter button but you

can also do this by tapping on the

volume rocker that's by default but you

can change that setting if you want to

by going to settings scrolling down to

the bottom tapping on volume key

functions and you can change that to

recording a video using a zoom or

putting it back to system volume if

you're wanting to try and capture some

action you can it take a burst mode

picture you do visit by tapping and

holding on the shutter button like this

now when I go to my gallery you should

see that the image has a number of

photos on it depending on how many it

took if you tap into that you can look

at each individual picture that you took

and delete them one by one if you want

to or you would delete the whole of the

shutter speed collection by tapping

delete there however if you wanted to

try and animate all of these pictures

you can go into the picture tap on the

three dots in the top right hand corner

choose animate and that should create a

animated image out of it and then you

can edit it and save it if you want to

you do have a bit of a zoom

functionality available to you on the

Galaxy S a you can pinch the zoom which

is a long-standing tradition but you can

also now use the shutter button if you

press and hold it to do a very smooth

zooms in and out like this if you didn't

already know what the Galaxy s8 has an

amazing camera with lightning fast

autofocus like that but if you did want

to focus on a certain object on screen

simply tap on it and the camera should

very quickly readjust itself also if you

want to quickly change your exposure

levels simply tap on an object and then

you'll see a light bulb on the left-hand

side but you can swipe up and down to

change the exposure level and don't

forget the usual at tried and trusted

settings on cameras these days HDR mode

which you can set to auto on or off

which will take multiple pictures that

stitch them together to get better

contrast from your images and the flash

mode which again you can switch to auto

off or on and if you want to fix the

focus point simply long press on

whatever is currently in focus so now

even when I remove that object it will

still stay focused on nothing

essentially and then to reset auto focus

simply tap anywhere on screen and as you

can see is focused on the object in the

background as opposed to locking your

focus to a certain point you cannot lock

your focus to an object to do this go to

settings and enable tracking AF then

when you go back to the camera tap on

whatever object you want to track so now

whenever I move this object we camera

should remain focused on this and follow

it around making it very easy to take

pictures and focus on the object that

you so desire if you swipe up or down on

screen that will switch from the rear

facing camera to selfie mode hello


if you swipe to the left that will give

you a lots of different filters to play

with and if you swipe to the right that

will give you different options such as

promo panorama slow motion and plenty of

other different camera features now with

all sorts of weird and wacky wonderful

features here included this augmented

reality one where you can put mass on

your face like this if you want to turn

these off which I certainly do tap on

the mask again when you're in a selfie

mode there is a wide selfie mode to

access this you have to it swipe to the

right choose it wide selfie and then

when you take the picture you have to

slowly tilt the camera so it captures

both feet left and right spaces like


a couple of things to know about camera

resolution go to the settings and the

first option is the resolution field

rear-facing camera and the front-facing

camera is the second one and if you do

go into picture size if you want to have

a picture that fills the camera screen

that would be 18 and a half by nine so

now back out to the camera you should

see what it fills the whole screen but

that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get

the best camera picture the one that you

probably want for standard widescreen

pictures will be the sixteen by nine one

but that isn't the highest resolution

the highest resolution is a default one

which is four by three if you need to

use a timer on the camera you can do by

going to settings it's halfway down you

have the option four to five or ten

seconds with the timer and if you need

to take more than one shot for example

three shots to make sure you get your

pose right you can toggle it on as well

just like picture resolution video

resolution is also divided into your

rear-facing camera and your front-facing

camera when you tap on them you can

select different resolutions such as at

4k all the way down to HD but it should

be noted that you can only do certain

things in certain resolutions for

example you can't do a video effects and

tracking autofocus when you're recording

in the higher resolutions at 60 frames a

second so bear that in mind before you

start recording a video it's also very

important to never when you're framing a

picture you're framing it using a static

picture not the video for example if I

press record now watch how the image is

cropped so I've sliced off at the top of

a box here in order to avoid that

problem when you're framing your picture

if you press and hold the record button

that won't actually start the recording

but it will show you what the video

frame will look like so you can easily

frame it your shot before starting

recording when you are recording video

and the current mode allows it you can

take static pictures by pressing on the

camera button here but in some modes for

example like 60 frames a second you

can't do this after recording a video

when you first go to the gallery you'll

see a preview of the video playing which

is silent but if you want more control

and to listen to the video you can press

the play button and then you'll have

gesture controls for example if you

swipe up and down the left hand side

that changes the brightness if you swipe

left and right that scrubs the video so

you can go forwards and backwards and if

you swipe up and down on the right hand

side of the screen that will change the

volume let's rattle it through at some

of the camera settings now motion photo

it takes a live video of 1 or 2 seconds

of just before you take a picture bear

in mind this does apply to every picture

so it will take up a lot of storage if

you're taking many pictures video

stabilization does exactly that if

you're walking with the camera and

you're recording you want to try and

remove the bumps of your steps and this

will help do that gridlines I'll set

that to at 3 by 3 and you can see how

that affects the camera image that we're

looking at if you toggle on at review

picture once you've taken a picture that

will show you what you take in for 2 or

3 seconds before you see the live camera

image again and the floating camera

button does exactly that

it puts a floating shutter button but

you can drag around the screen and take

pictures with as well as the main

shutter button back on the camera screen

these are the immediate difference as

you can see we have the gridlines which

helps if you're looking at rules of

thirds for taking pictures we've got the

extra shutter button here which I can

drag around the screen and put it

anywhere I want and if I tap on it

that's your preview screen of the

picture you just take him and now for

some more unique ways to capture

pictures go to settings and then scroll

down to voice controls toggle that on

and then try the following commands

cheese capture shoot record video there

are also a few unique ways to take

selfie pictures if you scroll down to

shooting methods and make sure of it tap

screen show palm and tap heart rate

zones that are all on and then watch

this on the camera if I tap on the

screen it will simply take a picture

after focusing if I lift my palm up it

will eventually take a picture and once

it's recognized my face if I put my

finger on the finger sensor at the back

it will also take a picture if you want

to have a bit of fun with the camera you

can try

using big speed to identify items so if

you tap on the Bixby eye that will

identify an object and try and give you

information based on it you've been an

image or shopping for example the galaxy

sa box brings up no results if you look

at the image it brings up random boxes

that are black hmm let's try this with

it something else well at least you can

find Android Dolls as I said earlier you

can swipe to the right and select Pro

Mode for the camera which essentially

puts everything into manual you can

switch the ISO a picture white balance

and pretty much anything else if you're

a camera enthusiast and just as

importantly you can shoot in raw mode to

do that go to settings then go to

picture size scroll down to the bottom

and every time you take a picture it

will save a boffo JPEG file and a raw

file if you really want to get into your

picture editing if you do want to save

it storage on your device you can use a

microSD card when you insert it this

pop-up will appear in the camera


saying that any pictures taken it will

be stored to the SD card by default with

the exception of some burst mode shot

and effects would have taken on a

various of camera settings when you do

have an SD card inserted you will have a

new option in these settings if you

scroll down towards the bottom you will

have a storage location which you can

set to SD card or device and finally if

you have been making so many changes to

your camera you don't know where you are

like me in this tutorial scroll down to

the very bottom of the camera settings

and you can reset everything to default

queue and that's your full guide to the

Samsung Galaxy s8 camera if you enjoyed

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